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  1. You can get a lid in the side case.
  2. Has one on mine and took it off, too much buffetting. Here is a link to a post I made in another forum after testing several screens. https://vfrworld.com/threads/aftermarket-screens.55571/#post-598192
  3. Agree its all down to technique and positioning.
  4. Because they don’t get sucked into the sticky tyre hype that the sports bike guys do.
  5. Another option rear carrier and cowl.
  6. You want to try driving/riding on the M8 in Glasgow.
  7. Two bolts and stops need to be added to the front. They should come with bike. Instructions are in owners manual. Removing & Installing Body Components u Front Seat ❙ Removal 1. Remove the rear seat. 2 P. 64 2. Remove the mounting bolts and collars, and then pull the front seat back and up. ❙ Installation 1. Install the front seat by aligning the recess for the current seat height position (low or high) with the front stay. 2. Install the collars and mounting bolts. 3. Tighten the mounting bolts securely. 4. Make sure that the mount positions of the recess and the adjust plates are the same seat position. 2 P. 92 5. Install the rear seat. Make sure that the seat is locked securely in position to pull it up lightly. For the front seat height adjustment, see “Changing the Front Seat Height.” 2 P. 91 Front seat Recess (low position) Mounting bolts Front stay Collars Recess (high position)
  8. 8th Gen bikes which is what we are talking about DO NOT have linked brakes so this is irrelevant.
  9. New vfr doesn’t have one. Mine did the same until Bent suggested altering the span adjuster.
  10. It just needs updated and refined in line with the competition as well as for Honda to listen to the perspective buyers.
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