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  1. I got a good laugh out of this colour test...and then went out and bought a ZRX 😎 Sold the 2001 VFR and few years ago. Still looking for a top shelf 1997 or 500 interceptor.
  2. I remember the first time I saw a guy slide both wheels through a whole corner, it was Wayne at seattle international raceway.
  3. Looking for a 4th gen preferably a 1997 last year model in great shape with no cracked plastics etc. Having previously owned a 97 and then a 2001 I am looking to go back to a 750/carbureted model. I live near Vancouver British Columbia. As long as you are not more than say 4 states away we might be able to make a deal. Dave
  4. maxredline


    That's the one I think about along with a 86
  5. maxredline


    Like Tamworth said! The sades of black and white are right on.
  6. maxredline


    Nice style bro!
  7. Yup, dragging up an old thread, but I want to update the best motorcycle ever built, so why not. My 01 is showing some signs of its age and want to do some modest updates, can you blame me, no. *I am hoping that someone may have taken the time to build a nice spacer unit to make up the difference on the 929 shock and have an extra to sell. If not there is enough info here to build my own. The front end is easy, I plan on taking it to a local suspension shop http://www.rmrsuspensions.com/ and let Rod do his magic on his recommendations. Message sent to Jamie Daugherty
  8. maxredline

    1986 VFR700

    The 2d gen is what initially turned me on to the VFR
  9. The place to stay in Nelson http://www.newgrandhotel.ca/ 2d choice http://www.humehotel.com/ http://www.destinationhighways.com/default.htm DH1 ,2 & 5 are a must in the Kootneys
  10. My home town! Love it when the sun shines on the Viffers.
  11. To me Honda stop listening to the riders when they introduced Vtec in 2002, very sad.
  12. Yup, been there, done that and am doing again this summer on the way to the MotoGP, and then again on the way back, awesome!
  13. maxredline

    Nowhere MO

    Awesome machine, best bang for the buck period.
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