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  1. High lefty and righty..... full TBR rep... very soon.... 2 (?) weeks.... Finally....
  2. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your donation of 50.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  3. down to 700 +/- miles max per day on my 5th gen....... i must be getting old...... great pics :)
  4. slo1

    Turkey ride 6 2019 (60).jpg

    LOL 😂 Looking at the original in super magnify it would appear to be a fly on the fly.....
  5. slo1

    June 2019 RideAbout

    Wandering the west
  6. That is what i use with the full adapter proto type that was never put in production. works great.
  7. Now that eyrwbvfr has showed up, from the Hawk Forum, if you want a 5th gen hanger he is your man. The 5th gen full hangers hit a dead end after the proto type, due to the machinist getting overwhelmed by life. db
  8. LOL :) Sadly, after having no one actually wanting a 4th gen(paying for one), my machinist decided to move on to other things that would actually help him pay the bills 😞 All the banter about "Top Mount", "Stock Caliper", and various wheel fitment which could not be confirmed or guaranteed, it just seemed unfeasible. It is an item that adds no HP, only looks, and incurs the cost of a caliper and probably brake line as well. i understand most don't care to spend the $$'s on "Bling", and the loss of a couple pounds of weight. Most custom parts made for old bikes by small machinist guys are mostly from passion. But if all the time, effort, and $$'s invested don't make enough to cover cost, the passion for that part fades... The machinist went back to concentrating on parts for nt650 Hawk/Bros, which there seems to be a bigger market for than for vfr parts, which is ironic..... The the final 5th gen version is working great on my bike, as is a 4th gen version on the other bike :)
  9. Yes, and no.... drill the drive pins to pattern, but the axle is shorter so you need the smaller nt650/bros cush drive as well. Rotor is smaller diameter, and also has different bolt pattern, so easiest to get the nt/bro's one and caliper hanger. Bros parts are cheap as chips in the UK, i think...... Summary, Axle with drive pins moved, Cush Drive, rotor and caliper hanger all from the nt/bros = bobs your uncle :) add nc30/35/ducati wheel (Duc wheel will need 2.5mm spacer to make up for the offset, goes between wheel and axle).
  10. nt650/bros spindle works fine with rc36 hub. But is needs drive pins moved for nc/rc/Duc pattern fitment...... pic has afew other goodies.....
  11. slo1

    5th gen 9 2018 (36) b.jpg

    Thanks, yep a zg..
  12. They are made for use on the Honda eccentric. So if the conversion doesn't change the eccentric, maybe. I do not know if it would fit a Ducati eccentric. Ducati uses a smaller rotor, so it would require a stock Honda rotor as well....
  13. the Oxfords have different size grips that are very "Snug" on the Heli-Bars. Definitively no room for a throttle tube, or even heat shrink on the left side.. That is common when using stick on undergrip elements.
  14. slo1

    4th gen hanger

    rear caliper hanger
  15. Oxfords on gen 4, 5, and 6, all with Heli's. I found them very tight to the bar, so a bit tough to do the dry fit/remove/final install. 5th with Heli's were tight enough i skipped the glue... Feel is personal, but the "Sport" pattern has better grip feel, with the "Tour" pattern being smoother..... imho... YRMV..
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