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  1. If you're into funk, reggae, , heavy, jazz, ska and more... Mike Patton from Faith No More had a side line.... Mr Bungle....
  2. or this (electronic music so maybe not the best choice), which I suggest for its sound effects. Aphex Twin does have more placid compositions like the one (Stone in focus) that comes up automatically after this one (Come to Daddy). Anyway, this one I take with a grain of salt and tongue in cheek:
  3. I've decided to call her My Lady, or M'Lady.
  4. ...falls mainly on the plain. So I went into the hills...
  5. Hahaha Dutchy... my 6'4" and almost half century just aren't made for such torture racks anymore.... but I may one day get back on track... (Honda VFR800 VTEC takes on BMW KT1200, among others)....
  6. Spain is an awesome country for motorcycling... good weather (most of the year round) and mountain ranges galore. I can get from Murcia to Valencia in 2 and a half hours on the tollway but if I choose the twisty mountain roads I could take all day, hardly see another vehicle (nor police car) and wear out a set of knee sliders. Grew up in QLD. North QLD to be exact which hast the Gillies, Kuranda, Palmerston and Julaten highways and little else. Then it's straight down the Bruce highway all the way to Brisbane for two-three days. For some perhaps the Alps in Europe are more breathtaking but you
  7. Did you go through Dum Dum to cross over into Qld and then Springbook or Lamington NPs and past the Hinze dam? Or via O'Reilly's and Canungra?
  8. I did mention Thurn to the person interested ... even had a quick look on their website and didn't see it, but I didn't dig very deep... If I understand their catalogue right they have 2 left at the moment (last column in their pdf catalogue indicates 2 but the heading is an abbreviation HR / DD, in German / English... I had searched for the sidestand cover and they have it as a kickstand cover!! D'oh!! 53 Euros a piece.
  9. Like sands through the hourglass... so, are the days of our lives....
  10. Sorry. Old account previous two posts. Can't seem to get on with Tapatalk with my Auspanglish moniker
  11. G'day, long time no write fellow VFR geeks!! I've spent the last hour going through oh, umpteen search results looking for a thread on how to DIY your own 3rd gen sidestand cover as they are no longer available from OEM part stores and rarer than rocking horse poo on ebay etc. Was there not a thread by someone who fabricated their own? If there was can someone pretty please (with a VFR on top) provide me with a link? If not, I wonder if Seb has ever thought of CDCing or 3D printing one or otherwise looked at providing these as a product, just as with his clear cluth cov
  12. ...but you din't lend it out for the Bad Boys for Life movie, did ya? LOL
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