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  1. I was actually very surprised at just how comfortable these were when I tried them on at the shop, I’m sure that your probably correct regarding using them on the VFR. I’ll certainly give them a try when I receive them and let you know how I went.
  2. I just ordered a pair of these in the black/grey to use on the KLR. As my Gaerne’s are starting to wear a little on the soles I may try them on the VFR as well, not sure how they will go, even though they are extremely comfortable.
  3. But why does Grum start writing in ancient Latin whenever he talks about electronics😳 I don’t understand, literally.
  4. Which model tech grip did you get? can’t see a VFR on there website. Is it the same as the CBR1000RR-R (RRRRRR) Love the Werks exhaust.
  5. No not with COVID 19 but the dreaded (or not) Multiple bike disorder. Decided to purchase a bike to hit some dirt roads and trails with, will open up numerous new rides for me. Bike arrived today and am very happy with it. Have already done an hour on some easy dirt tracks in my area. First dirt riding in over 40 years.
  6. Looks good, but I will be sticking with the V4, if it was a 1000cc V4 they would have my attention.
  7. Hi Kbear, Don’t have a sixth gen but I fitted a R&G protector to my eighth gen and am very happy with it. Install was done when I was having new tyres fitted so no idea how easy or difficult it was (can’t imagine it would be too hard) I’m certain that they do one for the sixth gen.
  8. I also have these sliders fitted to my 8th gen, the fact that I didn’t have to cut the fairing was the main attraction (and if I’m honest the VFR logo looks pretty good, although I believe they are no longer available with the logo) I have heard reports of them bending in accidents, however all sliders are only intended for low speed crashes or dropping while stationary. I dropped my VFR in a servo and unfortunately the tank hit one fuel bowser and the headlight the other, there was a raised area of concrete that the bowsers were fixed to so the sliders barely touched the ground so it wasn’t really a good test. I also have a GoPro mount affixed to the top of the right hand side slider, gives a great angle in videos. They do make access to one of the plastic Honda fixing pins on the lower fairing panel a bit difficult. I generally remove the upper mounting bolt, loosen the lower one and rotate it out of the way. I also have the rear and front axle nut protectors fitted. Overall I am very happy with them.
  9. Just purchased a pair of these jeans, they are pekev single layer jeans (not lined way too hot up here for lined jeans). Have yet to ride in them but they seem very comfortable. They are fairly stretchy ( these are the latest ones and are 30% more stretchy than the previous iteration) Not cheap but have over 11 sec abrasion resistance, way more than I will (hopefully) ever need. Will post a review when I have done a few rides.
  10. Can you hire the electrolysis unit,or was it something you already had. Amazing improvement
  11. I did a similar thing to my panniers, love the gold coloured Honda Wing decal.
  12. Yep, just tried to look at it again and it seems to have gone. It really was the cleanest example I have seen, everything was spotless.
  13. Ari Henning clears it up rather well, as usual.
  14. Saw this pop up on bike sales, very impressive. Has to be one of the best sixth gens I have seen for sale. Considering the extras it has including panniers and top box I think the price is good. https://www.bikesales.com.au/bikes/details/honda-vfr800fi-2010/oag-ad-20044790/?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=notification-center&utm_medium=email&csn_atid=e500ad14-2fee-4f86-bcc2-653f987ef279
  15. I just saw a reminder on another forum to make sure we all ride our bikes to work (or play) on Tuesday, that way when you fill your census out it will highlight motorcycle usage.
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