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  1. Obviously another member of the MBS club - Multi Bike Syndrom. And look at all those engines!
  2. Thanks for the responsed folks. I'm going to try my friend sweeper's technique. The dents are fairly large and the harbor freight tool got some negitive reviews so I'll save that for later, if necessary.
  3. I have at least two gas tanks with dents in them. One I accidently dropped while maneuvering it around. Another with bigger dent put there when a deer slammed my knee into the tank. That one broke the paint. And my left little finger. And possibly another from an off-road excursion. (blush).
  4. I have a mc cover that came with my '98 VFR800fi from Oregon. It is yours for the cost of shipping. The lettering on the outside indicate: CoverCraft Ready Fit Front X - 103 R13 https://www.covercraft.com/us/en/product/pack-lite-ready-fit-motorcycle-cover.PSMPS?q=x - 103 It has strings to tie it off under the bike and an internal flap; I'm guessing it is to cover an exposed rear tire. It does not have a security wire in the seam so it has no theft protection other than to conceal the machine. And it could use a washing. Shipping woud be from 55423. It is quite light, shiny silver outside, a slightly softer interior matt finish inside.
  5. My first fifth gen had 105,000 when it was KIA'd by that damn hooved forest rat. Check my gallery for pics of the pre-crash oil evaluation. Your mileage ambition seem low to me.
  6. I still have a phone number of the fellow who bought it but it no longer works. That was a fabulous example. But I was looking for a red fifth and that seemed just a little too flashy for me for an old phart like me. And the young dude who bought it fit his personality. It was in excellent shape when I got it and when I sold it. As my first VFR800fi was approaching 100,000 miles I was looking for a backup machine. At yours was my first opportunity. I can certainly empathize with you. And if I come across it, I will contact you immediately. BTW: I am in the process of restoring another Y2K. If I can get it rideable I'll let you know and give you special consideration regarding the price. I'd even haul it to that very same parking lot. Take care Lobster.
  7. I think that front end looks fantastic.
  8. I'm jokingly referr to my tinitius. Many years ago (20 years?) I was "sitting" (mostly standing) in the 12th row, in front of the speakers, at a Rolling Stones concert at the Minneapolis Metrodome. My ears never stopped ringing since. I now wear ear plugs at music events. However that does not mean I'm not possessed. Sometimes I wonder why I do things. So if you know of a good one, let me know. BTW: I love your avatar! Probably because I recognize the same symptoms.
  9. How were the crowds on the roads. The one time I was there the traffic was really bad. That was when the government was giving out stimulous money and the roads were receiving lots of maintenance. Yosemite is quite the fabulous place.
  10. This pic makes the rear tire look like a bicycle tire. On a second look I see like a fish. My bad.
  11. MaxSwell


    I have it on good athority, though not through personal experience, that those Y2K's take 20 yrears off one's age and add 125% more sex appeal to the pilot, at least until the helmet comes off.
  12. That is amazing. But not suprising. It seems there are quite a few folks with great taste in mc's.
  13. My grandma, what skinny tires you have! "All the better to .....?"
  14. You are correct. Never heard a thing. But I'm sure my ear plugs and Schuberth C3-Pro "helped" in that regard. But that allowes me to better hear the voices in my head.
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