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  1. 4th gen headlight assembly is pretty heavy at 5lbs.... i have been trying to figure out a good alternative.....
  2. Honda, off low mileage bike. Still solid, not wiggly/wobbly. One side has a scratch. still some bugs on them.... :) $50 shipped lower 48
  3. Very nice front brake assembly. Almost perfect MC, unblemished lever, braided lines, nice calipers Will need pads and a clean up. $85 shipped lower 48
  4. Meh.... To each their own.... I do agree on "Power Mods", but looks and suspension...... Before and After......
  5. The only thing good about the Bobber/Cafe Fad is that it killed the Custom Chopper Fad............
  6. 3rd gen front has the BIG center hub, so weighs much more than 4 and 5 gen fronts. Rears are close enough.......
  7. http://tyga-performance.com/product_info.php?cPath=756&products_id=5175&osCsid=0cscu7hougadcc8oboetmlap32
  8. slo1

    9 29 2020 (19) b.jpg

    Givi, which is easy off and on.
  9. slo1

    9 29 2020 (19) b.jpg

    Yes, they are powder coated a very HRC brownish gold.
  10. I believe the 650 Honda is an inline 4. The 500 and 700/750nc's are parallel twins....
  11. slo1


    above the smoke
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