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  1. Quick and dirty photochop to see what it would look like when mounted the way people "expect" it to be:-
  2. Production Run #3 is sold out. Although my powder-coating & welding contact has retired, I may do one more run but it will require a larger waiting list, and the tidies will cost more (due to the commercial rather than mates-rates cost of a professional metal finish). If you're keen and don't mind waiting, please email me at nz.cam@hotmail.com and let me know that you'd like to be added to the waiting list. This is not a commitment to purchase;- once there are at least 24 people interested, I'll email everyone and confirm participation and cost. Cheers - Cam
  3. Overall sales, probably not - the anecdotal trend I noticed is that tail-tidies tend to be popular where there are smaller number plates to begin with. Our poor cousins stuck with Euro-style airbrakes are under-represented when compared with VFR popularity. I didn't keep delivery addresses after each production run completed, so only the latest run still has the US state information.
  4. Just 3 8th-Gen tidies left. Get yours now, or be stuck forever using the sad-face emoji!
  5. My "day" job is in infrastructure software deployment & project management, and is taking up more and more of my time, never mind having any family time, or side projects. On top of that, my powder-coat contact has retired, so I can't get them professionally finished at mates-rates any more. The minimum commit-to-buy order size would likely jump from 12 to 20 before a 4th production run became viable.
  6. Domestic Parcel-Post to anywhere in Australia is only $8.45. Do you want to reserve one now before they sell out? There's been a rush of interest this week, with 2 sent to Canada, 3 to the US, and 1 to Norway.
  7. The current production run units are AUD $75 each for forum members, and shipping to the US & Canada is AUD $15.85. There are now seven tidies left;- I shipped two to California this morning.
  8. Some boring statistics... it was a slow Monday. There are still 9 tail-tidies available from the final ever production run. Across all three runs, here is the breakdown of units sent by country. USA: 37 Australia: 18 Canada: 11 England: 6 France: 2 Sweden: 2 Italy: 1 New Zealand: 1 Norway: 1 Scotland: 1 Taiwan: 1 Wales: 1
  9. Possible. If you're able to take some pictures of the 800X's fender from all angles, and measure the inside-width of the fitting (the plastic that the fender fits into, should be 86mm), then I could give you an informed guess.
  10. Greg, what camera (?) are you mounting above your left wing-mirror stalk? Cheers - C.
  11. Thanks for sharing your experience Greg, and for the feedback. To everyone who's tail-tidy was posted in the week starting June 12th (and whom I've not heard back from), I've sent out an email to check whether yours arrived safely or not. Please check your email and get back to me;- Your satisfaction is important!
  12. As of today (June 20), there are 14 tail tidies from Production Run #3 still up for grabs. If you want to snap one up for AUD $75 plus postage, let me know via email ASAP (nz.cam@hotmail.com). Meanwhile, check out Grum's sexy-looking ride with its' new tidy, and IXIL pipe. Cheers - Cam
  13. It's worth noting that not all bikes have had the loctite applied. Based on the feedback I've received, it seems like about 1 in 7 or 8 bikes have it, the rest are just tool-tight. (Tight's tight.. what's too tight again? ;-) ). I would carefully check your bike first, see whether the locking nut appears to be resisting, and then decide how best to proceed. An online copy of the installation guide can be found here:
  14. Let me know as these goodies progressively arrive, folks. I'm always thrilled to see photos of bikes with them fitted! Cheers - Cam
  15. Latest Update: Production Run #3 is ready to send! I'm firing off PayPal Invoices to everyone who's provided details now. If you want to snap up yours, and you haven't already contacted me to confirm your place on the list, now is the time.
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