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  1. My 2001 came with a Staintune and a PCii. With the baffle in or out, it was significantly quicker through the lower RPMs , sounded fabulous (w/0 baffle painfully so to those behind), and reduced mpg by at least 10% (with a Givi touring screen which adds about 5%). It was also ~ 10 pounds lighter than OEM. The on/off throttle "twitchiness" was nowhere in sight. And it was seamless, arm-stretching acceleration, from 3,000 rpm to infinity. Way too "young" for an old phart like me, attracted too much attention, and could make my ears hum much louder (I already have serious issue with tinnitus). A lucky dude in Hawaii, of all places, bought the package.
  2. Two things I learned while riding today

    If your turn signal is on for 10 sec. after a turn and there is another turn in that time, an approching vehicle could assume you are making that left turn and make his own left turn right into your path. I always try to cancel immediately. My machine is in for major maintenance and since my signal switch was not working intermitently I asked that it be replaced. At 56,006 mi. I think they are always important. Every little bit of precaution adds up over time. 200,000 plus and never hit a moving object (excepting for a couple of hooved forest rats of course.)
  3. driving lights on 5th gen

    I have long noticed the absence of light on the inside of corners in the dark. This I hope solves that problem. The added unsprung weight I figured would not be noticeably significant. I'm no knee dragger. I do not know about the DOT angle, but a video demonstration of their durability shows them being hammered on, stabbed by an ice pick and looked just about indestructible. As for their blindness causing, I bought a specific light pattern that is wide and short. And I hope to point them in such a way to prevent that. And I have them switched so I can turn them on and off at will. I believe the different light pattern seen by oncoming traffic may also add to my conspicuity which I believe is highly desirable. Time will tell and I will report back the results.
  4. Faulty Speedometer

    Especially when they do not know what their doing. The bike in question, when I bought it, came with a Staintune can and a PCII. So original owner could have also put a different-tooth drive socket hence the difference in the sprocket width. This would all be consistant with a person wanting the fastest acceleration possible. I don't fault the original owner for this but the mechanic involved should have known what needed to be done when putting in the thicker OEM sprocket for me.
  5. Speaking of heat sink, when I put LED headlights in I was told that they would draw considerably less electricity than before and put more load on the r/r. So to further beef up my electrical system I believe it was MelloDude that made me a thick square aluminum piece that precisely fit the upgraded r/r. No electrical problems. Yet. Ever.
  6. Two things I learned while riding today

    On my fifth gen I've had the turnsignals cancel themselves on rare occasions. So I talked to my servicer adviser and he said "Sort of." But they never cancel as fast as I want or as fast as they should.
  7. TCClass_040514_126.jpg

    CornerCarver is The Best Teacher I've ever had. And I'm old.
  8. Faulty Speedometer

    This happened to me on the way to the last SumSum. Luckly, Hispanic Slammer diagnosed this and fixed it for me. Thanks HS. A new mechanic at my Honda shop screwed a new chain installation when reassembling the left crankcase cover. It turned out that the former owner had installed an aftermarket drive sprocket, which was thinner than oem. The Honda OEM sprocket has a rubber dampener on it's outside surface to reduce noise and vibration. When the wider sprocket was installed it left the speedo engagement nut "unengaged". Hence inaccurate or no speedo readings.
  9. New here

    Welcome to the asylum from the Land Of Low Weather Expectation. That is a beautiful machine.
  10. 2013 06 08 14.50.38 copy

    I love the "paint" job. Is that Honda issue or custom?
  11. Picture Thread

    The mounting hardware on this is quite well integrated. I do like that. What are the two round black things on the left rear fairing?
  12. Which VFR's are the hardest to work on?

    One of my most used tools is a Ryobe small pistol-grip rechargable "screw driver". With the proper bit, it can remove all the fairing screws (screw, pan (5X20) 90103-MBG-000, in just a few minutes. It fits under the pillion seat stuffed (towel-wrapped) up ahead of the tail light. $30.
  13. Two things I learned while riding today

    I have learned a few important speed/rpm indicators. On my fifth gen 60mph in top gear equals 4000 rmp, 65 = 4500, 70=5000. So at least I know when I'm in 6th. Others points may have become intuitive. After ~ 200,000 mi on fifth gens, somethings should sink in eventually.
  14. Welcome to the asylum from the land of Low Weather Expectations. You obviously have good taste in mc's. BTW: I love Colorado. It'd be my first choice if I was able to move.
  15. Which VFR's are the hardest to work on?

    I have no experience with anything but a fifth gen. Being sort of poor, out of necessity, I've done most of my own maintenance and repair (more of the later than I'd like to admit). With patience, practice, attention to detail and the factory service manual I've been able to do most things that don't involve getting into the engine. My ignorance of electricity (it's FM to me, F'n majik) makes some of that tough. Relays especially. I think having a decent set of tools is important.

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