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  1. No peculiarities for me at all. Had the racing version Installed shortly after the bike was broken in and left it in "smart" mode so it adapts. Recently installed headers and flogged it hard in the hills so it would "learn" how I ride.
  2. Removed mine on day one I think, right before I cleaned up the tail and installed the TBR tip. Then the rest of the mods ensued....
  3. Yep, body positioning is probably the biggest variable. Doohan vs Marquez... I could definitely hang off my VFR more and do if I want to go faster.
  4. Tire pressure, profile and rider weight are all variable on this and of course turn camber.. In the video above peg feelers are dragging as you can see by the debris and line as I am toward the end of the turn. Played with a graphics program and rotated a line to the axis of the bike and it is at 50°. I'm 150 lbs. The feelers are already part way worn down. That corner has positive camber too. I would guess right about 50° is when the feelers touch down. My tires are Dunlop Q3+ at 31 PSI there, I have since upped the pressure per my tuners advice.
  5. Dang, now I need to get another bike ;^) I hear you on dragging the pegs, in the video you can see the result of dragging the peg "feelers" through that turn. I'll also say position is a big part of it as I could certainly hang off the bike more and use less tire. I'm having fun not trying to be the fastest guy out there and am comfortable at those angles on that road with these tires. The road is off to the right in the shot below, my son's face says it all. The cars coming up the grade on the left are the reason they paved the twisty section of joy to the right. It was just too steep and too many vehicles lost brakes and went of cliffs, I counted 50+ turns in 5.5miles. Go up the twisties and then coast down the steep section and do it over and over.
  6. One has to know ones own limits and ride smart. To push a tire (sport or not) to the limit while not on a track it needs to be done on a safe road, good line of sight, rider knowledge/familiarity of the road a dry run or two to make sure there is no pea gravel wets spots or other hazards. This still doesn't rule out the risk of someone else crossing the line. I'm grateful to have a road like this near me and am able to push myself, my bike and my tires pretty hard for street riding. Enjoy the ride and be safe. P1010367.MP4
  7. They are the only ones available I could find, made by member on here Duc2V4. Butt dyno and the lighter front end in 1st and 2nd tell me a bit more power. Definitely a bit throatier than stock.
  8. Got out for a little fresh air during this very weird "shelter in place" time. Been out of commission with a broken rib shortly after installing the new headers, forgot how damn good they sound.
  9. Had the new headers installed. Larger diameter than stock and no CAT. Install with a TBR slip on required an custom "adapter" to be fabricated as you can see in the pic. Shop (Catalyst Reaction Tuning) did a fantastic job but it wasn't cheap. Definitely added some throatiness and butt dyno says a some top end power. Will see what the intelligent Rapid Bike System does with the mods over time. Still need to get to the hills and break in the new tires. "before" picture at the bottom.
  10. I didn't get 14K out of the tire, that was the mileage on the bike for service, I was late for my 12K. I got a shy of 4K out of the tires which isn't a lot but I love how the handle.
  11. Hit 14K and did all fluids and a new set of shoes. This is what a Q3 Plus looks like when the sides go first. Happy that I burned through the sides first though. Great tires for the bike!
  12. "Rim of the World" Vista on the way to Yosemite. Bike on Old Priest Grade and New Priest Grade across the canyon, incredible stretch of twisty road. They won't last me that long but The Q3+ tires inspire confidence at lean! Love them.
  13. Know the road well, beautiful ride and shot.
  14. Spent the day at World Superbike at Laguna Seca on Sunday. Came back to find a fellow 8th Gen rider all the way from Quebec had parked close to mine. I've added a few other shots form the race for your viewing pleasure.
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