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  1. End of an Era - No More VFR?

    The only main stream commercials about motorcycles are from GIECO. Honda and HD are the leaders in motorcycle recognition. They can turn things around if they wanted too. Honda did it in the '60's and can do it now if they wanted. Harley has two small bore bikes, but I've never seen one on the road yet. My local dealers are good people but mention social media and I get the "F*ck that!" look. I don't think random posts on FB count. I agree that autonomous cars will push motorcycles off the road. I'm not a business owner but I'd be worried about the next ten years.
  2. I hate the dash on my 2014. Like the 1997 much better.
  3. Angled Valve Stems

    All my old, crotchety and cheap biker buddys swear by Kurvey Girl valve stems. Each of our "A Team" has a specialty we share to help with our bikes. Because we go through so many tires we have one guy with a tire changer (and one who can change tires by hand), so installing angled valve stems are SOP. I have them on both my VFR's and my sons Ninja.
  4. We have a great track three hours away in south Jersey http://www.njmp.com that's a complete interstate drone (I-95 or Garden State Parkway). The issue is not just riding to the track, but riding any local area roads to explore. I only rode to the AMA races in south Jersey once because the is nothing else down there. We would ride every year when the AMA races were in New Hampshire (for 15 years!) because NH has awesome roads and springtime is sweet in the Green Mountains. The AMA superbikes were too powerful for that tiny track so that venue has been off the schedule for a while. Too bad because I would take an MC vacation there in a heartbeat.
  5. VFR 6th gen rear brake line Help!!!

    Yea, I just read that. Learn how to make custom steel braided lines for the ABS. Not hard to do. I’ve been making lines for all my bikes since 1985.
  6. VFR 6th gen rear brake line Help!!!

    No reason other than Honda engineers designed it that way for manufacturing cost reasons. Replace it (& all other hydraulic lines) with steel braided line and be done with it.
  7. Very nice! What model year?
  8. I went out to the garage. Fiddled with this, cleaned that. Watched the battery tender light blink... *sigh*
  9. “Love ATL, hate the traffic” That’s all I hear. I’ve already mapped a few rides, all north of ATL. Anyone ride to Barber Museum?
  10. My company is moving to ATL and I’ll be exploring new roads. I’ve been in NY for a long time and I’m looking forward to the change. Any other VFR listers in ATL?
  11. A rare, sweet VFR400R for sale

    I know nothing about this bike other than I don't have the $$ to consider buying it. https://newjersey.craigslist.org/mcy/d/1992-honda-vfr-400-nc40-v4/6418843517.html
  12. My brain fogged over when I saw the key set components. Some things I will pay for to have the local shop take care of a few things, this was definitely one of them.
  13. Slip on Exhaust

    How did the Two Bros slip-on installation go? I'm looking for a sound upgrade too. Bobby
  14. Birthday present survey

    Great suggestions. I do take the boys out for regular rides to area soft serve ice cream parlors. The farthest one has soft serve pistachio! Since I only use one glove, I try to buy the best. A pair of Dainese gloves may be on the short list. This was fun. Thanks guys.

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