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  1. Make sure if its windy to park the bike so the tyres are on the windward side and the stand is on the leeward (downwind) parking in gear too. What kind of angle are you talking about?
  2. Maybe add a zero on to the mileage then I would think about one. Yes I have a crampbuster but it’s sat in the toolbox for years and is only used on 300 mile plus motorway journeys. Day to day riding no need. 😀
  3. Bet it would have sounded better if he had a quickshifter fitted. All his vids with pictures show the std exhaust.
  4. Agree on scottoiler crampbuster.
  5. If you have the part numbers you could order them. Alternately order them from Japan several decen5 bike shops there.
  6. See post 1and 3 info is there.
  7. Speak to Honda Europe. In uk if vehicle is written off “ economically” and rebuilt it needs to be inspected to see if it safe. The certificate of conformity is only available from Honda.
  8. That looks as if the thread has been ripped out. Eek. Not good 😪
  9. Saw this on another forum. https://motoridersuniverse.com/news/1254050-rumors-honda-fireblade-might-feature-v-tec.html So the folks wanting 1000cc and a bit more power may be getting their wish at the sacrifice of touring capability.
  10. Japan only market so I believe.
  11. Sorry to hear of another leaving. Great choice as a replacement tho. Lovely bikes.
  12. Just imagine how many vids you could have if you had ever ridden it anywhere. An average of 25 miles per week. Scary. I know I don’t use mine much and have use of another bike for commuting to work, but in the same period of time I’ve added 20,000 miles more than you to mine.
  13. I see they have cocked up the advert, showing it as a 1200. That’s not a very high mileage.
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