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  1. slo1

    5th gen 9 2018 (36) b.jpg

    Thanks, yep a zg..
  2. And might as well snap a pic when you stop :) never enough pics on road trips......
  3. With the SSSA the sprocket is not affected by the wheel spacing when it is shimmed on the wheel side of the spindle..... It would be with the eccentric spaced out from the swinger, but the spacer in the pic causes the sprockets to line up spot on. Ducati cush drive mounts the sprocket further in than the Honda one when installed on the Ducati eccentric. a wider or narrower wheel does not affect the offset, as it is in relation to the wheels center. Center is center no matter the width.... Once centered there will be more, but equal, overhang on each side with a wider wheel. I don't think 1mm, or 2.5mm, off center will really matter to the average rider. Harleys were always WAY out of line front to back....... BUT, shimming the wheel out 2.5mm centered it and increased clearance to the swinger and caliper, on the Hawks and vfr750s.....
  4. not gospel, but the accumulative knowledge and work of several really sharp guys, you results may vary..... Honda SSSA wheels are offset 19mm from wheel center. That is vfr/nc30/nt650/nc35/rc30, never measured an rc45 wheel. That is so they center to the frame and front wheel.Ducati Brembo wheels are offset 21.5mm. Therefore to center the wheel to the frame, stock position, a 2.5mm shim is required when using a modified Honda spindle. You can center the wheel by adjusting the thickness of the shim when installing the Duc hub, although a 2.5mm offset would probably not matter to most. If you are OCD like me, it might..... in the picture, Ducati parts, you can see the eccentric has a 1 piece sleeve/shim on it for installing in a Honda swing arm. and a Honda nt650 spindle modified for Duc wheel use with a 2.5mm shim. These have been used on 4th gen vfr's and nt650's.
  5. slo1

    Rear Brake Hanger 4th and 5th gen

    They are made for use on the Honda eccentric. So if the conversion doesn't change the eccentric, maybe. I do not know if it would fit a Ducati eccentric. Ducati uses a smaller rotor, so it would require a stock Honda rotor as well....
  6. slo1

    Hello... Again

    Why spring ? it's going to be in the 70's this weekend and i will be running East, Trappers, and maybe Monte..... 😉
  7. LOL :) i feel the same way, but there are actually 36 states in the USA that have no safety inspection required, cars or bikes.......
  8. WOW, and we just did away with all inspections (MOT) in my state last year, bikes and cars....... Pay money for registration and ride/drive.....
  9. i have always liked sv1k "N" model (2003). Glad you are rebuilding, and that it was converted to an N before :)
  10. the Oxfords have different size grips that are very "Snug" on the Heli-Bars. Definitively no room for a throttle tube, or even heat shrink on the left side.. That is common when using stick on undergrip elements.
  11. slo1

    4th gen hanger

    rear caliper hanger
  12. Oxfords on gen 4, 5, and 6, all with Heli's. I found them very tight to the bar, so a bit tough to do the dry fit/remove/final install. 5th with Heli's were tight enough i skipped the glue... Feel is personal, but the "Sport" pattern has better grip feel, with the "Tour" pattern being smoother..... imho... YRMV..
  13. slo1

    Fall 2018

    Drought caused poor depth of color this year, but.....
  14. slo1

    Rear Brake Hanger 4th and 5th gen

    No orders yet... but soon....
  15. slo1

    Rear Brake Hanger 4th and 5th gen

    Agreed, but the caliper is always where it's at be that 12, 6, 8, 5, etc....

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