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  1. LOL - another Gator hater 😀 Not to toot my own horn, but my VFR vids have literally tens of thousands of views and are by far the most popular VFR vids on YT with a thumbs up ratio of well over 10 to 1, so when I get a bit of criticism from guys who take themselves way too seriously here it makes me laugh. In fact, Honda should probably pay me a commission for all the 8th gens I've helped sell 😀. I get messages from folks all the time who say my vids are what inspired them to buy an 8th gen - I just got a message from a guy a couple days ago who bought a new 2015 because of me. I think that's really cool. At this point I will slink off into the sunset as history tells me that if I continue to respond to petty comments here that my thread will get locked and I'd hate to see that happen to my goodbye thread. So take care everyone - you can find me on my YT channel if you would like to reach me. GatorGreg out 😀
  2. LMAO - you truly are delusional! The VFR is one of the easiest bikes I've ever ridden and extremely confidence inspiring - that's what makes it so great. In fact I recall riding it across a mile long bridge several times at over 130mph the very first day I owned it - I must have been really intimidated by it 😀. There's a reason why the VFR is ridden mostly by older gents if we can believe the age poll here. However, I doubt you've ever had yours over 60mph (are you even tall enough to see the speedo?) especially with that obese bearded gf of yours constantly weighting you down in the back - the VFR has a truly fantastic engine but it can't defy the laws of physics 😄 The only time I can remember being intimidated while riding anything was when I rode a mule to the bottom of the Grand Canyon - one little trip or sneeze and that stupid beast could have plummeted me several thousand feet to my death - now THAT was scary! The other things that scare me are of course clowns, bearded ladies, and balding midgets - they bring back memories of seeing the circus freaks when I was a kid 😀
  3. Thanks for reviving this great thread Bent! I hope you and your better half continue to fully recover from your surgeries - sounds like you've got an excellent exercise routine going so you should be back to 100% in no time. I broke my leg about 5 years ago which set me back for a long time but I feel like I'm currently back in the best shape of my life. I go to the gym every other day and on off days I either swim, run on a treadmill, or use a stationary or real bike weather permitting (I also have a Trek!) for cardio. If I could only cut back on the fast food - LOL Anyway, after reading about BillyJackJimBob's and SebSpeed's situation I can kind of relate - especially to Billy's preference to take his vert over his motorcycle - same thing happened to me over the last year after I bought my vert. However, before giving up on two wheels I would suggest that they look into the virtues of a 150cc class scooter like the Honda PCX 150 or the Yamaha SMAX. Scooters have come a long way recently and each of these models is more than capable of putting a huge 2 wheeled grin on your face and can easily handle two-up riding as well, all while enjoying a more relaxed riding position - and at roughly 300 pounds, they don't require the same level of physical conditioning that riding a 500 pound motorcycle requires. Here's a vid review of my recently acquired Yamaha SMAX - I'm taking it to the gym in the next 10 minutes and I can hardly wait 😀
  4. Congrats! The power and torque of the S1000R is absolutely amazing - and I love the RWB paint scheme - enjoy! You might get a good laugh from my S1000RR test ride a few years ago 😀
  5. I found a recording of Nelix singing his favorite song - enjoy! 😀
  6. LOL - I kind of figured some folks wouldn't allow me to leave gracefully - but that's the nature of motorcycle forums where there are usually one or two members who think of their bike as an extension of their penis 😀 I'm really gonna miss this place - I still haven't come across a midget with a Napoleon complex to keep me entertained on the scooter forums 😀
  7. Wow - you really got me this time! 😀 Hopefully you bought her a new beard trimmer for Xmas - LOL
  8. Thanks Grum - you're too kind! I can just catch a flight for $1K and be in Australia in 20 hours for my free beer! I'll try to remember to look you up in the summer, er, winter of 2028. My son and I have already made plans to be in Sydney on July 22, 2028 to catch the total eclipse - seriously! We drove all the way to Columbia, South Carolina to see the one in 2017 and we were both so blown away by it that we agreed we have to go see the one in Sydney in 10 years - LOL. Here's a vid I made of the eclipse. I've watched so many vids by motovlogger RidingWithTom that I feel like I've already been to Australia - he's done some AMAZING vids of his trips to the Outback, Darwin, Phillip Island, Great Ocean Road, etc., such a beautiful country! I wonder what I'll be riding in 2028? Perhaps I'll be on a 2028 Honda VFR1000R😀
  9. Thanks Bent! I try not to take myself too seriously and always have a good time! As the great philosopher Jimmy Buffet once said: "If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane". Not sure about riding the scooter all the way to North Carolina (I'm having visions of Dumb and Dumber - LOL) but I'd love to go for a ride in my vert on the Blue Ridge Parkway when the leaves change - if I do I'll be sure to look you up. And if you're ever in O-Town I'll buy you a Gatorade! That goes for everyone here - including my Scottish friends - LOL 😀
  10. Sorry, the balls attached to your obese bearded girlfriend don't count as yours - LOL
  11. Why thank you Bent - I think that was a compliment! 😀
  12. The great thing about the VFR is it fits everyone - you're proof that even a midget can fit 😀
  13. I've discovered one thing my SMAX does far better than the VFR 😀
  14. Wow - you must have a LOT of hair on your chest in order to ride a bike that far - I bet the ladies can't keep their hands off you! 😀 Since my goal in life is to one day be an expert rider like you (I'm still in awe of the track vid you posted where you managed to get passed by literally everyone else on the track - LOL) please tell me precisely how many miles per week I must ride to qualify. I'm sure my scooter miles won't count so I'm gonna go buy the 2004 R1 (a real man's bike) at the same dealership above. It only has 10,000 miles in 14 years so I'm betting the former owner could use some expert riding lessons from you - LMFAO 😂 https://www.rchillhonda.com/Pre-owned-Inventory-2004-Yamaha-Motorcycle-Scooter-YZF-R1-6307941?ref=list
  15. So I was reminiscing over some of my many VFR vids today (what can I say - I'm a hopeless romantic - LOL) and I thought I'd leave you guys with an encore presentation of what I have determined to be my two favorites. AFAIK, there are no other vids in the universe of any vehicle, much less a VFR, riding around on Disney World property at triple digit speeds while managing to avoid detection by the Disney cops 😀 And AFAIK, there are no other vids in existence of a VFR getting washed by not just one, but two ladies in bikinis 😀 Enjoy!
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