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  1. You could have a look on ebay.co.uk. There are at least a couple of used ones on there and also some aftermarket chinese ones. The used ones seem crazy prices to me. There is a guy with a blue one on the UK VFR owners group on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1974957309456289) for £50.
  2. You’ve done that yourself mate. Hopefully you were just having a bad day and will now apologise. Otherwise I suggest you start a blog and post with commenting disabled. You’re not well suited to a discussion forum.
  3. stuartb3502


    Just a couple of ordinary Sunday ride pics - managed to get out at 5am yesterday to beat the heat. Newland's Corner, Guildford, Surrey, UK.
  4. Sorry, can’t figure out how to like the image, but it’s lovely and really caught my eye when I pitched up today.
  5. Can’t vouch too much for this since I’ve not tried to follow it, but looked sensible and was easy to follow…
  6. You maybe do. My experience of traveling abroad in Europe and the US is that roads many parts (north and mountains aside) are generally cleaner in winter. We have a particularly nasty combination of salt and grime from more wet weather which coats everything and rots it. Bikes that are ridden even partially in winter need as much help as they can get. Huggers, extenders, dunking in ACF50! 🙂.
  7. No expert since I didn't research and fit, but does help to stop swingarm and shock being as battered by road debris and road salt etc. I couldn't get a good hugger on the Triumph but did fit a small protector which stops the shock being sprayed at least.
  8. Probably not much use to you since it's a UK company, but there was one of these already fitted to my bike when I bought it. https://pyramid-plastics.co.uk/products/pyramid-hugger-matte-black-honda-vfr-800-v-tec-2002-2013 It's actually a 6th gen hugger for some reason but fits with no issues on my 5th gen. Unlike many, it comes with a metal bracket which attaches on top of the chain guard. The only oddity thing I think is less than good is that it needs a long cable tie to attach it around part of the swingarm. I'm pleased I have it. I couldn't get one I was happy with on my other bike and that definitely gets dirtier as a result. The hugger is good for protecting the shock and spring a bit in particular. I'd say my shock looks pretty good externally for a UK bike as a result.
  9. Will be interested to hear how you get on. Been wanting to take mine to MCT some time when I can save the pennies. Will have to do a fork service myself before that (also never serviced), but will be interesting to see if he can improve the stock rear with a service or whether aftermarket needed.
  10. Ok thanks. I wouldn’t expect you’ll have any issues as Thurn seem to have a good rep.
  11. How are the Thurn indicators? I bought some smoked ones off ebay a couple of years back but only realised recently that the bulb holders don't fit them properly. The cut outs are in the wrong position (which can be worked around), but it's not possible to turn the bulb holder into the locked position. They're very tight so they don't seem to move but I doubt the sealing O ring is doing anything. Are the Thurn ones better?
  12. I fitted Iridiums, but only have about 7k miles on the, so can’t say if they’re worth the extra. Difference in UK seems to be about £14 extra (sportsbikeshop)? FWIW I got my reg/rect from Electrex. They list more than one (and in stock) for our bikes. The ones they have now appear to be different (better?) than what I got (which has been great). Just noticed that they say they can’t be used with lithium batteries so may not be suitable if that mattered to you. The bike’s a terrific find. I didn’t think there were any like that left around. Have fun.
  13. Hi stuartb3502, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  14. To add to this - In my case (99 FiX) I ordered the "straight" filter and received one with the U bend in error. I returned it only to then realise that the rubber pipes could do with replacement as they were starting to crack. I ordered what I thought was a U shaped pipe (16712MBG000 as shown on the supplier's fiche diagram) but received a straight pipe (16712MBG010) and then found that the U pipe is discontinued. So it looks like I now need to send back the fuel filter again - grrrr. There are two rubber pipes (i.e. one between pump and filter (which is what I'm describing above) and one between filter and the tank outlet 16711-MBG-010). Although only slightly different in length, one is 3 times the price of the other. If I'd known they were both going to be straight I'd have tried getting some submersible hose and cut to length.
  15. 16900MBG003 has straight inlet and outlet. I think 013 has a U shaped inlet. I appear to have 003 on my 99 FiX, but the parts fiche at a UK supplier (Fowlers) shows a picture of filter with straight inlets and part number 013 - so highly confusing. In a Youtube video of someone changing filter on a 2000 model, the filter appears to be 013 with the U shaped inlet. It may be possible to fit that to an earlier bike, but the rubber pipe which joins from the pump outlet to the filter inlet would need to be modified (see my reply below for an update on this). I know this is an old thread - but this may help someone finding the info. by Googling - as I did.
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