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  1. OP never posted about what he found, though the thread title seems to have changed. @HispanicSlammer, did you find the cause?
  2. Hi swimmer, Thank you for your donation of $10.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  3. @Marsman99 , do you think that might be your problem as well? That you are missing the o-ring seal on the valve cover after your valve inspection?
  4. Yeah, mine has just under 47k miles as well and burns no oil that I can notice between oil changes which are about every 5k miles. Not to hijack the OP but, let us know if/when you find the cause.
  5. How many miles on your motorcycle and what is your standard oul change interval? That's a hell of a lot of oil to lose.
  6. I just did my 200th tracked fill up. My lifetime mpg avg is 49.6mpg and my average distance per tank is 205.5 miles.
  7. I understand about not trusting the mechanics, neither do I but, the shaft replacement is very easy.
  8. You're joking right. The repair is a simple 1 hour job. They did a complete recall for an expensive (~$1400) part that had few failures. Great move on Honda to stand behind their product.
  9. It was my intention to also not have the fan temp setting changed. I guess Don will second guess me as well. I ride much of the year in hot temps, prefer not to have the fan constantly running.
  10. What makes people think the factory fan setting is too high? Honda have a long history of making reliable engines of this type so I am inclined to think they had a good reason(s) for choosing that temp.
  11. That tank was only commuting to work which is about 6 miles of in town riding with a few stops and about 18 miles of highway at ~67mph, each way. Flat terrain. Hot temperatures, OEM touring screen and the ECC all help with getting good mpg.
  12. I set a new record yesterday for me, and probably the VFR1200 universe with a 230.4 mile tank. MPG was 51.8 with .3 gallons displaying as remaining.
  13. Not to derail this thread but you guys having your fork seals replaced should do some searching online about how to clean your seals without taking anything apart. More often than not the seal is fine, just dirty. One of my seals was leaking a few weeks ago as well. Spent 10 minutes cleaning it and leak gone. Not the first time this has worked for me.
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