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  1. Welcome to the asylum mack86 from The Land Of Interesting Weather. You obviously have great taste in mc's.
  2. Be sure to let us know if you experience a heat reduction from the saddle. When peeps ask if riding in a leather suit gets warm in the summer heat I reply "It like wearing a sauna while sitting on a hot oven".
  3. That is a great picture of five great machines.
  4. Welcome to the asylum parson.You obviously have excellent taste in mc's. And it looks like you are useing it for one of the best activities: motorcycle camping - one my favorite things to do with these fabulous machines. Safe riding (and camping).
  5. Every one of five fifth gens I've had has needed steering head bearings. My first one developed a vibration at speed that was first diagnosed by my reliable Honda dealer as a cupped front tire; so I replaced it. The vibration remained. They nexted suggested checking the steering head bearings. Put the bike on the centerstand. Raise the front end by pressing down on the rear. (I put a couple of concreat foundation blocks on the pillion seat. Someone pressing down can also accomplish this if you have a helper.) Move to the clipons and slowly move the wheel/forks lock-to-lock. If you can detect a detent in the center of the back and fourth that indicates worn steering head bearings. That was about 70,000 miles. Subsequent bikes (4) experienced the symptoms, one as low as less than 30,000 miles to as high as 50,000 miles. The reason is Honda used cheap ball bearings in the OEM version. The recommendation iis to use tapered roller bearings. Once installed, never any further issues of this problem. BTW the first bike was KIA by a dear at 105,000 miles.
  6. Very Nice. Thanks. And welcome to the asylum. What are you riding?
  7. https://www.ultimatespecs.com/motorcycles-specs/honda/honda-vf-400-f-1987
  8. MaxSwell

    Two Pack

    Nice pair!
  9. Welcome to the asylum spitvfr from The Land Of Interesting Weather. We would love to see a pic of your machine to prove you are not a figment of out imagination.
  10. I have has great luck with the Givi D200S. At 5 ft 7 in I'm likely smaller than average. When "riding tall (sitting up) the wind stream hits my helmet just above the chin bar. Keeping the wind stream above the base of the helmet is important for a quiet ride. Before I bought one I figured it woud cut my gas mileage by increasing the frontal area. However just the opposit happened. When I crouch behind the windscreen, eyes just looking over the top, it greatly reduces the wind resistence; if I do not backoff the throttle the bike's speed increases about 10%. I figure the windscreen replaces the "aerodynamic brick" my shoulders present to the air stream. And when I do it "all day long" my gas mileage increases by 10+%. It does make for a less cool ride in the summer but warmer when it cold and drier when it's raining. I have changed it out for the stock screen when I'm going somewhere hot. As always: YMMV
  11. I'd suggest you give them a call. It would help them if you knew the part number and gave it to them when you call.
  12. I've done that very thing at least twice while out your way during T-Mac. Best service I've ever received.
  13. I always change out both the chain and sprockets at the same time. And remember the OEM front sprocked has a rubber componet that gives a quieter result. Do not accept any thing less; it will effect your speedo accuracy. I know this from experience.
  14. I just checked with my local Honda mc dealer at Honda Town Minneapolis (612-722-1110) and they can get fifth gen cowls. And they are willing to accept mail orders. I bought my first helmet from them in 1968; it is family owned and they have a mc racing background. I highly recommend them. And they have been able to get me any fifth gen part I've ever needed. Good luck and welcome back to the asylum. You obviously have great taste in mc's.
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