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  1. Rsparky

    Fork seals! First time, any tips?

    It is done. Seems decent so far. A very light film on both forks, after a 2 mile ride, but that may be from extra fluid between the seal and wiper. Or, it's just the best I can get with my "Leakproof" seals. We'll see. Thanks all!
  2. Rsparky

    Fork seals! First time, any tips?

    Those screws were a pita! Now, my next dilemma. I've been polishing with the dremel for hours. But I can't get the marks from the polishing stone to go away. Will it leak?
  3. Rsparky

    Fork seals! First time, any tips?

    A couple fairing screws had low sockets too. Maybe necessary for the forks, but pointless for the fairings... I replaced them with proper SHCS. Hopefully I can get to my cyclegear before they close tomorrow after work. If so, I may try this weekend. Thanks for the pointers!
  4. 8th gen. I'm going to get a seal driver, and a socket for the caps this week. History: I had a decent rock chip, but stoned and polished it smooth. It ought to seal now, with fresh seals. I'm getting the black sludge at the top of the wiper so it's probably gross in there by now. The other stanchion is still squeaky clean, but might as well freshen both up. I am borrowing a coworker's front stand and measuring straw/plunger. My biggest fear is the bolts under axle not breaking loose easily. Anything tips or anything else to watch out for? I'll be going by the oem service manual.
  5. Rsparky

    Angled Valve Stems

    My oem stems were looking pretty cracked when I swapped tires a couple months ago. 2014 bike I bought in mid 2015, and ride 5 days+ a week in Phoenix heat and sun. So I went ahead and swapped to the aluminum 90° stems. I've not hit full speed, but definitely been quite high in the revs in 6th, with zero concern.
  6. Rsparky


    Surprised noone has mentioned ixil. I think it's the sexiest. Sounds yummy too. Not as muscley as a delk, but damn nice, without baffles.
  7. Rsparky


    I'm up to 10k miles on my t30 evo's. The rear will only take another thousand or so, and be down to the wear bars. 99% of my riding is highway. They felt great when they were round! Definitely square now. Anyone think the evo gt will help the rear to last a smidge longer?
  8. Rsparky

    8th Gen Compatible Throttle Tubes

    jb weld popped off. redid it for now. but also ordered the G2 competition quick turn throttle, for the cb1000. oem throttle tubes are the same part number on bikebandit, so it should work. i plan to machine a little progressive cam action into it, when i get it. that'll last longer than the jb weld lol. will update later if it works.
  9. Rsparky

    How To Set The *&% Clock!

    Living in AZ has its perks. We don't adhere to DST. More states need to give it up. How is that dark at 5 going for you? Lol.
  10. Rsparky

    Front Stand Recommendation

    Mine is very similar!
  11. Resurrection, because I finally had to adjust. Measured my 8gen on center stand and kick stand. And with my sag (set for 160lb) it's pretty consistently 5-7.5 mm looser on center stand. Ymmv
  12. Rsparky

    VTEC Downshift

    Yah, just make this the vf 800, then the vfr 800 can be properly aspirated throughout the rev range.
  13. Good to know about the speed bleeders! I ordered the m8x1.25 and only figured out they were the wrong size after emptying the system... Agitated. Reinstalled original bleeders, and refilled. I'll look into ordering the correct size. Also, I have the ram mount, and the included plugs do not hold tight. I had to use other rubber stoppers I had laying around. Aux lights were mentioned early in the thread. I did exactly as mentioned, using the existing threaded holes. I love my little $20 amazon pair. I put yellow blinker tape over the lenses to stand out a bit.
  14. Rsparky

    Chain Mileage

    About time somebody mentioned measuring stretch! Honda sticker is as useful as a ruler on cnc part. Idk the number for our chains, but a measurement of ten link pins, pulled taut, in gear is the surest way to tell when to replace.
  15. Rsparky

    8th Gen Compatible Throttle Tubes

    I bought a Motion pro throttle, and made it work. Had to cut the end off, and added jb weld to get the progressive diameter ramp that I wanted... Keep the calipers handy. Motion Pro 01-0080 Throttle Sleeve https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000WJ7NV8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_9Jy53Sxt8OKP3

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