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  1. Welcome to the asylum Ejphotos. That's a great looking machine you have there. (I may be a little biased.) You obviously have great taste in mc's. Good luck with your clutch issues,
  2. Welcome to the asylum pietronaples. You obviously have great taste in mc's.
  3. Lookin' good there slowbird!
  4. Roadcrafter: 8 lb. Transit: 12 lb. Both suits are about a size medium. Aerostich says the Transit suit is hydroscopic - it absorbs no water (no weight gain when wet); I've been in some very heavy rainstorms and stayed dry And the leather bonded with Goretex is treated with a anti-UV treatment that is supposed to wear 10 F cooler that non-treated leather. It aslo has TF armor that is flexible at rest but hardens when struck, absorbing energy in the process
  5. I started out wearing a Aerostich Roadcrafter and put probably more that 100,000 miles on it in all sorts of weather. I think it is a fabulous piece of gear. But I bought my favorite piece of gear when the Transit Suit first came out (at age 62). I note the age because I used my whole first Social Security check to buy a Transit jacket. So great, I used my second SS check to buy the matching pants. It was that suit that saved my bacon and most likely my life when I hit my first deer at 65 mph on I-74 while passing through Urbana Il on the way to T-Mac. Insurance paid for it's replacement. I'm still wearing it many tens of thousands of miles later. Production stopped for several years because of the complexity of its manufacture. Aerostich is now making them again with several small improvments. I highly recommend them. I never leave home for riding without it.
  6. Yeah! Some people get all the skill and talent. Me? Notsomuch.
  7. I can empathise with your embarrassment. My foot has missed the sidestand a number of times. Twice resulting in broken bones in my foot. Full focus until standing upright off the machine is the watchword.
  8. Welcome to the asylum from The Land Of Interesting Weather. You obviously have great taste in mc's.
  9. Thanks for the heads-up. I do remember having an issue with threaded bolt, but I think I solved it. I'll have to go out to the back-fourty (feet) to check it out.
  10. Skids, during the Covid lockdown last year Abba Sky Lifts were on sale so I bought one in anticipation of a couple of projects I had in mind. It was around $600. I've assembled it but have yet to use it. In concept it looks quite usable. https://abbastandsusa.com/product-detail.asp?item=sky-lift&pid=44
  11. The first time I filled up my VFR in Oregon, I was floored tha the attendant wanted to fill my tank. So I said "Go ahead." Before he could start I could tell he did not know what to do. He looked at me with clueless eyes, so I said I'd do it and he was noticeably relieved. And I was noticeably happier! In the store to pay I asked why and was told it was to increase employment. I thought to my self "How much job satisfaction is there in that job." and went on my way shaking my head.
  12. Perhaps Amazon considers those tires are frisky. Bizarre.
  13. MaxSwell


    One can rent those down under?! I can only imagine the brilliance!
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