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  1. Like sands through the hourglass... so, are the days of our lives....
  2. No, no, by all means... I didn't take it as harsh. There was no emotional content or derogatory commentary, it was concise and precise, a good call. What matters is that the data recorded here is accurate. Interestingly enough some products or substances will remove a lot of baked on grease and grime, especially on the wheels and the chain, much better than others as there is a chemical phenomenon wherein like dissolves like, that is to say that substances of a similar nature will absorb, or assimilate, other substances of a similar nature much more easily and that's why it's so easy to cle
  3. Well, half false... but I stand corrected and retract (half of) my statement. I admit my affirmation is flawed. I had an experiment in mind and mistook gasoline for WD40. In rectification, WD40 and kerosene appear to be harmless. This is the experiment I had in mind: https://advrider.com/f/threads/chain-o-ring-wd-40-exposure-effects-study-and-results.345397/ My apologies... I shall humbly proceed to edit my earlier post...
  4. Don't know for sure about the UK I'm afraid. It's a reasonable assumption. What I do know is that kerosene won't harm the o-rings in chains. (Edited according to subsequent posts in order to avoid any misleading notions regarding WD40 and o-rings).
  5. It's often disguised as "Liquid Paraffin"... often sold in garden sections or hardware stores as lamp oil, wick lantern fuel or fire starter... (read the contents as they do differ)
  6. Yep, exactly, the centre rear piston is still actuated by the front brake system, via the secondary master which forms a part of the front left caliper mount. That hasn't changed. Anyway so my suspicion that the OP shouldn't, as he seemed to expect, see a drop in the rear reservoir when bleeding the front right calliper holds true.
  7. My bad. I knew there was an increased bias in the distribution of hydraulic pressure to the front brakes in the CBS system from the 5th to the 6th gen. Nonetheless it went from one piston on the right to none, on pressing the rear brake pedal, respectively. I had thought the changes might have all taken place in the LHS calliper. 5th 6th
  8. Not sure there's a connection between these parts on the 5th gen... Only the front left, and even then, although memory may fail me, levels at the rear reservoir may not be affected. I would have to consult the service manual, it's been 10 years since my 5th gen days.
  9. The clarty slags... Bahahaaa... That's sure some ancient mariner's lingo you picked up in the land of half my DNA!!
  10. Auspanglish


    Can you do a faceplant icon Mr Swell? LoL
  11. Leon that IS a run off zone and it CAN happen. Less statistically likely but possible. Jealous, I inherited a 400D... 1100? Them's fightin' words them is!! Peace!
  12. Awetastic pics!! Don't like the thought of hitting those metal guardrails at the edge of the run off zone...
  13. It's the 6th gens that fry stators. 5th gens fry R/Rs. I have only seen 2x 5th gen stators go south compared to hundreds of 6th gen ones. If concerned do the multimeter tests for Stator output on all 3 phases and check resistance and continuity. It's in the workshop manual. You could place the bike on centre stand, place wide diameter basin below to catch the little oil that will leak, pop the Stator cover and check its colour and general visual aspect. Does it look like it's crispy dark brown or black? Have a little gasket goo for reassembly. But like I said, not common on 5th gens.
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