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  1. That sort of thing is just what gives this forum the feeling of being in a second family. And why I'm so addicted to VFRD.
  2. MaxSwell


    That muffler on that VFR is the perfect picture of the best VFR. My current machine looked just like that, except for the wheels, when I bought it. But the Staintune was too noisy for an old phart like me. And it added to the cost of the bike that was beyond my budget, so I sold it to a fellow in, of all unlikely places, Hawaii.
  3. Definitely a picture perfect example of MBD (Muliple Bike Disorder). Congrats!
  4. This was probably the easiest decision I'll be making in2021. I consider VFRD my second family. And what a great family you've created Miguel. Take care and safe riding, Terry Yaki
  5. Hi MaxSwell, Thank you for your donation of 100.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  6. Welcome to the asylum FireStorm9 from The Land Of Interesting Weather. You've come to the right place for information and help regarding Honda V4's. Good looking machine and it's the fastest color. Ride safe and have fun.
  7. My hat is off to that dude. Due to old age and hard living, I've shrunk 4 inches since highschool, from 5' 10" to a little over 5' 5" . I'll have to remember and practice his technique.
  8. MaxSwell

    kevins pictures 036

    +1. That is exactly how I feel about all white VFRs.
  9. When faced with needing to lube my chain while on a long-distance trip and having used up the lube I brought with me I have used 90W gear oil, found in hardware stores, on several occasions. Thanks for the reminder; it's cheaper than the alternatives. When I lube the chain with spray I place a piece of cardboard between the chain and the rear wheel to collect the drippings. More than once I’ve stopped at a C store to do the lubing. I've always found they had cardboard from cases of soda or other products in their trash or recycling bins. When I'm finished the used cardboard goes into the
  10. Very cool. Mystic! And I love those pipes.
  11. I agree with Grum. That is all I've ever done across 4 fifth gens and over 200,000 miles of riding. That's over 400 chain lubings. Holy Socks!
  12. Welcome to the asylum SupermotoJesus from The Land Of Interesting Weather. You've come to the right place for information on VFR's. We would love to see pictures of your machine if for no other reason than to prove you are not a figment of our imagination.
  13. Great suggestions. +1 for the stainless brake lines. There was a group buy on these a few years ago. I especally noticed a big improvement in feel as a result. And 5th gen brakes are famous: 60 to 0 in 108.7 feet. But, with the linked brakes, they must be use together.
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