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  1. Honda, off low mileage bike. Still solid, not wiggly/wobbly. One side has a scratch. still some bugs on them.... :) $50 shipped lower 48
  2. Very nice front brake assembly. Almost perfect MC, unblemished lever, braided lines, nice calipers Will need pads and a clean up. $85 shipped lower 48
  3. Meh.... To each their own.... I do agree on "Power Mods", but looks and suspension...... Before and After......
  4. The only thing good about the Bobber/Cafe Fad is that it killed the Custom Chopper Fad............
  5. 3rd gen front has the BIG center hub, so weighs much more than 4 and 5 gen fronts. Rears are close enough.......
  6. http://tyga-performance.com/product_info.php?cPath=756&products_id=5175&osCsid=0cscu7hougadcc8oboetmlap32
  7. slo1

    9 29 2020 (19) b.jpg

    Givi, which is easy off and on.
  8. slo1

    9 29 2020 (19) b.jpg

    Yes, they are powder coated a very HRC brownish gold.
  9. I believe the 650 Honda is an inline 4. The 500 and 700/750nc's are parallel twins....
  10. slo1


    above the smoke
  11. Yes, this is interest check. So far: 1. @Dangeruss 2. @RVFR 3. @Tirso 4. @Slo1 Please respond if this not correct or if you want to add your name to the list (copy and paste forward). If we hit 5, deposits for half will be needed to start it off.
  12. slo1

    20190623_211201 b.jpg

    thanks guys, sometimes a pig gets a truffle ;)
  13. Thank you, snow today, so it was the last mountain ride till spring.
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