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  1. I had the OEM low seat and hated it. The vinyl is the same super-slippery stuff they used on the 2010 seat. My main complaint was the seat was much narrower than the standard seat. It wasn't comfortable.
  2. There is a DCT reset procedure in the service manual. It sounds like the dealership has created a lazy way of attempting the reset.
  3. The punch looks like someone took a metal punch and banged a fresh mark above the vin. I don't see one in your photo. I'd be shocked if recalls can go out of date. I'd call a different dealership or the Honda recall number.
  4. The 1200 is a monster. Over the top power and excitement. I pick the 800 when I want to go for a ride am not in the frame of mind to deal with the rocket-like power. The 1200 plastics are awful until you get the hang of them. Then they're kind of fun to mess with and quick to remove and install.
  5. Does your bike have a punch mark next to the VIN? That is the way they proved they did the recall fix. Absent that mark, Honda has a problem, in my opinion.
  6. New - never installed, silver matte with carbon fiber cap, and sport noise killer. New Healtech ES Eliminator included. Price is $600, shipping via UPS Ground included with tracking info. I have two VFR1200s. One has this exact exhaust (yes I purchased two at the same time) and the other has the high Akrapovic. I thought I'd use this as a backup for one of those, but I'm guessing I won't put enough miles on the bikes to need to.
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