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  1. Camping at the track is the way to go imho. Full mc emersion.
  2. That is great news! I've been going to the Road America race for years. It will be good to see on TV what I missed while at the race. Road America is the longest track on this series, four miles, and is set in the geography of central Wisconsin, with many elevation changes giving viewers many great vantage points. I've been meeting and camping with a group from Bloomington, IL at the in-course camp ground. Good food and showers near by. And it is a totally emersive atmosphere of motorcycles, on track and off. Since every one of the group rides a different mc, they call themselves The Misfits. They dubed me the head of the Minnesota Branch Of The Misfits. Since I've lost two other MN Misfits to death I'm the only MN Misfit left. Sigh! Que the Allman Brosthers song "No One To Run With". Fabulous venue. Highly recommended.
  3. Welcome to the asylum. That is a very cool machine. You obvioulsy have great taste in mc's.
  4. MaxSwell

    First ride Emmett 1.jpg

    Beautiful. Where is this taken?
  5. I've crashed my fifth gen and the responding officer attributed it the my crampbuster. The story: I was practicing clover leafs in Minneapolis about 12:30 am. West-bound on freeway, passed a parked local LEO on the right side of the road as I approched the interchange. I made the loop to south-bound and continued on the exit lane to head back east-bound. I recall vividly looking out at the exit and applying right pressure on the grip. But I drifted wide and "missed" missing the left curb by about three feet. Leaned over, the front wheel hit the curb, launched skyward and slammed back down when the rear wheel hit the curb. I slid across the exit lane onto a 20 foot wide curbed median before I came to a rest. The officer saw the headlights shinning all over the place and was on the scene in less than a minute. I was still seated on the bike, unmoving as he walked up. As soon as he spoke I came to, jumped up, riped my helmet off and walked around. He asked me if I knew where I was; I said I was at my destination exit 15 miles away. When he asked my my name, "I had trouble with that" he said. I woke up in a hospital bed, having been through the ER 70, minutes later. I later called the responding officer and he related the details. This is when he made the crampbuster accusations. He explained he was a rider and had a fellow officer who was certain a crampbuster caused his own crash. He said that while pressuring the right grip I'd unknowningly pushed on the crampbuster just enough to add acceleration enough to widen my turn; more effort to get where I wanted to go, more radius added. Sometime after that I had my carpal tunnel issues fixed and the hands problems got better. I've never used a crampbuster or similar since.
  6. All great graphics and colors. Fabulous!
  7. Seems he is just making the point that he is willing to spend more to get what he perceives as the superior product. I frequently feel the same. I've always bought Yuasa batteries. No complaints and my batteries have to survive winter in the near-tundra.
  8. Congrats! That is great news. Unexpected Made To Fit. It can be quite problematic when your feet are not firmly planted when stopped. I can just flat foot the machine at a standstill; but my foot has ended up in low spots that have caused near- and complete tip-overs. Now you should be able ride with much more confidence.
  9. One little-known aspect of the linked brakes, at least for the fifth gen, is their superior stopping ability. Motorcycle Consumer News (best in the business - no advertising) used to publish statistics for used motorcycles a couple time a year. At the end of the articles there was a comparison of 'Best Of' stats for various mc's. In the 60 to 0 catagory, fifth gen VFRs tied for sixth-best at 108-point-somthing of all motorcycles. Every review of mc braking I've come across considers ~ 120 feet 60 to 0 excellent. The most important thing is to use both brakes together all the time. And I've experienced some amazing stops in my riding experience.
  10. While I have a complete Givi setup for my fifth gen, I can swap V45 boxes with V34 for the top rack. Givi USA engineers could answer your questions with a phone call at 877-679-4484. They've been very helpful whenever I've called them. Good luck.
  11. There is good-natured joking among generations on this site. And fifth generations are all I've ridden so I am biased. From my point of view it is the most aerodynamic of the VFRs, is the last of the gear-driven cams and has the 6th best sixty to zero braking of all motorcycles at 108-point-something feet. Between 5th gens and 6th gens, especially with the under-seat-mounted mufflers, they weigh more and the weight is in the worst place, high and to the rear, raising and displacing the center of gravity from where it is ideally placed. They also gets better gas mileage. These are the ones that come to mine now; there are probably some I've forgotten. As for the red, while it is called Italian Red, they do not call it Arrest Me Red for nothing. P.S. And, in my particular case, they seem to attract deer with a vengeance. I collected two within 11 months.
  12. I also think this thread should be pinned. I have every intention to ride my fifth gen for as long as I can swing a leg over it (at 69 yrs. old it gets harder every year). So I can imagine the day when parts for it are hard to find. And these links could be invaluable in chasing down suppliers for later generations. Excellent suggestion Crepitus!
  13. And he'd be even more embarrassed if he tried to keep up on a twisty road!
  14. Welcome to the asylum. You obviously have great taste in mc's. I do love the white. That's what I'd get if I was to go 8th gen, although I'd need a Deluxe with hard bags for Beer and groceries.
  15. If you are ever near Minneapolis, MN look me up. I have several extra. You can have one for free. I've packaged one for delivery and they are a pain in the neck pack. Plus shipping was around $50 to Buffalo NY.
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