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  1. Rsparky

    Fork Seals

    Check bikebandit. I just bought a set of leakproof seals when I did mine.
  2. That's a bummer. It sounds great opened up. Most of mine is highway, so I get to roar!
  3. The science is real. Keeping the snorkel will keep the designed resonance. Maybe I'll measure mine this weekend and plug in the math. It's been sitting in my bucket of weight savings, along with the carbon can and exhaust. Nonetheless, I don't need the 5hp, but I greatly enjoy the noise. Leaving it in the bucket.
  4. I yanked mine off, snorkel as well. Glued some window screen material over the holes. I'm sure it's not optimized perfectly, and I think it may have even lost some low end, but it sounds 1000x meaner. My bike, I like it.
  5. Rsparky

    Front rotor damaged

    Bikebandit has oem for $325 usd. $430 cad. Idk if they ship to Canada though..?
  6. Rsparky

    Grips issue

    Baby powder keeps them from rotting as fast.
  7. Rsparky

    Chain Mileage

    Astroglide does the trick for me. Likely o-ring safe too.
  8. Rsparky

    Chain Mileage

    more bacteria than a butthole.
  9. I know it has been discussed before, but not to what extent. As we know, while slipping the lever out in first, the bike raises rpm from idle to help with starting. What is the mechanism that causes this? Clutch switch? or a switch perhaps actuated by the slave cylinder? I would like to know, because I would like to be able to go back to two-fingering the lever. I used to, on other bikes, but even with my average sized hands, pulling the lever back to touch my ring and pinky, the revs increase a 100 rpm or so. I do not want to be unnecessarily slipping the clutch, so I have long since stopped the behavior. That said, while in gear, there is no discernible push forward while in first, and tholding with just two fingers.
  10. Rsparky

    Grips issue

    Mine melted quickly too. At about 10k miles, 1 year of riding 5+ days/week in Phoenix. Some rubbers can take UV and heat. Others can't. I switched to Oxford. They're doing decent. But Progrip seems to have the best rubber.
  11. Rsparky

    Chain Mileage

    I am developing a tight roller. Everything else is fine. Only adjusted twice so far, and I'm at 20k miles. Typically clean and lube every Friday evening after work. Keeping an eye on it, but it is fine to ride.
  12. Rsparky


    I associate Avon with Harley therefore discount it. I shouldn't, but I'm not perfect. Side note, my Roadsmarts are wearing great, but nowhere near the lean angle plantedness of the t30 evos. Squirrely when hot. Which, in Phoenix, is all the time.
  13. Rsparky

    Fork seals! First time, any tips?

    It is done. Seems decent so far. A very light film on both forks, after a 2 mile ride, but that may be from extra fluid between the seal and wiper. Or, it's just the best I can get with my "Leakproof" seals. We'll see. Thanks all!
  14. Rsparky

    Fork seals! First time, any tips?

    Those screws were a pita! Now, my next dilemma. I've been polishing with the dremel for hours. But I can't get the marks from the polishing stone to go away. Will it leak?

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