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  1. More toys for the RC track weapon. Have been too busy rebuilding my garage at my new old house to do much riding or wrenching but I hope that’ll change soon!
  2. Hey thanks! no, the bikes fueling is totally stock no power commander or anything it runs just fine, no issues at all
  3. Have managed 3 trackdays with the RC so far this year, and maybe one more in September. Loving it!!!
  4. Yeah, wasn’t my fault. Bought it like that. All good now!
  5. While looking through this thread, I couldn’t see any pics of the brake caliper nastiness that I cleaned out about a year ago. This is what 17 year old brake fluid does. And yes yes I did the entire rear brake and clutch systems as well.
  6. Fork seal is all good now, new Brembo discs are F’n awesome, paired with the new SBS sintered pads.
  7. Down for a leaky fork seal. Drat! BUT, also got new Brembo front discs and some new SBS sintered pads. Happy birthday to me!
  8. I went +4 on the rear sprocket and kept the front sprocket stock. I also installed a G2 Throttle Tamer which works wonders for the slow speed running. ECU is stock, runs great with just a pair of slipons.
  9. Besides being newer, yes. The SP1 is 2000-2001 SP2 is 2002-2006 The most sought after models are the 2004 “Nicky” editions and the 2006 all-black ones. There are a host of inprovements to the SP2, stiffer steering head stem, 12 hole fuel injectors, TWO radiator cooling fans instead of one, lighter and better looking wheels, upgraded swingarm, different rear shock, revised forks, different rear subframe, etc etc etc. Definetly get one one of those if you can.
  10. Well, I’ve had it two years now and I’m loving it. It’s such a weapon, handles so nice. The 190/55 rear tire is the BOMB. Raises the rear and makes the bike steer crazy good. Hard to ride it for more then than two hours at a time, but I’ve lost 40 lbs over the winter and gotten MUCH fitter, hitting the gym an hour a day, so perhaps year two will be easier on the old frame now that I’m in shape???
  11. Also, through the winter, I added an SP2 RH radiator with fan (SP1 had only 1 fan), so I have double the cooling capacity when the fans kick in. However, I also had to get the SP2 oil cooler, lines, and center V-cowl, as it is relocated to allow fitment of the fan on the different rad. The LH OEM fan had been previously replaced by a SPAL pusher fan, so I now have one pusher fan and one puller fan. Should work OK in traffic and at speed also. And also put on a full set of Core Moto brake lines, and converted to coil-on-plug ignition using CBR600RR coils a
  12. Update: end of last season, the injectors for the rear cylinder shit the bed, despite cleaning the entire fuel system, new tank, and professionally cleaned fuel injectors. it was down on power, coughing and bucking, popping and farting, running like a bag of shit. I determined the fault by swapping the rear injectors to the front cylinder, and vice versa. Exhaust pipe temp on the good cyl was 350’c shortly after cold startup, whereas bad cyl was between 30-40’C swapping the injectors made the problem reverse itself, so..... 4 brand
  13. It’s an old used Lockhart Phillips hugger I got for $50, and then I modified it with the bulge for the taller tire. Matt from Duckhunter Composites saw it and wanted me to ship it to him so he could make a mold of it and begin production in CF. I got the first one free.
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