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  1. fink

    Picture Thread

    Do you not use the waterproof cover that comes with it?
  2. Pretty easy to do. 2 tools correct sizes Allen key and a fine edge trim tool although have done it with a screwdriver. I was was going to do a how to next week when I get home as I have been trying out a few screens.
  3. fink

    Race Shift Gear Pattern

    You should try switching between an old British bike with the gear lever on the right.maked the Gp shift a piece of piss😂
  4. Replaced a faulty zumo cradle.Can now hear directions, listen to tunes and if needed talk on the phone. putting the original screen back on for another test before doing a screen review of several screens.
  5. fink

    Race Shift Gear Pattern

    Pretty sure its been discussed before. If you use the search facility you will get your results. also try the 6th gen as its near enough the same.😀
  6. fink


    Regularly used to kill sports tyres on my t595 in around 2.5k miles. Bt016 & pilot powers.
  7. fink

    Viffer no more...

    Wouldn’t say, just following in the footsteps of the US. If you think about it the original vtec s last update was in 2009, the A9 version which remained till 2014 when the new model came out.
  8. fink

    Healthtech Quickshifter?

    Never had any problems with my Honda Quickshifter and have put up pics showing the difference between the positions. Ie not a lot of difference at all. Sadly couldn’t manage a straight on pic
  9. fink

    Viffer no more...

    The crossrunner has run alongside the vfr since 2011.
  10. fink

    Viffer no more...

    Reason being is the the vfr went to 800 cc in 1998 before that they were 750cc.
  11. fink

    Full Exhaust System from Delkevic

    Remember they will be sold as oem replacements and not performance pipes.
  12. fink

    Caliper Stretch Bolts?

    Wish I had kept the ones I removed from a cbr600 a few months ago. Well stretched.
  13. fink

    Caliper Stretch Bolts?

    I do the same as Dutchy when it comes to caliper bolts.
  14. fink

    Melb - Canberra and back

    Nice wee write up there and some great pics, thanks. We used to have Europe’s longest average speed camera on the A77 near us, lasted some 40 miles.
  15. It’s a bagster tank cover.

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