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  1. "Rim of the World" Vista on the way to Yosemite. Bike on Old Priest Grade and New Priest Grade across the canyon, incredible stretch of twisty road. They won't last me that long but The Q3+ tires inspire confidence at lean! Love them.
  2. Know the road well, beautiful ride and shot.
  3. Spent the day at World Superbike at Laguna Seca on Sunday. Came back to find a fellow 8th Gen rider all the way from Quebec had parked close to mine. I've added a few other shots form the race for your viewing pleasure.
  4. Threw on some new ASV levers and took her out for some corner carving today. Beautiful day on some beautiful roads with my son. The VFR always draws a few that appreciate her even with this many bikes up on the hill. Enjoy the ride! Brent
  5. Gave her a bath and fitted ASV levers. They feel nice and look good IMO. I’m sure I’ve gained at least five horsepower too! Off for a spin in the mountains now.
  6. I just had Q3+ installed front and rear. Only 20 miles so far on my commute but already feel the front turns in better than the BStone S21 I had. Very sticky too!
  7. Received new rear OEM wheel. 13.88 lbs in case anyone wondered.
  8. Emailed Dymag directly and they indicated no fitment options. Do you know otherwise?
  9. Ordered a lithium ion battery to trim a little weight up high on the bike. Will post weight savings this weekend. Will be ordering a new back wheel soon as well, sticking with stock as I haven't been able to locate and aftermarket lighter options. Cheers!
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