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  1. Black Ops: Cam's 8Th Gen Mods

    I've thought about it;- a Darkhorse VFR (to use the Indian-brand styling) would be interesting, but Melbourne drivers being the oblivious road-lemmings that they are, I really don't need to be even _more_ hard to detect. That said, I did refer to my angular black 6th-Gen as the Stealth Fighter due to it's passing resemblance to a Lockheed F-117:
  2. Black Ops: Cam's 8Th Gen Mods

    One of these things, is not like the others... If you guessed that one of those 5 tractors needs a good cut & polish, you're correct. Aaaand there's a VFR in there too. :-)
  3. Had my bike out in the hot sun the other day (32-35 degC), and it started leaking petrol. The tank was about 20-25% full (so lots of air volume), and the bike was in full direct sunlight at about 11:30am, and had been since sun-up at 6am (southern hemisphere high summer). Thinking that it was a pressure-related issue with fuel leaking out the overflow pipe, I opened the petrol cap, and got a huge swoosh of positive pressure. The engine had been off since the evening before, so no residual running heat. Anyone got any ideas about the cause (other than hot sun, of course). I would have thought the bike could handle hotter conditions without problems. Kinked breather pipe maybe? The leak stopped as soon as I moved the bike into the shade, and had released the pressure from the tank via the filler-cap.
  4. looking to buy some stock parts (FINISHED)

    I have both stock screen and stock muffler available, but I'm in Melbourne Australia. The shipping cost might be a deal-breaker.
  5. I get a little bit of suction noise when opening my petrol filler cap, but not so much that I've ever struggled to open it. How much is normal; a little or none?
  6. 8Th Gen Tail Tidy

    Production Run #3 is sold out. Although my powder-coating & welding contact has retired, I may do one more run but it will require a larger waiting list, and the tidies will cost more (due to the commercial rather than mates-rates cost of a professional metal finish). If you're keen and don't mind waiting, please email me at nz.cam@hotmail.com and let me know that you'd like to be added to the waiting list. This is not a commitment to purchase;- once there are at least 24 people interested, I'll email everyone and confirm participation and cost. Cheers - Cam
  7. Notice anything new on my VFR?

    I thought this was going to be an interesting thread... what a croc!? ;-)
  8. The reason I wanted a white one:

    Isn't the first rule of safe riding, "Make sure your pink-bits are covered!" Applies to anything in life, really; road, off-road, bedroom... ;-)
  9. Black one

    Did you get a black chain to go with it?
  10. 8Th Gen Tail Tidy

    Overall sales, probably not - the anecdotal trend I noticed is that tail-tidies tend to be popular where there are smaller number plates to begin with. Our poor cousins stuck with Euro-style airbrakes are under-represented when compared with VFR popularity. I didn't keep delivery addresses after each production run completed, so only the latest run still has the US state information.
  11. 8Th Gen Tail Tidy

    Just 3 8th-Gen tidies left. Get yours now, or be stuck forever using the sad-face emoji!
  12. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    My hair split along time ago. ;-)
  13. 8Th Gen Tail Tidy

    My "day" job is in infrastructure software deployment & project management, and is taking up more and more of my time, never mind having any family time, or side projects. On top of that, my powder-coat contact has retired, so I can't get them professionally finished at mates-rates any more. The minimum commit-to-buy order size would likely jump from 12 to 20 before a 4th production run became viable.
  14. 8Th Gen Tail Tidy

    Domestic Parcel-Post to anywhere in Australia is only $8.45. Do you want to reserve one now before they sell out? There's been a rush of interest this week, with 2 sent to Canada, 3 to the US, and 1 to Norway.
  15. 8Th Gen Tail Tidy

    The current production run units are AUD $75 each for forum members, and shipping to the US & Canada is AUD $15.85. There are now seven tidies left;- I shipped two to California this morning.

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