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  1. I wear Flare Isolate ear plugs for work, which is being around large diesel engines. I have yet to try them on my motorcycle but I used to get blackheads from the regular foam plugs. These are metal ends with replaceable foam tips. They work through bone conduction to let you hear details just at a lower volume.
  2. Did you make it home and figure out the issue? If I was home I would have offered to come get you and your bike.
  3. Damn that sucks. I don't know if you remember but I live in Maine as well. Depending on when you get home we will be in the state at the same time. I will have to decide which I want but I have both a left and right side exit TBR setup, right exit is on the bike right now but I'm decent at swapping them. Send me a message if you are interested.
  4. From looking at part data it looks as though they are identical. Although a nice braided 2 line setup is always nice.
  5. Looks like a left exit TBR setup. The short link pipe is always stainless, the rest could be regular steel. I would consider buying it if I was close enough. I bet the starter clutch is cracked. I could only expect a $400 return on it.
  6. I double checked the Thurn website, it looks like the rear signals now have bulbs instead of boards. A quick email can find out the actual details. If true that would make your idea possible, and not all that hard. The front signal bulb holders(1157 style) should fit the rear signal housings. I would buy a 3 wire connector and replace the harness side 2 wire connector to add a jumper to the brake signal wire on the brake light harness. The front signals come with yellow 1156 bulbs, due to being produced in Europe where front facing amber running lights are illegal in many countries. I bought switchback 1157 bulbs, so it works like many modern cars.
  7. I used LED bulbs from Diode Dynamics in my front signals. I meant to add that Diode Dynamics offers great bulbs, that are plenty bright. My rear turn signals and brake light are by Thurn Motorsports and have an LED board in them so I can't change them.
  8. I use Diode Dynamics for my LED bulb needs. When I bought Thurn Motorsports clear housings for the front blinkers I put in switchback bulbs.
  9. Ken, As you mentioned having a welder and other tools to fabricate with, if you have a lathe you could possibly make up some adapters to go between the hose sizes. If the OD's have a large enough difference you could even look at offsetting the smaller side as much as possible to prevent splitting the RC46 throttle bodies. Pair that with some silicon hoses and it might work. Just a quick thought, someday I will have the tooling, space, and time to do builds like this.
  10. It is all new pieces, machined just for this, nothing from other bikes.
  11. I wish I had a picture of my garage. I only have two, my 94 VFR and a 93 CB750 Nighthawk(might start a Seven-Fifty conversion) so far, with my ATV stuffed in behind them. My girlfriend says I don't need anymore, we will see.
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