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  1. Sadly No you will need the scaffolding for aftermarket stuff. A second had set goes for around £500
  2. Yeah nothing more annoying. It’s getting as bad as fb. Full of Pandas 🐼, eats, shoots and leaves.
  3. It does what it says on the tin. I give it my wholehearted endorsement, a proceedure that also works as well when you have a hydraulic clutch to bleed and it wont go.
  4. Congratulation on 100k miles.
  5. Well done. I'm just over the 32k mark on mine. She is getting used more than she used to these days.
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294850390656?hash=item44a673ea80:g:cNQAAOSwyE5iJeFv the seller is a Honda dealer
  7. Check the fitment against the listing for the 800. why not import the panniers. Loads of other folk have. Bear in mind it’s still in production in the ROW.
  8. I doubt it. Different bottom rail fixing. https://www.bike-parts-honda.com/honda-motorcycle/700-MOTO/NC/2013/NC700XD/Accessories/--KIT-PANNIER-29L-ONE-KEY/98795/08L7601/3/14868
  9. Have seen a few "waisted "bolts on Cbrs over the years.
  10. what is your rebound set at (bottom of shock)? if it wound too hard it will just jack the bike down on bumpy roads. For reference ,my preload is at 23 turns in from softest also weigh 115kg.
  11. Becaust the good ole USA got a model without a centrestand, and no doubt Honda would have to deal with a resulting liabile case. Thats the only reason I can think of.
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