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  1. 8th Gen Luggage pics

    No, it doesn't touch it but it's not a stock exhaust. I think the panniers are the same as an 800f set just come in different colours.
  2. 8th Gen Luggage pics

    I bought some VFR1200 panniers and sprayed them. The topbox is a Vtec box on an SW MoTech rack. I made an adapter plate out of 4mm checker plate.
  3. Back in Black

    I made an incorrect assumption there. When they switched the colours on the Vtec they made the frame and swing arm black and I assumed they'd done the same again. My black swingarm always looked dirty :(
  4. Back in Black

    Well on the German website at least. Frame, swingarm and forks colours have been reversed. Black is my fav colour but I prefer a sliver swingarm as they look cleaner (my boot was rubbing the paint of my Vtec swingarm). http://www.honda.de/motorcycles/range/sport-touring/vfr800f-2014/specifications.html
  5. I was wondering if that was possible. Is it just a case of sealing it and pumping air in?
  6. I'm not sure the gentlemen in question are aware of this site but I have pointed them to this thread as did Skids. I know one of the chaps did fit a sat nav and I did ask him if he lifted the tank to which he replied no, he only took the black trim off. He knows the original owner and both are adamant the tank hadn't been lifted by themselves. I changed my air filter a couple of weeks back and the breather hose is well stuck and became detached from the tank. I had to pull it up to reattach it as there is no slack on it so I'm grateful for this thread as I could have easily caused the same issues and I'll be uber careful in the future!
  7. Agreed. I've never had any suction noises on mine and I'd be worried if I had. I know the 2 chaps Skids mentioned in this post and neither are getting much joy from Honda and at over £700 for a new tank I wouldn't want to fork out for a new one :(
  8. Bikini Bike Wash at Ace Cafe Orlando

    You are a lucky man. Can you send them over to my house next.
  9. Bikini Bike Wash at Ace Cafe Orlando

    Them poor girls will catch their death with cold. Here's how to do a hand wash UK style.
  10. Nightmare

    I've just dropped the bike off the ramp due to the side stand being down and pushing it over. I couldn't hold the weight and over she went. I've got off very lightly with only a broken mirror which will be £40 on eBay to replace. The mirror landed on the ladders which were against the wall and took all the force so the tank and fairings are undamaged. Lesson learnt, lift the side stand when taking off the ramp.
  11. USB Power ideas

    Good point well made :)
  12. USB Power ideas

    The double socket I bought (in the link on my post above) is fastened with a tiewrap to the bar above the top radiator. If you look down past the clocks you'll see it. I than ran the cable under the tank to the battery.
  13. USB Power ideas

    I bought one of these and wired direct to the battery. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12-24V-Waterproof-Motorcycle-Phone-GPS-Dual-USB-Power-Supply-Socket-Charger-Fast-/162472705290?hash=item25d420bd0a:g:5GYAAOSwB-1Y70~t

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