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  1. Take it back to the dealer for a new battery. I am surprised though as I’m still on the original battery
  2. It’s down to operator error, I’m still doing it after riding the bike for years.
  3. Yup that is your preload adjuster. C spanner in and turn the higher the step the more preload.
  4. Nope, both bikes have the same gearing ratios throughout the box. 2014 bike has a higher compression ratio, timing on inlet is slightly different 15 and 30 compared to 12 and 33
  5. Best of luck, will hopefully catch up with you at some point. Safe riding
  6. If it’s done when you removed the battery it more than likely won’t be covered.
  7. Yes. Happy to get someone else to do his bidding for him eh. 😀
  8. How come your friend John doesn’t join? Look for moto pumps. From memory he has 3 heights to choose from.
  9. Have you adjusted the seat?
  10. Honda (US) service manual states 21.2 litres. UK owners manual which also covers Europe , Australia and New Zealand states 21,2litres. The 21,5i originally got came from a press clipping.
  11. Make sure if its windy to park the bike so the tyres are on the windward side and the stand is on the leeward (downwind) parking in gear too. What kind of angle are you talking about?
  12. Maybe add a zero on to the mileage then I would think about one. Yes I have a crampbuster but it’s sat in the toolbox for years and is only used on 300 mile plus motorway journeys. Day to day riding no need. 😀
  13. Bet it would have sounded better if he had a quickshifter fitted. All his vids with pictures show the std exhaust.
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