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  1. Auspanglish

    Chain Mileage

    Leon, when I get to your, sorry, THE age my chain is always slack I'll start worrying about it. Until then, si la cosa va bene...
  2. Auspanglish

    Chain Mileage

    Looks like I might have got the right forum after all!! :D
  3. Auspanglish

    Wiring for the dash

    ...but it's been a long time since I had a 98 5th gen... someone might come along...
  4. Auspanglish

    Wiring for the dash

    Sorry, I can't find a coloured or otherwise improved version for that model.
  5. Auspanglish

    Maintenance Poll

    Likewise. Always slightly bettering the manual, for example shorter intervals either in time or space. 6-10,000 Km oil changes instead of 12,000. Filter cleaned every time instead of every second oil change (used a washable reusable filter with magnetic trap, and also magnetic sump plug). Washable K&N air filter so easily revamped ahead of standard intervals. Coolant, brake and fork fluids every year usually. CBS got bothersome so I did have that done a few times. I never did have the valves checked though. Naughty me. Neither on the 5th nor the 6th gen.
  6. Auspanglish

    Wiring for the dash

    Have you tried downloading the service manual from the download section? There are wiring diagrams in there. There are also some decent coloured and simplified homebrewed schematics in said download section as well depending on your year-model, which I can't see in your profile as I'm accessing the forum via the tapatalk app.
  7. Auspanglish

    Chain Mileage

    I just spit on it and grind away... Usually makes for a good half an hour's HARD riding... Oh, wrong forum?
  8. Auspanglish

    Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Run a few fan cycles, standing well away from the bike, with the bike parked far from anything or anyone you value and a fire extinguisher at hand... and a5 least some sunglasses on
  9. Auspanglish

    Tomtom battery lead

    I've got a Tomtom and the connector looks quite unique, possibly brand specific. Looks different to yours even. It is an older model.
  10. Auspanglish


    That's what I meant. On the 8th gen it doesn't seem worth it. Previous gens maybe.
  11. Auspanglish


    The front end on the 8th gen is vastly improved over the 6th gen which was quite lacking. No need for USD on 8th gen. No need really for USD on 6th gen if you swap out internals with F4i ones thus gaining rebound damping. Them springs to your weight and riding style. Most people can't dial in more complex adjustment options than that and USD will be harsh for variable touring road conditions. Great for track but if you spend that much time at the track, get a dedicated track bike. Few people get the max out of a VFR at the track. USD is overkill. OK, if you've got the skills, go for it but if you don't have a clue, you might just kill yourself bottoming out or blocking up the front end and catapulting yourself into oncoming traffic in your early learning stages.
  12. Auspanglish

    Spain North-South

    Spain has awesome seemingly endless motorcycle riding options
  13. Auspanglish

    Spain North-South

    Thanks guys Cast was removed last Tuesday. Public hospital system in its infinite and universal access has provided me with zero rehab. So I'm rubbing my own creams in and basically just gradually incrementing use and elevating the foot and massaging and stretching myself. I have been "walking" on the cast since I saw a check-up X-ray 3 weeks ago that showed the bone virtually knitted, in order for the "activity" to stimulate osteo- and miogenesis and to try and get some homework done ahead of time in terms of weight bearing and muscle mass and strength and such while I still had the support of an immobilizing cast. The break is/was in a place which is not critical to weight bearing or anything as such and with the cast on it wasn't breaking again. Now my ankle is dealing with all the soft tissue damage (sprain)... whose healing process has basically been put on hold due to the immobilization. It's amazing how much flexibility, strength, neurological control you lose if you don't use it... hehehe. Yet I'm getting up and getting it up... I still need a month or so to get back to full flex and strength. Cabin fever was setting in big time and the sun is shining and weather is sweet here on The Med... so frustrating. I was hoping to go pick up the bike the weekend of the 22nd - 24th of this month as the guy whose garage it's in is holding his annual national VFR (and sundry) MC club meet, but it's just that smidgin too soon to be handling 215kg of motorcycle. 7 weeks starved of light and kept macerating in one's own sweat in a closed cast does wonders for one's skin!! Now if I had access to Dr Costa and the Clínica Mobile...
  14. There are up to 24 on the 5th gen but there is no code 23... it skips that number for some unGodly reason To add insult to injury there're up to 33 on the 6th gen but numbers 10, 20, and 28-32 don't exist either.
  15. Auspanglish



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