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  1. I'm with VFR78, Skids and mello dude; I refuse to have my interests monetized. No social media for me. I am very protective of my privacy.
  2. I'll be right over! (I'll raise my next one to you m d)
  3. I'm a big fan of the LBS system on fifth gens. Motorcycle Consumer Reports (RIP) used to publish a used bike value list. At the end of the articles it published a list of best-in-category items. For braking from 60 mph to 0 mph the '98 VFR800fi tied for 6th best, stopping in 108.6 feet. Most mc reviews state 120+ feet is considered excellent stopping power. I have great confidence in my fifth's brakes and would not change them.
  4. I've always felt that hard bags make great frame sliders. (Blush.)
  5. I love the bright highlights on your luggage. Great for conspicuity.
  6. Bought in 2014 with 10,700 miles on her. Empty trailered to Virgina, bought from a pole barn, hauled to T-Mac where we found a rodent nest in the air box. (A pic was taken but I cannot find it). Too many upgrades to list but simply love this machine.
  7. THAT is a Frankinviffier! Ridiculous. Must be going for a more aerodynamic look. Big time FAIL.
  8. I love the look of new shoes in the morning.
  9. Dutchy is close. Here we use decorative cotton to give the illusion that it's cold here. Keeps out the riffraff.
  10. I love my LED lights. I can tell I'm much more conspicuous, whether coming up to traffic from behind or facing traffic. I do not get flashed by oncomming traffic. And the brights! Amazing coverage; and quite white. I've also mounted fork LEDs (short distance ahead and broad side to side). I used to hate the unlit inside of corners at night. Now I can see the inside of a curve twenty meters to the side. The "L" brackets I had made by a local shop allow my to adjust up and down and side to side.
  11. Welcome to the asylum. You obviously have great taste in mc's. And it's the fastest color. Safe and twisty riding.
  12. I've had angled valve stems for a long time. Never an issue and they've held air pressure well. I do use metal caps and high quality valve inserts.
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