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  1. I had 4th, 5th, and 6th at one point. Decided to get down to 1, so rode them back to back up to the local ski resort and back. Between fun to ride and enjoying looking at, the 4th gen won. Sold the other 2. The 5th gen came back home 2 years later, so a couple 4ths and a 5th now. To keep from cracking the plastic on the vfr's when doing dirt roads, I have the TracerGT as well. Retirement is looming, so hopefully they won't get neglected ;)
  2. Probably not, but which one ? All three have been with me for many years, but 2 went away for a bit only to find their way back home 😉
  3. Tyga supplied vfr400 PVM wheels. 5" rear and 3.5" front. Front is straight bolt on, rear is mounted on a modified nt650 (Hawk GT) spindle. Lots of other bits and bobs :)
  4. Same here. Now have "Mostly Stock", "Medium Built", and "Tyga 1" which I am babysitting for a friend.
  5. Sold one of my 4th gens last year. It is a really nice one, almost perfect bodywork, Staintune, Helis, RR and wiring, Sargent, Y2K mirrors, etc. 26k miles. Old guy only put 200 miles on it and now wants to sell, preferring his cb1100. The urge is strong, but who really needs 3 4th gens ?........
  6. Yep, just load and go..... 40 years later, better bike, better luggage, but same principal....
  7. in my 60's, riding since the 70's. Many bikes have come and gone, but the 4th gens have stayed around the longest. Not my favorite "Touring" bike, but it's the one that speaks to my soul the most. It's been a good run, and with luck there will be many more miles ridden. 1980, with everything i owned...
  8. If MA requires an annual safety inspection, then you might need to register it in WS. We have no safety inspections required on motorcycles in Utah, so a few have bikes in different states and renew the registration by mail/internet.
  9. Nope, at least not in the 10k miles I have been running it. YRMV
  10. slo1

    Fall 2021

    not many days left.....
  11. slo1


    From the album: Fall 2021

  12. Hi slo1, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  13. VFR400/nc30 came stock with one, shame the vfr750 didn't. Nice to have when doing track days, otherwise not a big deal.
  14. Only disappointed that there is no center stand..... otherwise it's pretty cool.
  15. slo1

    Summer 2021

    Long days make for long sunsets...
  16. From the album: Summer 2021

    Finally storms after 2 months of no rain.......
  17. From the album: Summer 2021

    My office........
  18. Yes, and no..... Rode in vented jacket and pants for 200 miles today, at 95-102 degree temps. Long sleeve T-shirt and base layer bottoms made it more than bearable. Same principal, different gear.
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