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  1. Veefer800Canuck

    Pedrosa Out and Lorenzo In at HRC for 2019

    Yes it’s confirmed. Sucks. I wanted Johnny Rea to get the Repsol seat. It seems that Pedrosa has ridden the Spanish favouritism to its final end.
  2. Veefer800Canuck

    adkfinn's 5th gen 20yr refresh

    Nice work, keep it up!!!
  3. Veefer800Canuck

    2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    Oh I just got a new back tire last week. Dangit
  4. Veefer800Canuck

    ok, clutch looks good....scuff up the plates?

    Yep, tell me about it.......
  5. Veefer800Canuck

    18/46 gearing, finally!

    Yes the rear sprocket is not fully bolted up Yes I did finish it properly 18/46 sprockets in da house
  6. Veefer800Canuck

    So I might have done a thing......

    A little rumble for ya, just down the street. 232CFB8F-7630-4083-9336-6D1A497946AA.MP4
  7. Veefer800Canuck

    So I might have done a thing......

    Yes that’s the plan Stan!
  8. Veefer800Canuck

    So I might have done a thing......

    Riding great fellas!!! This thing is a rush!
  9. Veefer800Canuck

    So I might have done a thing......

    Oh yeah!
  10. Veefer800Canuck

    6th gen tail on 5th gen

    No threads, like this one?
  11. Veefer800Canuck

    So I might have done a thing......

    Woot! New fuel tank finally shipped out after 5 MONTHS!!!
  12. Veefer800Canuck

    anyone know where to get custom sprokets?

    If you’re hell Bent on doing this, adding 1 tooth to the front sprocket should get you really close, with the benefit of longer sprocket life. You wont need custom sprockets. All major sprocket mfgrs should offer a +1 front.
  13. Veefer800Canuck

    18/46 gearing, finally!

    Lorne, I ran the numbers through a site I found online (not gearing commander) and figured the chain length will be 110 links. Also so if you take the total number of teeth, subtract old from new, and divide by two (because the chain only contacts half the sprocket at a time) you get this: 17+43=60 18+46=64 64-60=4 4/2=2 so +2 links
  14. Veefer800Canuck

    18/46 gearing, finally!

    An old dirt bikers trick was to reverse the sprockets, but I haven’t heard of anyone flipping the chain...
  15. Veefer800Canuck

    18/46 gearing, finally!

    Preparing for South Dakota in July... So, the last set of sprockets I went with the standard 17/43 setup, due to the fact that I couldn’t find a reasonably priced STEEL rear sprocket in a 46t size. Now, years later, my chain is getting all kinky, so I decided to revisit it and found that PBR now makes one, and the price is right, so I figured I’d give it a whirl. I also discovered that JT makes an 18t rubber bonded cushion type front sprocket, which I like, for noise reduction. Just like the OEM Honda ones. And to tie them together, I got an EK 530 ZVX3 chain in gold, 110 link. Now why why would I do this you ask, when the net gearing effect is like 1%? Mainly because my bike has its rear ride height maxed out, and I’d like to keep the chain as far away from the swingarm as possible. And also for longevity. More sprocket teeth = longer component life, all else being equal.

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