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  1. Love 'm. Esp the evolution one.
  2. MaxSwell

    I could not ride today because ...

    I've gotten to the point that when it is not necessary to ride, if it's 90F+ I'll find another way to get around. I've scratched several fantasy cities off my I'd-like-to-live-there list. Like Salt Lake City, etc. We normally have about 13 days above 90. This year was 31, seventh highest in MN history. Cooling degree days this summer have been 150% of normal. Did I mention it's been Hot?
  3. Available at Aerostich.com. I consider Aerostich the meca of motorcycle gear. Located in Duluth, MN, I visit regularly. And here is my favorite: (also from Aerostich)
  4. This thread is full of fabulous information. THANK YOU.
  5. MaxSwell

    Had to Buy It - Couldn't Resist!

    What a fabulous find. And a Great price. Best generation in the fastest color! You obviously have great taste in mc's. Welcome to the asylum.
  6. I cannot remember how I came across this but Cedar Creek Motorsports https://www.oem-parts-cedarcreekmotorsports.com/ had this tee. I bought two.
  7. MaxSwell

    I could not ride today because ...

    When contemplating climate differences among US locations, I figure if it is cold one just adds more clothing. When it's hot, it's hard to remove one's skin. oft heard quote: "There is no bad weather - just inappropriate clothing choices."
  8. MaxSwell

    Check out this TT Legends 8th Gen VFR

    Lets see ... sharp loud exhaust or cleaner air and less noise pollution. Hmmmm. I guess I choose clean as possible. And I do know that to stand behind my running fifth gen is to smell bad air. And it's big on noise pollution. But I do keep the engine/exhaust stock and would if I bought an eight gen.
  9. MaxSwell

    Lolo Pass, Highway 12, ID

    Hope to be visiting in the next few weeks.
  10. MaxSwell

    I could not ride today because ...

    Up here in the frozen tundra we use studs. Stick like glue even on frozen lakes. The only issue is the chewed up roads but they're not much worse than the pot holes. (There was one winter where I made every Last Thursday Of The Month bike night at a local pizza joint. So it's not always rough up here.) So have you Down South'ers and Out West'ers have air conditioned riding suits for regular daily summer riding. And the Gulf Coast'ers use wet suits when the hurricanes arrive? Off Topic: I once owned a Triumph TR8 (four wheels - 3.5 L alum. V8). On that one I did use chains. Made for great over-steering.
  11. MaxSwell

    Hello from the Midwest

    Welcome to the asylum. That's a beaut. You have great taste in mc's. I love your Sand Hills area south of Valentine.
  12. This is definitely my biggest bell ringer; I should know, it's been rung a lot - 😞 . Esp with the old white rear. I'll be voting for it every hour.
  13. MaxSwell

    Check out this TT Legends 8th Gen VFR

    Nice effect on that one.

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