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  1. fink

    Gear Indicator

    Usually down to operator error, missed gears etc. We have all done it.
  2. fink

    Bridgestone T30 Report

    Yes used to be well up on road laying a few decades ago, overbanding has to be a max width.
  3. fink

    Bridgestone T30 Report

    Over banding is what they are called here and have the friction coefficient of a banana skin.
  4. fink

    Bridgestone T30 Report

    It depends on where you do your riding. In busy areas there will be a build up of crap on the road and will become very greasy when road is wet. My mate from down south says he wouldn’t be able to ride the way he does when he comes up here as the first bent he would be on his ear down there in the wet yet up here he can nearly scrape pegs.
  5. fink

    Bridgestone T30 Report

    Have t31 fitted at moment love them
  6. fink

    Bridgestone T30 Report

    Nothing wrong with T30s in the wet they are great tyres. Here are my T30 after 3880 miles. Very abrasive Highland roads.
  7. Not that I have heard of yet.
  8. fink

    Steering issue?

    Yes both the front and rear will be adding to the problem, feels as if your turning in ok ,then falling off the edge of the world. My newish t 31s are about knackered after 2500 miles blasting around the very abrasive roads of the Scottish Highlands.
  9. fink

    Steering issue?

    Bollocks. Both tyres can and do square off.
  10. fink

    Steering issue?

    What are your tyres like? Which tyres are you using?
  11. Dream machine or racepaints.
  12. There is about. 3mm gap. Is it torqued up to the correct setting?
  13. Tweaked the suspension a bit the other day. Got rid of rear chicken strips yesterday.
  14. Take a pic from the same angle as our shots

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