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  1. Try MCT at stowemarker
  2. They are a tight fit, a smear of grease helps.
  3. That’s nearly 70 mpg by imperial gallons can’t get anywhere near that on mine.
  4. Fitted a new battery Motobatt as the original from 2014 was on its way out. Pirelli angel gt fitted tomorrow if its a good day.
  5. Lifted from VFRworld. However I decided to go one better and emailed Honda USA, and Honda UK if indeed the service interval is now 24000 miles. Honda UK responded to me inside of 24 hours, and I copy and paste their response: Dear Mr. C, Thank you for contacting Honda UK. We would like to let you know that we have had a look and can confirm that when it comes to the 2014 VFR800 what we were able to locate on our system is that the valve inspection service has to be done at 24,000 miles. For any additional information we can recommend discussing things further wit
  6. Wish my front cover looked like that. Despite a fender extender the British winters have taken its toll.
  7. -8c here brrrr. Has been down to -23c a few miles away.
  8. From what I have heard regarding a few American shops you would be far better off downloading a manual and looking yourself.
  9. Do they not use the same grips?
  10. Why not get your friend to buy the plugs and make one? Easy enough done. If you've been told its a civic cable, then you know more than most. Alternatly ask the manufacturer of the headers.
  11. Its surprising how many parts it shares with the blade. Including brake parts.
  12. Have posted on bikers oracle. I have a set if you are interested victory red.
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