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  1. Your shades are appropriate here!
  2. Congratulation on getting back in the saddle. Those pics of the wreckage made me cringe. Seems like you survived fairly well. No small task. BTW: That's quite a quiver of riding machines. Good luck with the rebuild and safe riding in the future.
  3. MaxSwell

    Ugly downpipes, Footpegs and Centre stand.

    Man! That is one beautiful machine. So shiny! I thing it looks fabulous as it is. I agree with Sweeper.You obviously have great taste in mc's. Be proud and ride it. Long and safe.
  4. MaxSwell


    A beautiful machine in a beautiful setting. Makes my want to jump on and ride around the corner. And in the fastest color. :) You obviously have great taste in mc's.
  5. MaxSwell

    New Battery?

    I had to replace my battery on the road in Billings, MT. $98 at a great Honda dealer. That may have been the most I've paid for a battery; usually they are replaced at home for $70 - $90. Inflation. No complaints from me. Just glad to be back on the road the same afternoon.
  6. MaxSwell

    How to strap down bike in pickup?

    A jetpack on your back could be useful for passing. Otherwise, enjoy the view of the bumper in front of you. Forever. Seriously, enjoy your new machine. And watch out for the mob of chicks.
  7. MaxSwell

    Picture Thread

    A beautiful machine in a beautiful setting. Nice! You obviously have great taste in mc's.
  8. MaxSwell

    Another successful Year

    I check the weather page every day in my local newspaper. I've noticed your temps are quite a bit warmer than here in Minneapolis. I've been jealous, believe me. So pass your weather along to us, if you please.
  9. MaxSwell

    Greetings from Napa, CA

    Welcome back to the asylum. You just could not live with out the insanity these machines induce!? I do love the white, even though it's not the fastest color. Proves you have great taste in mc's.
  10. MaxSwell

    Hello... Again

    Welcome to the asylum. We like to have a picture so we can be sure you are not a figment of our imagination. Good luck with your overhaul. And I think you live in one of the best places for mc riding. I love it there. At times it's like being on another planet. Moab to Zion via Lake Powel; Moab to Green River ,WY. Among the best roads I've ridden. Over. And. Over. And. Over. Not to mention the fabulous National Parks there too.
  11. MaxSwell

    Back on a VFR!!

    Welcome back to the asylum. You just could not live without the insanity!? That is a great looking example and in the fastest color. You obviously have great taste in mc's.
  12. MaxSwell


    +1 I've bent and unbent (carefully) my share of oem levers. For the most part Honda makes good stuff.
  13. MaxSwell

    9 20 2018 (10) b.jpg

    NACA ducts and two portals to the center of the earth. Gotta love it.
  14. MaxSwell

    Lower Mainland Fraser Valley Riders

    It is possible to change out a bulb w/o pulling the front fairing on a fifth gen. Pictures and proceedure on page 19-6 in the factory service manual. Download a copy from the downloads section of this site. Small hands help.
  15. Ooooooh! I love those. Esp the white with the Storm Trooper wheelin' it.

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