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  1. ABS and TC light should go on at start up and off once your speed goes past about 10kph.
  2. Didn't think I'd be doing this until well past the 100k miles mark but I committed to getting down to one bike and I still want to be able to ride dirt roads etc... Sold my 250L Rally a couple of weeks ago so now it's time to sell the VFR. Without a doubt the best vehicle I have owned. 100% reliable, if you exclude the split OEM seat cover. I just changed the oil and would ride around the country tomorrow. After putting on the new tires which are included. i'll be sad to see it go. Really hoping someone buys it that will put a ton of miles on it. Current mileage is a 70,279 and this will go up by about 250 miles/week until it sells or until the replacement bike arrives. Full maintenance history documented. First two oil changes were Mobil 1, every one after that (5-7k miles) was Amsoil. Final drive fluid changed regularly with Amsoil gear oil. Nearly every gas fill up logged (333 fill-ups, avg. tank range 204.2, avg. mpg 49.4). Extras include: Electronic cruise control Ohlins shock with remote preload adj. Traxxion AK20 fork cartridges Sargent seat (bought 10/18) Guhl flashed ECU brake light flasher Garmin AMPs powered GPS mount Oxford heated grips Arrow exhaust(2nd one,put on some time around 55k miles) still have stock exhaust) Honda touring screen addition Vortex adjustable clutch/brake lever Front and rear Pitbull bike stands OEM side cases and top case(with OEM top case rack) Front and rear coax connections for heated gear or other power needs New set of Dunlop RS3 tires. The current tires and also RS3 and may need to be replaced with the new set depending on when the bikes sells/buyers needs. OEM maintenance manual The bike has the expected scuffs and blemishes that a 70k mile bike has but there are no dents or scratches on engine cases, swingarm etc.... I see a lot of value in this bike (high quality/reliable/capable) so pricing is a bit difficult given the miles but I guess the market will decide. I am asking $4500 but am open to offers.
  3. I think we'd need at least one more person to do this under headlamp mod to confirm it helps because, as was mentioned, peoples interpretation of wind effect vary.
  4. So are you using the aero trim stuff on your cut screen?
  5. This should be posted in the classified section.
  6. Just use the OEM ones listed in the owners manual.
  7. His contact information is in the post above yours.
  8. So you feel like the under light spoiler is giving more benefit than the screen trim?
  9. I taped a .75" OD piece of tubing to the front top of my screen today to try see if it brought the same results as the micro swirl edging. It was not better at all.
  10. So your original plan to get a more quiet ride was to get the wind to hit you lower so your helmet was in cleaner, calmer air but, the solution you have found actually puts the air coming off the screen high enough that the noise is reduced sufficiently. Is that correct?
  11. Yeah, that is true. Mostly interested if you can determine how much help the edging on the windscreen is on its own. I also have the Honda accessory touring windscreen add on that I run sometimes in the winter. Wonder how the edging would work on that. The touring screen raises where the wind hits me but seems to make things louder.
  12. No, it's not a fix for the VFR. Just works on the AT as far as I know. http://www.swegotech.com/Forkshield-Africa-Twin-CRF1000L-stop-ADV-helmet-vibrations.html
  13. good for you for attacking this issue. So is your stock screen that you attached trim to the full, normal screen or has it been trimmed? Also, the fork tunnel covers is something many Africa Twin owners have done to calm the turbulence. Can the screen trim be removed/replaced or is it a one time fitment and it gets messed up removing it?
  14. I've ridden that road several times. While it has a ton of curves and good scenery and for the most part is deserted (you may not see another vehicle for over an hour), the lack of traffic means the road is usually in semi-poor condition with loose rocks often in the turns. For motorcycling purposes, there are more enjoyable roads in the area.
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