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  1. Widely available from a lot of sources, most certainly in UK. but im sure in the US unless it uses some banned substance.
  2. They sat snug on mine but not tight. Replaced mine at the beginning of the summer.
  3. Becaust the good ole USA got a model without a centrestand, and no doubt Honda would have to deal with a resulting liabile case. Thats the only reason I can think of.
  4. MIne is in the tail section Like Viffer J. Is one from Eastern beaver. I have a Perspex cover over top as my Autocom sits over the top, Switched power from the connector next to the battery. I have also removed all the extra mouldings in the rear to give me a bit more space.
  5. I'm a bit closer to the West coast, out on the Ardnamurchan peninsula nr Fort William. There was one other but he has sold his now. Enjoy your new steed.🏍️
  6. Well done on your new purchase. Make sure you get the stuff Grum listed. Whereabouts on the West Coast are you?
  7. Replaced a set of worn out Pirelli Angel GT (1950 miles, Yes 1950) with a set of pilot powers that I got at a very reasonable price . Bedded them in today. Not having used sports tyres in over a decade last set being Bt016, I quite like them but no doubt will kill them off in no time.
  8. You had better watch he doesn’t suspend your license whilst checking this out.
  9. Try MCT at stowemarker
  10. They are a tight fit, a smear of grease helps.
  11. That’s nearly 70 mpg by imperial gallons can’t get anywhere near that on mine.
  12. Fitted a new battery Motobatt as the original from 2014 was on its way out. Pirelli angel gt fitted tomorrow if its a good day.
  13. Lifted from VFRworld. However I decided to go one better and emailed Honda USA, and Honda UK if indeed the service interval is now 24000 miles. Honda UK responded to me inside of 24 hours, and I copy and paste their response: Dear Mr. C, Thank you for contacting Honda UK. We would like to let you know that we have had a look and can confirm that when it comes to the 2014 VFR800 what we were able to locate on our system is that the valve inspection service has to be done at 24,000 miles. For any additional information we can recommend discussing things further with your Honda authorized dealership, you can locate your closest Honda dealership here: https://www.honda.co.uk/motorcycles/dealer-search.html Thank you for contacting Honda. If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind Regards, Alexander Ivanov Honda Customer Service
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