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  1. A rare, sweet VFR400R for sale

    Nice looking bike.
  2. LED Indicators

    I have not seen those before but I did buy some led turn signals recently. I have an 08 with clear lenses. I bought the switchback led turn signals but I think there might be either a code error in the bulb or maybe I need to install resistors. The color change does not always take. Sometimes they stay white, sometimes they stay yellow. They look good though. https://www.amazon.com/JDM-ASTAR-Extremely-Switchback-Projector/dp/B017C6B5IU/ref=sr_1_4?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1510754859&sr=1-4&keywords=led+switchback+turn+signal
  3. App-based Rider-Pillion Comms Suggestions in 2017?

    No issues and it works well. I stream music all the time and when calls come in, you touch one of the large buttons on the side and it picks up. Very easy to use.
  4. Led Headlight conversion

    If those bulbs produce any heat, I would install ceramic H4 connectors to avoid the problem that I just had. The stock connector on the back of my bulbs melted and shorted out. (Typical California dry hot day). They have ceramic high heat connectors on ebay for $3.56 each. Save yourself a headache and install them if the connectors on the 1200 are plastic. https://www.amazon.com/RDEXP-Ceramic-Harness-Headlight-Connector/dp/B06XSH8JF9/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1500933098&sr=8-2&keywords=high+heat+h4+bulb+connectors
  5. Dead headlights

    Wow, I solved the problem. Now I wonder why that connector burned out?
  6. Dead headlights

    I found another burned out fuse at the rear........hmmmmm
  7. Dead headlights

    I have never had my bike taken apart this far. I still can't find a short.
  8. Dead headlights

    So Thursday morning, I pulled my bike out at 5am and headed to work. Everything was fine and working well. After work, I started the bike up and again, everything was fine. As my bike warms up I can see the lights reflecting off the wall in front of where I park, so I know they are working. On the way home, the only different that occurred, that never occurs is a car cut me off and I flashed my high beams several times. Later on the ride home, I was sitting behind a large SUV at a light and I noticed my headlights were not reflecting back at me from the back of the car. I have the high output Phillips bulbs. When I pull into my garage at home, I check it out and notice the lights are off and won't come back on. I pull the bulbs and test them. The bulbs are fine. I noticed the bulb connector was melted. I pull the fairings off and check the fuse and notic that it's blown. I replaced the fuse and It blows again. I cut off the headlight connector and replace the fuse and it doesn't blow this time. After purchasing a new H4 bulb connector soldering it in place and plugging it up, I still have no power to the bulb. The fuse is good. Tail lights work, turn signals work, markers work and the dash lights up. For what ever reason, the lights are still not coming on. I tested the bulb independantly on the battery and they are good. I'm now starting to beat my head against the wall trying to figure out the problem. I think I'll pull the high bean low beam switch and check it next. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Why Do You Ride

    I developed a sciatic problem and was afraid of dropping the bike but since I got back on I think it has helped me. It definitely takes away the stress of work.?
  10. Why Do You Ride

    I found this clip on You Tube. This should be a Honda commercial. Its inspirational. So why do you ride? I ride for transportation and for fun.
  11. End of an Era - No More VFR?

    I just found this on the Honda world wide site. Future V4 concepts. http://world.honda.com/design/designers-talk/v4/index.html
  12. Rear brake use

    I've got linked brakes on my bike but from what i understand, its set up to distribute 70% front and 30% rear. I also downshift letting the clutch help slow the bike as well. But on linked brake bikes why would the factory set it up this way if it would be wrong. That instructor needs some instruction.......
  13. Where Are The SoCal Rides?

    Is that Jay Leno walking up to the bikes at Newcombs?
  14. Custom Devil Dual Underseat Exhaust System

    I thought the bike look awesome in red but Wow. The color combo you put together here is incredible. That's the way the Honda should have sold it from the factory. Nice job.......
  15. Auxiliary Lighting

    Sorry I have a six gen. But I just put in these led Philips 7443 bulbs and they work great. I also ordered some led white driving, amber turn signal switch back bulbs as well. still waiting on those. If you go onto the amazon website, It will ask you for you bike info and it will check if the fit is right for your bike. https://www.amazon.com/Philips-7443-Intense-Vision-light/dp/B00P2D3W0A/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1496756830&sr=8-1&keywords=philips+led+brake+light

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