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  1. Nice write up unfortunatly, 8th gen doesnt have the cbs system and is a different set up.
  2. Any chance of seeing this out of the road and in the dark. As in no street lights what does it look like from a riding position?
  3. The other thinking to this, is to ask the question, get others to do the research and post the answer with links up for you. I should maybe try it sometime, but then again I'm old school and prefer to ask only when I have exhausted every other means. 🤣
  4. Attached mine under the nose, I drilled the black panel after removing it. Tried various sticky solutions to no effect and a few brackets (on mirror stems) but they looked crap.
  5. Take it out for a long run so the engine can heat up properly and burn off the condensation.
  6. Well done. I'm just over the 32k mark on mine. She is getting used more than she used to these days.
  7. Becaust the good ole USA got a model without a centrestand, and no doubt Honda would have to deal with a resulting liabile case. Thats the only reason I can think of.
  8. I'm a bit closer to the West coast, out on the Ardnamurchan peninsula nr Fort William. There was one other but he has sold his now. Enjoy your new steed.🏍️
  9. Well done on your new purchase. Make sure you get the stuff Grum listed. Whereabouts on the West Coast are you?
  10. Replaced a set of worn out Pirelli Angel GT (1950 miles, Yes 1950) with a set of pilot powers that I got at a very reasonable price . Bedded them in today. Not having used sports tyres in over a decade last set being Bt016, I quite like them but no doubt will kill them off in no time.
  11. Fitted a new battery Motobatt as the original from 2014 was on its way out. Pirelli angel gt fitted tomorrow if its a good day.
  12. Wish my front cover looked like that. Despite a fender extender the British winters have taken its toll.
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