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  1. Quick and dirty photochop to see what it would look like when mounted the way people "expect" it to be:-
  2. Greg, what camera (?) are you mounting above your left wing-mirror stalk? Cheers - C.
  3. Looks fantastic, I love what you've done with the high-rise pipe. The Tail-Tidy was definitely a smart choice in that situation, really lets you show the beautiful back wheel of as a key feature.
  4. Looks stunning, Janne! I haven't seen the arrow pipe in the black, but this really looks the part. And I may be (am) a little biased when I say this, but if ever there was a VFR that was in desperate need of a tail-tidy to complete the look, it's your beautiful ride. :-D
  5. Photos from Sunday's St. Andrews-Kinglake-Healesvile ride: Grum's red VFR with an IXIL Pipe. Sounds throaty! And behind that, Cam's black VFR sporting a Two Brothers S1R, Ventura rack, and other mods. Nice Mustang, but I'd still take a Gen-8 VFR any day. Gonna have to have a word to my photographer. :-) Anyone get the feeling we're up to mischief? Also, someone please remind Cam that if he's going any further off-road, he's gonna need to switch to the DR-Z. What's better than one VFR? Two of course. Attracted more than a few onlookers.
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