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  1. What was on bike before you changed and how did it handle? Different tyres have different handling characteristics. I was on the point of selling my Dunlop installed VFR 800 because i was struggling with it in turns, to the extent my mates were asking what was wrong as they could visibly see a difference in my riding. Changed to Bridgestones and also added a few turn on the rear (done before changing tyres) and got my old mojo back. So I would suggest checking your suspension settings and possibly adding a few more turns on rear preload.
  2. Cheers for that .Interesting reading.
  3. Any chance of putting up the Dyno charts for the headers please?
  4. Same here esp as was riding an old bmw at time too. I would love to know the reasoning behind the change.
  5. It’s done hydraulically. A bit like a plunger in a syringe.
  6. Never had a problem with mine in the years i've had it . I also wear my biking trousers outside my boots and never had an issue with it catching on the stand, with the foot being placed outside of the peg when putting it down. The only problem i can see is if you wear bell bottoms.
  7. Interesting read thanks. How were the v tec shims?
  8. Glad to hear you are all sorted. It also would have been good to hear what the cause was as well.
  9. https://youtu.be/v60rTW3Hk3w The latest. Loop recording, powered from bike hardest part is deciding where to mount them. I Run a 256Gb card which will get about 13 hrs recording
  10. Biggest problem I had in summer were the midge, occasionally there is the odd bug strike which just needs cleaned off after each stop. But on the whole no probs. On my rt a few weeks ago you tube doesn’t do pic credit. On the vfr vfr you can see it under the headlight and rear carrier. One with top box.
  11. Mines a pint in reference to sup. Innov K2 fitted on mine under nose and on underside of rear carrier. Well worth the money.
  12. Posted on the other forum with pictures.
  13. No it’s not supposed to be pressurised, hence the breather,
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