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  1. MaxSwell

    May I introduce.....not a death trap

    Congrats Timmy. BUT it's not flat black. What the heck is happening?! First a HD job and now this. Just goes to prove anything is possible. Take care and ride safe. Missed you at the Spring Ride.
  2. MaxSwell


    Great pic. Looks like great fun.
  3. MaxSwell

    Steering issue?

    So how the heck was it?
  4. MaxSwell

    VFRD Spring Ride 2018 - INFO

    And, in the end, everyone had a great time!
  5. Although I've not paid much attention to temps at lower levels after warm-up, I have seen 160s (F). I never worried about temps in the 105,000+ miles on my first one. And the engine was in great shape at the end. See my oil sample in my albums. The sample was taken immediately before I left on the trip that was seriously interrupted by a hooved forest rat. Seems much ado about nothing at times.
  6. MaxSwell

    2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    Thanks for sharing. I'm lovin' it.
  7. Walt, If it's cool out, I can state that I routinely see 168F - 178F. I can also say that, with four bikes with 36,000 miles to 105,000 miles (on my first, bought at 4,000 miles), I've never had a thermostat fail or replaced. Lucky me.
  8. MaxSwell

    Monument Valley, UT

    Outstanding Swell brother. Utah is my favorite place to visit and to ride.
  9. MaxSwell

    non start, no spark

    Hoo Ray!
  10. I'll have to generalize here due to the long history of my experience. I've experienced the same temps as you state above. But at times, slow traffic in 80F to 100F plus, I've seen 230+ engine temps. Nothing above 235F. I've ridden across Death Valley with out experiencing the temp above 225F. I'd only worry if it approaches 250F. I believe the engine will shut down a little above 250F. (I thought I read this somewhere, like the owners manual, but I cannot find the reference now.)
  11. MaxSwell

    DMr fork cartridge kit

    Thank you. I did not know that. I just acquired a 1998 restoration project. Good to know.
  12. MaxSwell

    Steering issue?

    I'd like to expand on this subject. Every one of the five fifth gens I've owned has needed steering head bearings. My first around 50,000 mi. The soonest was at 25,000 miles. To check them, put the machine on it's centerstand. Weight the rear end (I use a concrete block on a piece of cardboard on the pillion seat) and then slowly rotate the front suspension from lock to lock. If you can detect a "notch" in the center of the movement, that is a worn bearing. The OEM bearings are low quality ball bearings. At least on every fifth gen I've owned. Tapered roller bearings are recommended. Many referrer to them made by All Balls.They are not all the same quality. American made tapered roller bearings are recommended, so I've read on this very site. Regarding tire recommendations. Being on a lean budget I've found Michelin PR2s, a multi-compound tire, to be quite good in rain, great in the dry and last me up to 10,000 mi. Check out their pricing and give them a try if you are money sensitive. Good luck and good riding.
  13. MaxSwell

    Bridge of the Gods

    Those metal plates makes the machine feel like the tires are nearly flat.
  14. MaxSwell

    Steering issue?

    In addition to what Fink said, have you changed the suspension setup? (No expert here. Just a wild guess.)
  15. MaxSwell

    New ride

    Welcome to the asylum. You obviously have great taste in mc's. And the fastest color. A great looking example. Congrats!

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