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  1. Last week. Got together with a few mates for a week of enjoying the fantastic roads we have in Scotland. 4 of us for 6 days followed by another 10 arriving on Thursday for a further 4 days. 5 vfr in group 4 of them 8th gen.
  2. Out playing today. Was pissing down earlier in run hence waterproofs.
  3. Is that straight from starting and riding off when engine is cold or mid run?
  4. He sadly for you managed to sell them the other week.
  5. What colour you looking for. I know someone that was selling rack and 45l box ( white) . Don’t know if it’s been sold yet tho.
  6. The fact that the 45l brackets for the vfr are 3 part and different shape to the cross runner. Whilst the mounting holes holes will be the same the area around the back of the seat is different. Vfr one is black the crossrunner is greyish. You obviously know better, so do they fit? the vfr1200 carrier fits.
  7. https://www.honda.co.uk/motorcycles/my-bike/accessory-brochures/_jcr_content/par1/textcolumnwithimagem_1057348785/textColumn/richtextdownload_d8f/file.res/Touring Category 2019 - Motorcycle Accessories Brochure 25.04.pdf carrier 08L73-MJM-A10 the crossrunner carrier won’t fit.
  8. It does as long as it’s within it’s working parameters, the ignition is on and killswitch in run position.
  9. Good grief no I’ve added more than a dozen clicks, even more when 2 up. Set mine up for 2 up using a tape measure and fully loaded bike inc pillion.
  10. Did mine myself took 20 mins to do. Yes the rubber bits are supposed to come with them. Here is a link to the installation instructions. https://powersports.honda.com/documentum/MW01/08L70-MJM-A10ZA.pdf
  11. What didn’t you like about the screen?
  12. Nope . Should be easy enough to make. Personally I think it looks crap.
  13. Take it back to the dealer for a new battery. I am surprised though as I’m still on the original battery
  14. It’s down to operator error, I’m still doing it after riding the bike for years.
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