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  1. I have a stock shock and cartridges, springs, and spacers from the forks of a 2012 VFR1200F I want to sell. I can't give an accurate estimate on how many miles are on this stuff. The preload adjuster on the shock still turns freely. I am asking $100 plus shipping. Please pm me if you are interested in pictures and I can send them to you. Thanks.
  2. OP never posted about what he found, though the thread title seems to have changed. @HispanicSlammer, did you find the cause?
  3. Hi swimmer, Thank you for your donation of $10.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  4. @Marsman99 , do you think that might be your problem as well? That you are missing the o-ring seal on the valve cover after your valve inspection?
  5. Yeah, mine has just under 47k miles as well and burns no oil that I can notice between oil changes which are about every 5k miles. Not to hijack the OP but, let us know if/when you find the cause.
  6. How many miles on your motorcycle and what is your standard oul change interval? That's a hell of a lot of oil to lose.
  7. I just did my 200th tracked fill up. My lifetime mpg avg is 49.6mpg and my average distance per tank is 205.5 miles.
  8. I understand about not trusting the mechanics, neither do I but, the shaft replacement is very easy.
  9. You're joking right. The repair is a simple 1 hour job. They did a complete recall for an expensive (~$1400) part that had few failures. Great move on Honda to stand behind their product.
  10. It was my intention to also not have the fan temp setting changed. I guess Don will second guess me as well. I ride much of the year in hot temps, prefer not to have the fan constantly running.
  11. What makes people think the factory fan setting is too high? Honda have a long history of making reliable engines of this type so I am inclined to think they had a good reason(s) for choosing that temp.
  12. That tank was only commuting to work which is about 6 miles of in town riding with a few stops and about 18 miles of highway at ~67mph, each way. Flat terrain. Hot temperatures, OEM touring screen and the ECC all help with getting good mpg.
  13. I set a new record yesterday for me, and probably the VFR1200 universe with a 230.4 mile tank. MPG was 51.8 with .3 gallons displaying as remaining.
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