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  1. There was one posted for sale on the other forum
  2. Took the battery out. Dead as a door nail not bad considering it has been neglected for past few months and is. 5 years old.
  3. Dunno James this is the 800 forum you have posted on not the 1200.
  4. If It had been my bike It would have been rejected at point of source and told to get it rectified ASAP. Its rare that I buy a bike from a dealer, 3 in past 35 years, but each time they have handed over paperwork in manuals and receipts, spare keys and checked their numbers, lifted the seat to show tool kit when doing a walk round with me. I know mistakes can happen, but its also up to new owner to check as well.
  5. Ask whoever your buying it off for the seat. If they haven’t got it deduct price of it from final sale cost.
  6. There are after market choices available. However most folk in the US import them from Europe, there are several posts on this part of forum and on VFR world describing what needs to be purchased as well as instructions on powersports Honda web page under Vfr Accessories which lists the part numbers. also remember there are 2 sizes 45 L and 30L which have different components. Vfr 1200 rack and top box also fits straight on.
  7. Hi Grum I'd be interested in a copy of the Set up Doc if you don't mind.
  8. Easiest way to check is to go to a Honda Parts fiche and cross reference the parts. In the case of our bikes they match with the Cbr600rr and Cbr1000rr. So according to the parts page as you quoted in your first post . Front SB7100S rear SB8125L
  9. If it was a really cold cold night the night before it could be the battery. Had same prob with my rt. new battery no probs.
  10. Goosed battery? No way it should be reading 17.2v. Isn’t possible have you tried starting it since?
  11. They did the same to mine.
  12. On a whole If a screw/bolt goes into a bracket or threaded frame hole it is usually M6. If it goes into a spider clip (threaded retaining clip) it is an M5 as in the vfr. Its probably a weight saving thing Every other Honda I've had have all been M6 bolts.
  13. Corrected that for you my friend😉
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