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  1. I'm beginning research on changing my wheel color. At this point, I'm thinking of stripping the bronze and clear coating them. I've pulled bearings for other things, but never wheels. How much of a pita is it to pull them? Then, the stripping looks to be its own monster. Do you spray with a gun? Or just wipe it on and off? TIA
  2. EXACTLY! I've put hundreds of hours into fiddling and tweaking everything. It's not done until I say it's done. So I don't want to let it go so easy. Lots of thefts posted on local boards. People suck. At home, it is in the garage, but I do modulate the garage door to mitigate it becoming an oven sometimes. Genius! Puts disc locks to shame. And it would surely cost less for a new chain and sprockets than a caliper and disc.
  3. As I said "Some are trailered away, others, just screwdriver in the ignition. This could thwart that." I do have a chain, but I don't use it often. This will be a quick method to use every time I get on and off.
  4. Lol yah, it's a .22. Not that it matters. My domain, my right. And correct, no HISS. I do have a chain, but this would be a much less time consuming daily activity.
  5. The more I think about this idea, the more I like it. And I know it’s not foolproof. Nothing is. But! It’ll be nifty, and a little extra protection can’t hurt. I’ve seen quite a few bike stolen posts on my local Phoenix group. Some are trailered away, others, just screwdriver in the ignition. This could thwart that. Plus, I’ve got the tinkering bug. Anywho, I want to put a hidden switch inline with the kickstand switch and ground. It’ll be under a fairing panel, and only I will know of its existence. Plus all of you folks. This way, I don’t have to fart around with the ignition, and I can just add a little extra length to a ground wire basically. Then, hypothetically I can hear a would-be thief start it, and laugh hysterically while they stall repetitively and I walk out aiming for the chest. I've searched for security, kill switch and ignition. Not a whole lot. I'll let you guys know how it goes.
  6. I velcroed the adapter to the battery cover under the seat and just taped the USB wire to the airbox and fed out from the front of the tank with enough length to get to my bar mount.
  7. I always want to stretch it, but my gauge starts flashing around 200 miles typically, then I get anxiety and go fill up. Around 4.7 gallons is the average I put in. Been wanting to put a little gas in a can to reassure myself. aluminum can or perhaps sturdy plastic container like empty HDPE oil jugs. But I don't think I'd trust the threads on the lid with the gas expansion.
  8. Surprised noone has mentioned ixil. I think it's the sexiest. Sounds yummy too. Not as muscley as a delk, but damn nice, without baffles.
  9. I've been told stompgrips at the best for grip. But that they'll eat into your jeans if you're motgatt. The hydroturf works fine for me though. I am debating making them longer, because I only contact basically at my knee caps.
  10. Here she is so far. Finally got the trunk mounted. I had to fabricate considerable risers in order to leave the grab bars on, but it's not bad, I think. Uses the passenger seat key to remove, and I spliced in led strips to add running, brake and turn signals. It uses a 5 pin trailer connector. Night photos coming.
  11. Looks like someone intentionally ripped the bar out. Everything is fixable. I'd find the spacing, then look for a similar u bolt, with some flange nuts. You'll have to unstaple the cover and remove the foam. But with glue and a staple gun, it can be good as new, or better!
  12. Still new here, and browsing the archives. I don't see much love for hydro turf. To me, it's the cat's meow. I bought a roll a while ago and made a bunch for daytonas, as that was my bike of choice at the time. Moving up into the world of comfortable bikes, I still risk scratching the tank, and enjoy squeezing with my knees. So, these aren't perfect, but they'll do. If I can ever get my hands on a decently priced seat, I'll most likely chop off the useless front wings and add a little bit o grip.
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