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  1. Brand new Fuel standard mount carbon exhaust. Been on the shelf in the box for a couple years. Better quality than Delk..... $200 shipped lower 48.
  2. slo1

    Rear Brake Hanger 4th and 5th gen

    After way too long dealing with life, the machinist is back on these. Hopefully final production 4th and 5th gens soon.....
  3. slo1

    Trailing in

    BEST presentation ever on the subject......... http://canyonchasers.net/video/howto/trail-braking.php
  4. slo1

    Cornering question

    Nick Ienatsch "Sport Riding Techniques"... Good book with solid info. As said, nothing better than getting some good Coaching from a real Coach...
  5. slo1


    Jamie has done my Shawk, vfr750 Shawk Forks, and cartridges/shock for another 4th gen.... He is awesome :)
  6. slo1


    One of those bikes that just keeps pulling me in..... Way under rated. At one time I purchased a Ducato 900ss-sp, which are stunning to look at, to replace my Shawk. One back to back ride and the Duc found a new home.....
  7. slo1


    That is an amazing looking Hawk, but with that exhaust how do your neighbors like it ?
  8. slo1


    There seems to be afew about.
  9. slo1

    Rear Brake Hanger 4th and 5th gen

    Sorry to all interested. The machinist working on these does not seem to be working on these..... :( As often happens, like with exhaust systems, other $$ producing projects always seem to relegate vfr stuff to "later"..... My 5th gen is apart, waiting for v4 (hopefully the final version) and with the weather getting better i may just re assemble it without. IF anything actually happens eventually i will post up...
  10. slo1

    Rear brake use

    LOL :) all good. I train Coaches and try to weed out the Dickheads........ ;) MSF schools are basically franchises, each with their own culture. In some cases they are also State controlled or run. Attitude and aptitude varies greatly, and some states/schools have more latitude than others. Let me know when you get to Tooele, we can get a beer......
  11. slo1

    Rear brake use

    Good on you :) getting people to return for more advanced classes is a problem with training sites all around the country. Most riders feel that after the Basic class they have riding down pat... Reality is they probably only know enough to start learning....
  12. slo1

    Rear brake use

    You should come north and attend one of our MSF courses. While the one you attended may be "typical" for your area, which i doubt, ours are much different. We address everything from braking systems, Front/rear ratios, Thresh-hold braking, and Trail braking. And we discuss all the options for lines through curves, as well as "Proper" posture for riding curves. AND we cover parking ;) As a long time MSF certified coach, it is sad when people say they attended a "Typical" MSF course and were less than impressed. It's like getting pulled over by a less than stellar cop, and saying all cops suck... There are over 10k MSF certified coaches out there, and not all are as well versed and skilled as we would hope. You should send your write up to the school as they would probably appreciate the feed back. There is at least 1 MSF certified coach in AZ who also provides coaching to many racers down there, and his class would have probably been above your expectations. If MSF is below your level, some of us also coach at the local track where you can go WAY over 20mph ;) Good write up, even if it makes me sad.......
  13. "Advice is free, Skills cost money" Ken Hill, probably the best riding coach in the world right now. Free podcasts full of great info http://khcoaching.com/ Many "experienced" riders have been riding the same ride for 10, 15, 20 years, yet claim to have "skills" because they have ridden a long time...... Reading, watching, listening, riding are all great, but nothing will improve a riders skills as much as time spent with a good Coach.
  14. slo1

    Still love my VFR

    Freddie used Pilot Powers on all the bikes at the school. He helped Michelin develop the radial motorcycle tire back in the day, and so that's all he ran. When Nick started the Yamaha Champs school they went Dunlop Q3 for all the school bikes, i think.. Modern tires are amazing......
  15. slo1

    Still love my VFR

    I purchased this bike after the school shut down. after deciding to keep my 4th and 5th gens it was sold on, and the new owner removed the stickers.... but it's still doing great :)

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