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  1. Hi stuartb3502, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. I had a valve clearance inspection plus oil change service done at 16k and it was 2 hours labour for the valve check +1 hour for oil change and checking head bearings (they’d replaced, but I’d reported issues). That said, I now do not have much confidence in the place that did it. I do at least know that they got the heads off as I have photos. 2 hours seems quite reasonable and I wouldn’t be surprised if you were quoted more. Price is not much use to you since this was in 2010.
  3. You have the fuel pump assembly and the fuel level sender unit inside the tank. Both removable and at least in the UK, 2nd hand ones are fairly readily available. Mohawk makes a good point that the bits which are harder to source are the plastics whereas most other parts are available should they be needed.
  4. I’ve just de-rusted my tank so if you want to anything about that, drop me a line. Go along at least with a flashlight which will give you a chance of seeing inside. Ask how they stored the bike. Knowing what I know now, just putting it away long term with fuel in is not the right answer. Not saying you should walk away, but worth knowing that a low miles underused bike is not necessarily a zero issues bike. Other points have been mentioned. The only bits which would be likely to wear out by just sitting will be rubber. So you #might# end up having to replace seals in brakes and clutch (as well as tyres as a precaution), but these are not a big deal. You can only work out if it’s worth paying a big premium for such a low miles bike. If you keep it as low miles, great condition it should hold value reasonably well. If you use it without maintaining it as a garage queen, it will lose more money IMHO than the 35k bike. Stuart
  5. To add to this - In my case (99 FiX) I ordered the "straight" filter and received one with the U bend in error. I returned it only to then realise that the rubber pipes could do with replacement as they were starting to crack. I ordered what I thought was a U shaped pipe (16712MBG000 as shown on the supplier's fiche diagram) but received a straight pipe (16712MBG010) and then found that the U pipe is discontinued. So it looks like I now need to send back the fuel filter again - grrrr. There are two rubber pipes (i.e. one between pump and filter (which is what I'm describing above) and one between filter and the tank outlet 16711-MBG-010). Although only slightly different in length, one is 3 times the price of the other. If I'd known they were both going to be straight I'd have tried getting some submersible hose and cut to length.
  6. 16900MBG003 has straight inlet and outlet. I think 013 has a U shaped inlet. I appear to have 003 on my 99 FiX, but the parts fiche at a UK supplier (Fowlers) shows a picture of filter with straight inlets and part number 013 - so highly confusing. In a Youtube video of someone changing filter on a 2000 model, the filter appears to be 013 with the U shaped inlet. It may be possible to fit that to an earlier bike, but the rubber pipe which joins from the pump outlet to the filter inlet would need to be modified (see my reply below for an update on this). I know this is an old thread - but this may help someone finding the info. by Googling - as I did.
  7. The sock filter is on inlet, the metal encased filter is on outlet.
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