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  1. Mojo is more of a howler. Much to the delight of my neighbors.
  2. I tried to read it but could not get into it. I have seen to bookcover pictures though and instantly flashed to it when I saw your pic.
  3. Lovely picture of a great machine. The pic invokes the Stephen King novel The Dark Tower. How does it feel to be at the nexus point of the time-space continuum? (Although the "tower" in your pic is somewhat unimpressive.)
  4. Welcome to the asylum AlexxL95 from The Land Of Interesting Weather. Dutchy is right; we'd like a picture of your machine to prove to us you are not a figment of our imagination.
  5. Welcome to the asylum apextech from The Land Of Interesting Weather. You obviously have fabulous taste in mc's.
  6. Fabulous picture of a fabulous machine.
  7. If these are made by Givi, this info may be helpful. Check with https://www.givi.co.uk/. If you can call USA numbers try these: North Carolina Location Nevada Location 9309 Forsyth Park Dr. 506 E. Glendale Ave Charlotte, NC 28273 Sparks, NV 89431 United States United States (704) 679-4123 (775) 359-0900 I have found their engineers are very helpful. As for the actual instalation, know the whole assembly is under slight spring tension when finally complete. This will involve slightly bending the lower support bars to connect to the screw/bolt below the pillion foot pegs. Key to assembly is to loosly get all the pieces into their respective positions before tightening anything down. Good luck.
  8. I'd love to make it to this event. Historically this is just about the best event on the VFRD calendar. However, now that I've got a dog to care for, I'll need to recruit a dog sitter. She is quite the handful so that is not assured. Ergo, I'm a strong maybe.
  9. I'm pretty sure that glorious whine of the 5th has contributed to my hearing loss, reinforcing the theory that Nothing Is Free.
  10. There is no better place for the best fix.
  11. While I've never been to the Keys, from what I hear, soon highwater boots may be necessary in order to keep ones feet dry.
  12. Holy socks! You could start a museum. No Multi Bike Syndrome seen there!
  13. MaxSwell


    Nice shot Knute. Looking pretty relaxed there pal.
  14. The same backatcha Pwing. And to all the rest of you VFRDers.
  15. Thanks for that aural lift; I'll be Waiting With Wild Anticipation for that sound for the next few months to do the same. Winter Waiting.
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