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  1. When I got my first VFR800 in '06 I became quite lazy regarding lubing the chain. A new one lasted less than 8,000 miles. That was about a half year's worth of riding for me in those days. The cost to replace a chain and sprockets put that lazy attitude right in the poorhouse trash can. Careful lubing every 500 miles has me going a couple of years (~15,000 mi.) on a chain. That is a guess on my part because they have become a rare occurence lately.
  2. That is awful. Sorry to hear about your loss. I know it would put some serious hurt on my feelings. Hopefully you'll get an insurance settlement and be back on two wheels before you know it.
  3. My first riding suit was a Aerostich Roadcrafter. But once the Transit Suit was anounced that dit it for me. And it has saved my live at least once (deer crash at 65 mph on I74 in Urbana, Il.) And protected me well in several less dramatic encounters with the ground. Waterproof (GoreTex bonded to leather). Majik armor: TF5 - The harder it is impacted the harder it becomes. And there is more. And they are now available again. https://www.aerostich.com/catalogsearch/result/?cat=4&q=transit
  4. MaxSwell

    10 21 2020 (7) b.jpg

    Suck less: Great words to live by.
  5. MaxSwell


    Southern, heck, most of Utah, esp. Moab to Zion by the long route, is my favorite place to ride and camp. Like being on another planet.
  6. Dutchy, you certainly have a talented eye for great photos.
  7. I've found that if I place my face close to the top of my Givi Touring windscreen that clears the windscreen quite well. Otherwise I just wipe it with my glove. The armored gloves I have do not have a squeegee. The Aerostich Elkskin Ropers, worn by the California moto patrol, have a thumb squeegee. I miss that feature.
  8. One can only hope; I voted to send him to the showers.
  9. Welcome to the V4 asylum from The Land of Interesting Weather. That is one beautiful VFR you've got there. And congratulations on coming to your senses and keeping that wonderful bike. You obviously have great taste in mc's. Take care and safe riding.
  10. I installed fork lights 2 years ago. I went for low, short, and wide using Rigid Industries SRM - M2. They are adjustable side-to-side and up-and-down. They make the inside of turns light up when I ride at night. Rigid offered a range of light patterns; I chose short shine forward and wide shine side-to-side. YMMV Along with LED headlight bulbs they add hugely to conspicuity. I had a local machinist make these up for a small fee. (Apologies to mellow dude who made up a couple of L-brackets from my specs. The 90 degree bend of mello dudes's did not work out.)
  11. Welcome to the V4 asylum from The Land Of Interesting Weather. That's a great looking machine. I do like the white ones and the treatment of the fuel tank is special. Take care and safe riding.
  12. I pretty sure your daughter will remember this trip all her life. She's one lucky kid and you are one fabulous pop. Nicely done and reported.
  13. MaxSwell

    9 29 2020 (19) b.jpg

    Is that a sea turtle image on the upper cowl? If so, Long Live The Sea Turtles. And the text below it are words to live by. I cannot make out the image behind the turn indicator. More philosophical profundity?
  14. What fabulously beautiful country. Thanks for the visual inspiration.
  15. That sound pays tribute to the old phrase "Would you like to go for a putt."
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