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  1. LiteTek makes all new gaskets for the 94-97, just order every one on their website. There are metal replacements on eBay for the plastic two plastic tees between the carbs. The carbs will come out hard. A carefully place prybar will help pop them out. As for getting them back on a heat gun to soften them will help.
  2. I had contemplated doing something similar before buying the Givi setup. My wife didn't like not having anything behind her. The Givi box is nice for small shopping trips.
  3. You won't get rid of the pop and crackle on a 4th gen because it has carburetors. I recently got mine running smooth and it pops and crackles more on decel. One piece of advice. Use caps for vacuum ports and lines that are disconnected. The old bolt and electrical tape trick doesn't last and you can create a vacuum leak.
  4. Up to 4 carbs. There aren't too many 6 cylinder motorcycles, all I can think of is the Goldwing. I'm sure there are tricks for using a 4 gauge setup on engines with more than 4 carbs or throttle bodies.
  5. Due to splitting my carbs I had to balance my carbs. After looking at the normal options I came across the Healtech Esync. It's an electronic unit so there is no fluid to get sucked in. One nice feature is that is calculates rpm based on the vacuum changes, and seems fairly accurate. It is about $300 USD but between myself and my family we have a few bikes with multiple carbs and throttle bodies so it will get used.
  6. Factory Pro sells a D tool that fits. Slightly pricey at $30 USD shipped in the US.
  7. Here is the write up I followed done by Sebspeed.
  8. I know I have at least two that are in good condition but I just got back to work and have 3 weeks until I will be home again. If you can't find any before then I am willing to part with them.
  9. As for issues that are common and I have run into. Bodywork is a pain to find but unless you obliterate a panel everything except the belly pans are easily fixed. I use plastifix when I have to repair the painted pieces. I fused the 5 tail pieces together for a much more stable piece. Mirrors. They can eventually become loose and not hold position. From memory the 00-01 VFR800 mirrors fit perfectly and don't have the rubber condom on the stalks. Thermostat. You may notice the temperature gauge doesn't come up much, this could be normal or could be a failed t
  10. The long bolt posts, that stick out to the side, are so you can easily remove them without tools to take the pillion seat cover off. They should only be tight enough to remove with a key or pocket knife.
  11. Ken, As you mentioned having a welder and other tools to fabricate with, if you have a lathe you could possibly make up some adapters to go between the hose sizes. If the OD's have a large enough difference you could even look at offsetting the smaller side as much as possible to prevent splitting the RC46 throttle bodies. Pair that with some silicon hoses and it might work. Just a quick thought, someday I will have the tooling, space, and time to do builds like this.
  12. It is all new pieces, machined just for this, nothing from other bikes.
  13. I wish I had a picture of my garage. I only have two, my 94 VFR and a 93 CB750 Nighthawk(might start a Seven-Fifty conversion) so far, with my ATV stuffed in behind them. My girlfriend says I don't need anymore, we will see.
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