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  1. So I googled the mystery parts and they are left and right front turn signal sockets. Why would the previous owner have extra sockets as well as 4 extra lenses? https://www.partzilla.com/product/honda/33455-MFL-671?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI75n15qH95gIVBLbICh3KTQwbEAAYAiAAEgKgyvD_BwE
  2. Yes it came with the pillion/gym girl seat 😀 and the tool kit, owner's manual and helmet holder were under the rear seat cowl. I was very happy to find those little painted gap filler grab bar pieces in the saddlebag luggage! I will google those mystery part numbers, they look like some sort of wiring harness but I haven't opened the sealed bags yet.
  3. Only the right side (exhaust side) saddle bag had this fabric liner on the bottom - is that normal or should the left saddle bag have it also? Is it just for additional heat shielding on the exhaust side?
  4. I also found these two sealed parts bags in the luggage, it doesn’t say what they are in English and I have no clue what they are - slightly different part numbers on each bag
  5. This was also in the saddle bag luggage,I have no clue what it is.
  6. These look like extra front turn signal lenses? Why would the previous owner have these?
  7. This is some sort of Honda netting, directions are all in Japanese, if you’re familiar with how this is used please let me know:
  8. The little blanks for when the rear grab bars are removed:
  9. I opened my saddlebags and found all sorts of great stuff, including a quick shifter! The dealer told me it had a quick shifter but I didn’t realize it wasn’t installed yet, I guess this explains why I couldn’t get it to quick shift, LOL
  10. Thanks Bent and Tiutis, yeah it’s raining lightly today so I may take it out for a quick test in the wet before the football starts. Heres some more pics, the saddle bags are pristine and I’m impressed with their engineering I had no idea there was an aluminum heat shield hiding under the exhaust side - anyone know what they cost? I just remember they were very expensive. Also, I assume that’s the Honda OEM 12v accessory under the seat but what’s the Moose thing? Battery tender perhaps? I also really like the Honda tank protector, what did all these little things cost the original owner do you think?
  11. Thanks Grum! Yeah I really missed my VFR but I’m keeping my scooter, it’s great fun for running errands. Although with the saddle bags I suppose I could take my VFR to the grocery store too 😀 I’m probably going to leave the VFR stock this time. After riding my little 155cc Yamaha scooter for the last year the VFR sounds like a gnarly beast to me even with the stock exhaust, LOL
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