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  1. mountainslide

    Picture Thread

    "Rim of the World" Vista on the way to Yosemite. Bike on Old Priest Grade and New Priest Grade across the canyon, incredible stretch of twisty road. They won't last me that long but The Q3+ tires inspire confidence at lean! Love them.
  2. mountainslide

    Picture Thread

    Know the road well, beautiful ride and shot.
  3. mountainslide

    8th Gen Picture Thread

    Appreciate it, pictures shot by 13 year old son. I was going for lean angle on that last shot. Usually do get the bum a bit further off the seat and head lower than the windscreen, no elbows touching though ;^)
  4. mountainslide

    Steering issue?

    The Dunlop Q3+ are worth consideration too, great all around feel and confidence inspiring for hard leaning and cornering in the dry. Can't speak to their performance in the wet yet.
  5. mountainslide

    Picture Thread

    Just a pretty sunset and bike.
  6. mountainslide

    8th Gen Picture Thread

    Great weekend up in the mountains. First shot is during the ride up, just had to stop and capture the sunset and VFR. The rest are putting her through the paces on my favorite stretch of road. Most laps done with my son and then I dropped him to take a few pics of me carving corners. Enjoy!
  7. mountainslide

    Picture Thread

    Spent the day at World Superbike at Laguna Seca on Sunday. Came back to find a fellow 8th Gen rider all the way from Quebec had parked close to mine. I've added a few other shots form the race for your viewing pleasure.
  8. mountainslide

    Track day

    Fink, I would call them smooth medium speed corners at 50 to 60 MPH. It is a mostly 2nd and 3rd gear road with turn after turn, an icredible stretch of road up near Yosemite. Body position can be seen here in an old post of mine, I do hang off more when at higher speeds but am comfortable at these angles on a good road I know with Q3+ tires front and rear. Cheers, Brent
  9. mountainslide

    Track day

    Ohlias, Thank you. It actually was on the "street" and not a track, a stretch of windy road I am very comfortable on. I have not had any issues with the center stand. However both the shifter and rear brake are bottoming out. Shifter being the large concern as we wouldn't want a sudden shift at that lean angle.
  10. mountainslide

    Track day

    Andre, How did your shifter and rear brake fair? With aggressive street riding I've bottomed both enough to concern me. IMG_6836.HEIC
  11. mountainslide

    Picture Thread

    Threw on some new ASV levers and took her out for some corner carving today. Beautiful day on some beautiful roads with my son. The VFR always draws a few that appreciate her even with this many bikes up on the hill. Enjoy the ride! Brent
  12. mountainslide

    What did you do to your VFR Today?

    Gave her a bath and fitted ASV levers. They feel nice and look good IMO. I’m sure I’ve gained at least five horsepower too! Off for a spin in the mountains now.
  13. mountainslide


    I just had Q3+ installed front and rear. Only 20 miles so far on my commute but already feel the front turns in better than the BStone S21 I had. Very sticky too!
  14. mountainslide

    What did you do to your VFR Today?

    Received new rear OEM wheel. 13.88 lbs in case anyone wondered.
  15. mountainslide

    8th Gen Picture Thread

    At the famous "Alice's Restaurant", fortunately a frequent location for us as it is surrounded by some wonderful roads. Putting her through the paces.

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