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  1. FI light coming on

    it stopped on its own I never found anything but so far so good.
  2. FI light coming on

    Last Thursday I did a ride from Oakland md down to Silver Spring Md to the Mercedes Benz dealership I will be working at soon About 3 hours in I noticed the throttle got very snatchy in 6th gear about 75 to 80 mph.Then about 2 or 3 miles later the FI light comes on and stayed on until I stopped Throttle felt fine again after restarting.It rN fine for the rest of the trip and on the way home.This afternoon it did the same thing again turned key off then back on and it's fine.Has anyone seen this before untill now I have never had that light come on.I haven't had a chance to try to read codes out of it yet will try tomorrow. Thanks bike is a 98 Fifth gen with 48000 on it

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