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  1. Welcome to the Honda V4 asylum jefferson from The Land Of Interesting Weather. Contratulations on your choice of a Very Fine Ride. Can't wait to see your new machine.
  2. That may be the best contribution to her growing up you could have done for her. IMHO TV is mostly a wasteland. Except for motorcycle racing of course!
  3. Bike's not looking bad for six years old and 46,000 miles. It's just a pup.
  4. The heat shield and pipe wrap is exactly how my current ride is set up. No shield. I talked to my local dealer about this situation and was told the wrap does nothing to change performance and may reduce it. I plan to remove the tape and put the heatshield back on. I can feel more heat comming from that area on my boots and ankle but the leather suit and boot makes it tolerable. Barely.
  5. Those black pipes look fabulous. Are you doing all this yourself?
  6. ShipFixer, would you please expand on this information? Does this apply only to sixth gens?
  7. Dutchy, thanks for the link. Is there a way to see that site in english? I do not read Dutch, or whatever language it is. And I would consider used if it is in good condition. The tank I have in mind is on my 2nd deer-crashed machine. When the bastage slammed into my left leg it put a huge dent in the left side of the tank.
  8. Welcome to the V4 asylum Newbie from The Land Of Interesting Weather. You've come to the right place for great information about our beloved Hondas. We'd love to see a picture or two of your machine if for no other reason to assure us you are not a figment of our imagination.
  9. Dutchy, please tell me about that tank cover. It could be just what I need for a restoration. Thanks in advance pal.
  10. Welcome to the V4 asylum Sparky from The Land Of Interesting Weather. That's a real beauty you've recently bought. Best gen in the fastest color. You obviously have great taste in mc's. 15 hours ago, Sparky said: and then it is on to the rear brake (have to stomp on it to get any braking) Regarding rear brake perfirmance: One thing that is important to get the most out of the linked-brakes system is to use both front and rear brakes together, all the time. That gets all the caliper pistons in the system working together at the same time. And that makes the fron
  11. And sometimes can be helpful. I have Raynauds Disease; my hands loose blood curculation just thinking about cold. When I am stopped a a traffic light, I can position my fingers on the exposed frame to get a few seconds of warmth into them. A little "Aah" flows through my brain as a result.
  12. Welcome to the V4 asylum from The Land Of Interesting Weather VFRCat. Congratulations on your new machine. You obviously have great taste in mc's. I too like the silver color. Take care and ride safely.
  13. I am bias toward fifth gens (1998 - 2001) especially the 2000's and 2001's. First fuel-injected VFR, last with gear-driven cams. Compared to 6th gens, fifth gens weight than 6th gens, are a little quicker on acceleration, more aerodynamic body design, and have a lower center of gravity (due to 6th's ill-placed mufflers). Fifth's also have very linear accelleration from 4,000 - 11,500 rpm. I could go on but there are many reviews online for your researching pleasure. Good luck with your search. Each gen has it's advantages and true believers. In some sense, you can't go wrong with
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