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  1. Didit, It was a pleasure to ride with you, hang out with you, and party with you. You organized fabulous SumSum's. Best of fortune in your new pursuits. Take care Didit, Terry
  2. Cogswell, I need to do something similar with my '98 from the Pacfic coast area. What/how did you do the first step: "strip fork lowers"? Thanks Cogs.
  3. Holy socks! Fabulous pic.
  4. Welcome to the asylum from the Land Of Interesting Weather. You obviously have great taste in mc's. Wishing you fun and safe riding.
  5. +1 While I'm not inclined to pay extra for a "vanity plate" I've fantasized about what I'd choose (custom mc plates are limited to five characters): 800V4 is all I could come up with. But V4 is perfect! Great idea Terry
  6. Thread highjack warning: Speaking of frame sliders, I've found Givi 41 liter hard bags to be decent frame sliders. (blush)
  7. Welcome to the asylum vikingGoalie from the Land Of Interesting Weather. You obviously have great taste in mc's. Best generation in the fastest color. I hope all your riding is safe.
  8. Wow! Fabulous Looker
  9. Welcome back to the asylum Crash1973, from The Land Of Interesting Weather. It is still obvious that you have great taste in mc's.
  10. Another vote for safe riding for all. And I'd like to add a request for lots of pictured of the festivities and frivolities so I can enjoy your great times vicariously.
  11. I never heard of that happening in our club during my membership. And we had some fine TR6's among us. Before the TR8's introduction, TR6 would have been my choice among the two-seater ragtops available at the time.
  12. Although I've never ridden a 6th gen, If you want some giddy-up start with rev's above the VTEC engagement rpm, which, if I recall correctly, is above ~6800 rpms.
  13. And your OEM windscreen will be saving your neck.
  14. Thanks for the grin. When I was in high school my bedroom window looked out over a three-season porch roof with an oak tree nearby. There was a white squirrel that would cross the roof to take nuts right out of my hand. I still do enjoy watch the cute little critters to this day.
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