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  1. swimmer

    Guhl ECU mod

    I don't believe there is a flash available for the X.
  2. swimmer

    Have you ridden a Vfr1200x?

    Yea, that was the idea. Something for more comfort on longer rides with less wind noise. I wouldn't expect it to have the performance of the F. I would like to have both the X and the F but I can only have 2 motorcycles so I would have sell my 250L Rally which would mean no dirt riding anymore. I plan to keep my F through 100k miles and I am at 62k right now so, at least another 2 years.
  3. swimmer

    High sight glass oil

    Don't worry about it. It's common to change the oil, refill it, run it, check the level, and then have it show a higher level after your first ride. I always try to fill it on the low side to start with.
  4. swimmer

    Guhl ECU mod

    I probably had about 250 tracked fuel fill ups before doing the flash and my standard deviation is pretty small and I did not see any difference that I can define. If I had to make any conclusion, I would say for easy riding the mpg might be slightly better after the flash and a little worse if you are riding aggressively. If you plotted all of my mpg numbers from each tank over the last 62k miles you wouldn't be able to pick out when the ECU was flashed.
  5. I think risers are your only option. HeliBars makes some. https://www.helibars.com/products/HeliBars®-handlebar-risers-for-Honda-VFR1200F-{47}-VFR1200R/482.html
  6. Any current or former VFR1200F owners that have ridden a VFR1200X care to share your experience? How would you compare the two? Particularly I am I interested in heat management, which the F model is exceptional at, and wind noise or general wind management.
  7. Vfr1200 does not have cylinder deactivation.
  8. swimmer

    How hot is your Swing-arm/Final Drive?

    Sounds like ambient temperature is a significant factor in the swingarm and FD temperature. When it's really hot outside the swingarm gets hot, when it's cool outside the swingarm gets just warm. Bizarre.
  9. swimmer

    How hot is your Swing-arm/Final Drive?

    After a 40min ride, most on the highway with some slower riding at the end, my swingarm and FD were almost too hot to touch. Guessing 85C maybe. Ambient temperature was 108F/42C. Normal. Running synthetic gear oil that gets changed approximately every 6-7k miles.
  10. swimmer

    Guhl reflash at 55k miles?

    So I did end up getting my ECU flashed. Had everything done except lowering the fan temp. He loaded the power commander map created with a bike stock with the exception of a slip on exhaust. Overall the bike runs smoother and with a couple of tanks of gas gone through it there seems to be no decrease in mpg with normal commuting. Power delivery is much more linear coming out of lower rpm second gear corners for example instead a feeling flat until the rpms get around 6k. Also the acceleration coming out of those same corners feels greater and the graining on the sides of my tires confirm this. A little more sliding going on. Acceleration at highway speeds, from say 60mph in 6th gear is also smoother and quicker. Overall the performance gains are not huge but the general riding characteristics are improved enough to make this a worthwhile purchase IMO.
  11. swimmer

    Swarf build up

    How many bars are showing up on your temperature display? If it's 3 or less you don't have an over heating problem.
  12. swimmer

    Engine heat

    I regularly ride in temperatures above 110f (43c) and find the VFR1200 to be best motorcycle I've ever had in terms of heat management.
  13. swimmer

    Fuel tank and level

    That’s interesting. Over my nearly 300 fill ups I have found the fuel gauge to be very repeatable. My average tank range is right at 205 miles, so I am used to running my tank low. The low fuel warning comes on at .8 gallons, or about 3L. I believe it also states this in the manual and is independent of anything do with range or miles remaining. The farthest I have gone before getting the low fuel warning was a bit over 206 miles IIRC. I can confidently run down to .4 or .3 gallons remaining. I don’t think I have ever put more than about 4.5 gallons in it. Side stand fill up to the plate thing. I think I usually get about 80 miles or so before the first bar drops off the gauge. Your resistance measurements suggest I could stretch my range a bit more beyond the .2 or .1 gallons remaining but I don’t think I’ll risk it.
  14. swimmer

    Guhl reflash at 55k miles?

    disregard, found it here. https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/topic/77324-2013-vfr-1200f-dyno-runs/&_fromLogin=1

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