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  1. Removing Heat Shield Near Right Footpeg - Need Help

    Needle nose pliers (self-clamping if possible) or just remove footpeg mount as you suggested.
  2. rectifier finished on my 2001 vfr800?

    5th gens are famous for r/r failure. 6th gens are famous for Stator failure. Still, in extreme cases of critical charging system failure it's good practice to check both. Yet I'd put money on it being the r/r that allowed the battery to be boiled, in your case. Hope you get it sorted soon!
  3. Loads and loads

    You forgot bike running at 5000 rpm with hi beams on. That's what the manual specifies for checking the system. For the moment, don't run the bike at idle with him beams on or you'll flatten the battery.
  4. Stromtrooper Siting

    I'm digging the Boba Fet one. Except maybe the sharp edges on the visor right at the front. The concept is cool though!
  5. What did you do to your VFR Today?

    Those Knight lowering pegs look comfy? Vibrations? Does the side stand hit it when up?
  6. What did you do to your VFR Today?

    Those Knight lowering pegs look comfy. No vibrations? Does the side stand hit the left one when in the retracted position?
  7. Have my VFR on ebay right now

    There's a classifieds section on this forum for sales. Nonetheless, good luck, (or was it bad luck?) with the change of bike!
  8. Time to sell

    Plus it's a Suzuki and a Kawasaki at the same time!! Free set of kitchen knives if you call now...? Runs on (laughing) gas. Hehehe
  9. Should I?

    I love it! Could be a good theft prevention method?
  10. So the 6th gen is more known for stator barbeques. It's the 5th gen that tends to fry R/Rs
  11. Cold engine problems

    Of course you adapt and habituate. That's all part of the process. Still just about everyone I know going from carburetors to injection perceives the experience as jerkier. Whatever the mechanism behind it. At first, that's the way it feels and sometimes even later you realize how sensitive they are to input. Same difference is all I'm saying.
  12. Cold engine problems

    Well I don't want to argue over semantics but saying fuel injected bikes are more instantaneous to rider input is just explaining why the riding experience is jerkier. Also if we take the polar opposite viewpoint and say that carburetted bikes are less instantaneous to rider input that's equivalent to their being some delay to rider input which translates as a smoother riding experience in terms of throttle usage or behaviour. You may be right but I wasn't wrong. Edited to remove a possibly offensive bit, I piqued, and I apologize. I'll admit it. Hindsight's 20:20.
  13. VFRD now worky thanks!!

    And I third the motion! Hehehe
  14. VFRD now worky thanks!!

    Well I have downloaded an alternative browser (Firefox) onto the smartphone and created a permanent exception to the certificate issue and can visualize all images. Using Firefox to write this. Pity about not being able to see it all on tapatalk as it's so much easier faster and convenient to use for forums.
  15. VFRD now worky thanks!!

    I did get the certificate warning and selected "enter at own risk" or whatever the wording was. So I just have to suck the pus?

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