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  1. in order...not the pic...bolt ,washer, hardbag, washer,, nut, washer wingnut, pin ( though hole drilled in end of bolt)
  2. it all depends on what you are willing to do.. straps ?suction cups ? or do what serious touring guys do.. drill and put bolts from the inside out. harley and bmw guys drill mounting points for soft bags by locking the bolt down on the out side and often using wing nuts and pins to mount the extra bag and allows for quick removal.
  3. the was a guy doing a crazy detailed 4th gen to rvf replica on facebook.. then it just stops 2 years ago... https://www.facebook.com/The-RVF-Project-149364815117109/ anyone have a clue if there is another page or site or ....??
  4. I'm don't mean just a parts bin bike, new from the ground up. We've got 50 million to burn. then at 450 pounds , youre 100 overweight. magnesium for the swingarm ,triple trees and all unstressed fasteners . titainum for stressed fasteners. and exhaust carbon wheels, body work , subframe and engine case covers.
  5. you need less than 10 grand for that.. 15 for full ohlins.. kinda a 750 with a supercharger and youre stomping everyone.
  6. read the link , all of it . I did and my 83 had the myth . And it also had the unbreakable fiber fuel the tubes that BROKE !!! Still loved'er anyway ! yeah. neither of which were NOT FROM OILING PROBLEMS!!!!!! thats the myth.. oil problems .. the true cause has been known since 1985!!! 30 damned years and people are still saying oil problems!!
  7. STOP SPREADING THIS MYTH!!! for gods sake!! http://www.motorcycleproject.com/text/v4_cams_what.html
  8. Where does that mount? Shape wise it looks like it fits in the front of the engine "V" which is conventional... hard to tell without size scale, is that underseat? all up front
  9. well when living in AZ , i got a second thermosate from a junk yard for a whole 25 cents.. so i cut out the thermo switch and drilled the hole larger , dropped it back in. no worries about over heating due to a stuck plunger ever again in that start and stop traffic !!! . coolant starts flowing from the second you hit the starter.. but we 750 owners have no FI to worry about
  10. Have you done this? What diameter cooper tubing and how many feet of coiled tubing gives an effective cooling loop since there are no fins? yep, on more than a few used 1/4 inch tubing to fit in the cut oil line and used a hose clamp. long story short i did this on a crashed bike just to get it home.. but the guy said it ran cooler than stock .so he brought it back and i made it pretty for him..aka hid the lines . then did it on a few other bikes mainly for steam punk looks. no idea how many feet. i just made it fit the areas i had to work with.
  11. oh for gods sake. just run the oil lines back to the tail and have a copper coiled tube in a shroud with 2 computer fans. you could ride in the sahara with this set up.
  12. leave it alone. it doesnt suck anything.. its a air pressure differential tube. one of them anyway.. if your bike is still idling rough you need to make sure the pilot jets are clean again..
  13. 64 downloads

    Clymer_VF500f service manual 84 and 85..
  14. dude.. you drilled a hole in a pressured system and used silicone to hold it??? how long has it been on there? i really thought you trimmed that shafter and epoxied the sucker or something .. never guessed you drilled a hole.
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