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  1. Still love my VFR

    Freddie used Pilot Powers on all the bikes at the school. He helped Michelin develop the radial motorcycle tire back in the day, and so that's all he ran. When Nick started the Yamaha Champs school they went Dunlop Q3 for all the school bikes, i think.. Modern tires are amazing......
  2. Still love my VFR

    I purchased this bike after the school shut down. after deciding to keep my 4th and 5th gens it was sold on, and the new owner removed the stickers.... but it's still doing great :)
  3. Rear Brake Hanger 4th and 5th gen

    Waiting on the 3rd. and what should be the last, proto type for test fit...... I know the feeling, bike's been in pieces for months now :(
  4. It was 20 years ago today…

    SHawks speak to me... every time i sell one, another seems to come calling soon after. But i'm over Hawks, i think.... 4th gen has been my constant.. Maybe Shawk, 5th gen, and a 4th gen would be ideal...
  5. What to bring

    This.... Tools ? i ride a Honda... 1, 2, 3 nights is a tank bag and tail pack... Cash, CC's, Camera, old socks and underwear so you can toss them out at the end of the day... spare gloves, rain gear, a couple Tshirts, a pair of shorts, a pair of tevas, toiletries, and Bob's your uncle.....
  6. Dang it. working on a cush drive and while researching found the link is dead.....
  7. Basics

    Watch the right hand, it appears the rider was applying the front brake and rolling on and off the throttle with the clutch still out, thus causing the bike to buck.... whatever the case the rider had poor skills at best.... at very low speeds we counter weight and steer, not counter-steer...... and maybe add some knee, some rear brake, some clutch, and peg weighting..... sorry, too many "Motor Cop" drills, with and without motor cops ;) YRMV
  8. Basics

    there are 3 contact points between you and the bike, Bars/pegs/knees. If you use all 3 it will all flow better..... Press right bar/right peg/left knee = go right with less effort.....imho
  9. Lost the Love

    Some of us do a modified version, we "rotate" them through. Have consistently had a 4th gen and Hawk, though the actual bikes have changed afew times, but in the last 20+ years there have been several short (1-2yr) affairs.......
  10. Rear Brake Hanger 4th and 5th gen

    5th gen on final approach, 4th gen's almost there as well... For 4th gen folks, Over (stock position) or Under slung ?
  11. VFR 800 F weight reduction

    LOL, out west it's the "Wild West", ATV's are legal to drive to work, Dirt bikes can ride from the trail to the gas station, and Idaho even has/had a mc license for 14yr olds..... YRMV ;)
  12. VFR 800 F weight reduction

    LOL, in the USA almost anything flies, except in Kaliforna..... Most states don't even have inspections for licensing/registration on bikes or cars.... We have lots of complete piece of shit unsafe customs rolling around.......
  13. Anybody do track days?

  14. Extreem Heat shielding on a 5th gen

    That looks so good, my heat shield must now be removed...... Hopefully no increase in heat on lower leg/ankle....
  15. great bike, A mode is so entertaining :)

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