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  1. I bought a set off of ebay which is the same as the one HS posted. It appears the hex sizes are the same as the motion pro. If you look in the maintenance manual it gives the part number for the OEM tool. If I were buying now, knowing I would need the tool I'd order the OEM one, though I'd search around for a cheaper-than-dealer source.
  2. The above set I bought did not work. Too big. It didn't matter because my valves were in spec.
  3. My Tiger 800 had some sort of reset sequence involving starting the engine and not touching the throttle until the fans turned on. It was documented in the repair manual. Never seen any documentation of something similar for the VFR1200.
  4. Any chance a mouse got into your bike somewhere? Sounds like a vacuum leak???
  5. I bought a Saddlemen seat cover, specific to the VFR1200 to replace my cracked cover. Hope to install it this weekend.
  6. Does anyone whether or not this tool from Motion Pro is suitable to use for adjusting the exhaust valves? The service manual does not state what size the nut are and I don't recall from the last time I had my valve covers apart. https://www.motionpro.com/product/08-0073
  7. Standard Seat Vs Low Narrow Seat

    How much more knee bend do you have with the low seat? My standard seat cover has split and I am trying to decide on what to do. Low seats are available on ebay but I am not really wanting increase my knee bend while riding. The other option is to send my OEM seat pan in to Sargent for recovering and foam upgrade. BTW, for anyone who doesn't check the classifieds, I am looking to buy a VFR1200 seat or seat pan or a Sargent seat if you have any of these you are looking to sell.
  8. Hi swimmer, Thank you for your donation of $10.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  9. Just passed 50k miles this morning. Pads Fluids Filters 2 fork seals Fairing clips that wore out or I broke Zero time and zero dollars spent on repairs of non-wear items.
  10. Opinon Time - Tires

    Dunlop RS3. Went through two sets of the PR4. The Michelins are good tires but the Dunlops are better. Already have a spare set waiting to go on when my current set is done.
  11. Painting Stock Exhaust Heat Shield?

    What's your time frame for doing this? Would be interested in the results, what paint you used, etc...
  12. Are those the plugs running to the front left of the bike or running to the rear of the bike?
  13. Helmet in Factory Side Case?

    If you look at this page (and maybe some others in the same thread) posted on the mother ship you can find some more info that I an others posted about fitting a helmet into these side cases. http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/vfr-thread-how-many-of-us-have-em.430445/page-225#post-32912150
  14. No blinking on my '12. I was going to suggest a low battery but if the previous owner said it was always like that.....
  15. New Owner

    I don't think there are any must do mods just whatever you need to make it suit your needs. Getting the suspension upgraded is probably the most universally praised upgrade and also if it still has the OEM tires, switching to a better tire when those wear out to something like a Michelin PR4 or Dunlop Roadsmart 3.

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