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  1. what the heckl ?? just go the next size up forget the helicoil crap.. use bearing grease on the threads of the tap to trap the shavings... pull the clutch cover to fish out any crap..
  2. throw a computer fan on the r/r fins and it WILL help keep it cool.. installed one 10 years ago on stock r/r .. still going strong..and yes, i am a honda tech.
  3. this bike doesnt have a tip over sensor either..
  4. think pothole.. rebounds.. and the welding on the bottom around the edge makes a MASSIVE difference.
  5. awesome!! .. tack it in a few spots.. 30 + years of working on bikes i have seen a bunch fail.. it is indeed that thin.
  6. i have seen failures from pot holes..aka the triple tree is so thin the riser pulled out.. flip your triple.. shape a piece of aluminum to fit into the pockets. install upside down on the bike.. tighten all bolts. have a welder weld the incerts... flip over drill holes and install your bits and ago for a ride :)
  7. now THAT.. you may be able to fit.. if you are close enough ride your bike over to it ..and test it out.
  8. if i remember right..atf TYPE F as spec'd is 10w
  9. this guy started a similar project... but vanished... he has a bunch of posts that may help you out.. https://www.facebook.com/The-RVF-Project-149364815117109/
  10. the manual calls for ATF as fork oil.. as its the same as 10w fork oil. as for cleaning.. the diesel will work pretty damned well.
  11. the was a guy doing a crazy detailed 4th gen to rvf replica on facebook.. then it just stops 2 years ago... https://www.facebook.com/The-RVF-Project-149364815117109/ anyone have a clue if there is another page or site or ....??
  12. Go to your local body shop, ask were they buy paint ,as you need a special color for a certain " out door art piece. " ride your bike to the paint shop.. in my area its MID-ATLANTIC PAINT... the guy takes a pic of your paint with a special cam or has the color code..looks at your paint and may add or subtract from the blend to make the paint "aged " in color .. thats how you get a perfect match. THEY WILL PUT IT IN A SPRAY CAN!!! i got 2 cans of paint and a can of clear for under 50 bucks !!! the gastank in this pic was in a crash and needed to match to 25 year old paint..honda metallic coral reef blue.. dont ask why.. but you can see the paint is perfect match to the fender and frame covers..just needed buffing .
  13. take one that you have and go to lowes or home depot ... try your local auto supply too
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