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  1. fink

    RC 79 emblem

    Nice indeed, but need to be bigger the RC79 bit looks like AC TI to me on your pic
  2. Just ignore me I was thinking Cbr F3 and not product no F3. Too many night shifts lol
  3. Have you looked at the pdf you also attached in your post? Read what the label on the box says. Now go to the pdf and look for the bike listed on the label, note part no. Then look down at the vfr listing.
  4. Sorry being a bit thick here. Picture says CRF 345 -SR F3 Sports series yet in brochure it says CRF310 (Honda part no 53178 KV 3000) and fit the following bikes. https://www.fowlersparts.co.uk/parts/view/53178KV3000 The bikes in the list ALL have cable clutches However the part no CRF 345 shows totally different bikes on the PDF (Honda Part no 53180 MEJ 016 ) is the OE part and fits the following bikes. https://www.fowlersparts.co.uk/parts/view/53180MEJ016. Bikes in this list all have Hydraulic clutches. So maybe not so thick after all. It seems to be an error at the manufacture/printing stage
  5. fink


    Also great for getting rid of those sunbaked on bugs, tar spots, in fact almost everything. Spray on and leave for 10 mins. Been using it for years.
  6. Try with Oe clutch first to see what happens
  7. fink

    Rear wheel too tight

    Agreed. Best tool for the job is a fingertip. Just make sure the disc isn't too hot. I confess, I did the finger test one day at a Donnington park, Track day chasing big bikes on my F3, came in and looked at the discs thinking they looked a bit blue. I wonder how hot that is? The brain made the calculation in a nano second, but the body said fuck it lets test. Que standing with finger in cold water for 20 mins and a big blister. EEJIT...……………. A hand close to the disc to start will tell. Then a finger wet with spit. Its amazing how many folk can butt Dyno a 2-5 Hp gain, but not a loss from a dragging brake system. 😂
  8. fink

    Rear wheel too tight

    A simple daily/ weekly pre ride safety check regime should highlight any problems.
  9. Like I said I live and ride in areas where the roads are really abrasive, have loads of bends, changes in elevation and ride fast. On a whole I get between 4-5k on all types of tyres put on. So in your area they no doubt would last longer.
  10. Have them on My 8th Gen as its called over the pond. Fantastic tyres. I don't know how they would do for you as I don't know how or where you ride. They are way better the PR4s in my book, I cant really comment on wear as the roads I ride on are really abrasive and I spend most of the time as in 95% or more of a commute/ ride out at NSL or above (60mph +). On a whole I can get between 4-5k Miles out of a set of tyres, where as others on same bike, different area get 8K+. I live on West Coast of Scotland so it is pretty wet here the T31s cope admirably with it. Mate Had pr5s on during our summer tour and they were on par with same wear rate as I was getting. These are the roads I ride on for my daily commute. Well worth watching all the videos. http://dontriskit.info/breathtaking-roads/coastal/
  11. fink

    Rear wheel too tight

    Have you checked the front end?
  12. fink

    Rear wheel too tight

    I would be thinking rear brake or chain tension. You say tension is fine so brakes next check . Takes two mins to remove the caliper and check. Too replace the tyre the only only thing that needs moved is the exhaust for access. Nothing else should be touched. Even the hub bolt bolt doesn’t put pressure on a bearing.
  13. fink

    Honda Goldwing Switchbox??

    Great find indeed. Well done.
  14. fink


    Nope just sounds better than original, a bit lighter too. There is an increase of bhp think it’s around5 bhp. Not that you would notice that in everyday riding.

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