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  1. I was mistaken regarding the riding modes, mode 1 is the most powerful, so at least it doesn’t get any crazier..... but yes you are right it is a crazy amount of power for the street. I rode it again today in mode 4 (rain mode) much more civilised. The problem with horsepower is it so addictive....
  2. While sitting at home today somewhat bored there was a knock at my door. My nephew sporting a rather excited grin informed me he had just purchased a new bike and it was sitting in my drive. A very new 2020 Yamaha R1 that he had only picked up that day and he had only put 35 km on the clock. Would I like a ride he asks 🤪 (he often asks silly questions) So on with the kit and away we go. For reference the most powerful bike I had previously ridden was a BMW S1000R (160hp) so this was somewhat of a step up for me from my VFR. As the bike was brand new, on brand new tyres, and we were only riding around town I took it very easy (plus of course it wasn’t my bike) Never the less the power was simply mind blowing. I didn’t get out of third gear and can’t imagine ever needing sixth gear. The brakes were excellent, the handling seemed good but having only taken it very easy I didn’t get a real idea of what it will be like at speed. (I did give it a few revs in third in a 100kmh zone it hit 150kmh what seemed like instantly, this was on a straight piece of road though). I envy him being young enough to ride this style of bike for any length of time, as much as I enjoyed it my 61 year old body would protest after about 100km I think. We are heading off for a 300km ride tomorrow and no doubt I will get another go. Will take a change of underwear I think.
  3. This gear looks great. Not sure what currency is displayed when viewed from Australia. I am sure the free shipping won’t apply either. Unfortunately with the current exchange rate it makes them very expensive. Have emailed them to check though.
  4. Did your insurance cover the damage or did they claim it was caused by the sliders.
  5. With all the extras you listed I don’t think it’s a bad price, I am not going to help you at all, I say buy it. You know you want it....
  6. Will check it out, thanks for the tip.
  7. I have to admit that had the RWB been available when I purchased my victory red 8th gen I would have taken it instead, even though I love the red. I am also a great fan of the under tail exhaust. But you can’t have everything. I wanted the ABS and TC and would have loved factory cruise control. I have the Kaoko cruise fitted but to be honest I am not that happy with it. Not as easy to set as they claim and doesn’t hold a consistent speed very well. Maybe I just need more practice.
  8. Not really sure where to put this as it is not bike related, but I will stick it here and hope for the best. Saw this concept car at the Nissan showroom in Ginza Tokyo, looked amazing. Thought it might be of interest to some. Hope the link works. IMG_4424.MP4
  9. I am currently in Japan skiing so the snow looks very familiar ( not so familiar back in Nth Queensland) The snow sure makes the colours of the bikes pop.
  10. Hi vtwindr, hard to say without hearing it. Maybe you could test ride another one at a different dealer and compare. I don’t hear anything on my 8th gen with 31,000km on it that I would call a whine, but some mechanical noise is of course normal.
  11. Old, Antiquated, Repackaged, Reskinned? (sounds like me) I don’t really care I still have a smile on my face every time I go for a ride. What generation of VFR you ride, what colour it is, or what brand of motorcycle you ride doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy riding. Hopefully Honda will surprise us all with another V4 when we least expect it.
  12. Welcome to the asylum, and no I don’t think VFR’s are too slow.
  13. I know the spot well, wish there were more people who pulled over and let people go by, everyone wants to be a member of the fun police these days. Hope you enjoyed your holiday.
  14. Well Auspanglish now I am depressed 😞 The Gillies and Atherton Tablelands are about 3 1/2hrs north of me and as you said about the only decent roads in North Queensland. That said the Gillies has to rate right up there with the best motorcycling roads. The police certainly love it, and it now has a 60kmh speed limit If I am not mistaken, as well as no overtaking except in the three or four overtaking lanes. Rules were meant to be broken though. You seem to have a lot of choices for track days, seems like the perfect place. I have been to Spain but unfortunately not on a motorcycle. I am heading to Japan on Friday for some skiing so that will put a smile back on my face, bad timing with the Coronavirus though. Japan is having a funny winter this year great snow for a few days then warm weather and rain but we will take what we get. Enjoyed the video too by the way. Ride safe.
  15. I don’t recall if we went right in to Dum Dum but we rode along Kyogle Road through Uki to Murwillumbah and back several times. Also rode to the Hinze dam, had lunch there. Rode up to Beechmont and down in to Canungra. Have done several trips down to this area two on the VFR, and have also flown to Brisbane and rented bikes (BMW S1000R, photo attached, and a Yamaha MT09, they don’t have a VFR ☹️)from “Rent this Bike” in Slacks Creek not far from Moss St in Springwood where most of the bike shops are located. Great guys to deal with if you want to rent a bike around Brisbane. Have also ridden through Ipswich up to Mt Glorious. Have you ridden in this area? It’s a long way from Spain. Have recently being watching some videos of riding in Spain, around Picos De Europa it looks fantastic.
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