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  1. I thought the bike look awesome in red but Wow. The color combo you put together here is incredible. That's the way the Honda should have sold it from the factory. Nice job.......
  2. Take out that large factory tool bag (containing the spanner tool) that the bike comes with and you should have plenty of room under the seat.
  3. Thats a great looking White 6th Gen. Looks even better with the clear lenses........ I've changed out my rear bulbs for the leds. Its a pain in the rear getting large hands into that tight space to change the bulbs out.
  4. awesome pic......
  5. alwaysaware

    Minor flooding

    Nice Photo. It makes my worry though. I cant help thinking the side stand is going to sink in the sand as the bike follows it over. Other than that, the lighting is perfect.
  6. alwaysaware

    Clear RC30

    Transparent RC30
  7. Nice Sparkies. Looks almost as good as SEBs famous photo.
  8. alwaysaware

    First ride 'naked'

    I can't wait for you to post up a ride review on how the toro charger makes it perform now. Great job.
  9. alwaysaware


    That looks like the famous SEB shot. Wheres the sparkies? :laughing6-hehe:
  10. If your curious about how easy or difficult it will be, try it with a Dremell Tool on a small area first. If your convinced afterwards, go all out.
  11. alwaysaware

    IMG 0005

    Im Lovin those pipes. :lurk:
  12. alwaysaware


    Nice shot. :fing02:
  13. alwaysaware

    MY Viffer

    Nice looking bike and great choice in color. :fing02:
  14. alwaysaware

    Catskills '10

    That photo would have been perfect if it had one thing. More Silver. Just kidding. Nice shot and great turnout.
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