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  1. Love the photos, especially the second one. Really shows the size of the drag line bucket. I may have to rethink the top box after how good it looks in these photos.
  2. If it wasn’t for the cost of the tank you could just import the fairings in that colour and fit it to a bike purchased locally. That of course would still cost a fortune. You will have to get a quote to repaint if you remove all the panels and tank yourself it may not be too astronomical. I agree this is the best colour scheme (IMHO)
  3. She looks in excellent health now jstehman, great job.
  4. Welcome Sarah, glad you love the VFR, but I have to ask “absolute pig of a bike” hope you didn’t say that aloud in front of your trusty new steed! 😊
  5. I am heading off on a 5 day ride in the middle of July, the mate I am travelling with has a M1-S Pro from Fodsports. I rarely ride in multiple rider groups so I am mainly concerned with the music quality, rider to rider voice quality and ease of use using voice commands. At this stage I don’t use navigation devices so can’t help you there. Like you the Pactalk Bold seemed a lot of money. Will keep you posted.
  6. Just got word from Powerbronze that my screen and hugger arrived in Melbourne and are now in the post on there way to me ( no Aust Post jokes I work for them 😄) Also just ordered a Cardo Freecom 4 plus ( JBL speaker’s) ordered from Chromeburner as even with postage it is a $100 cheaper than I can get it for in Oz. It was in FedEx’s hands less than 12 hrs after I ordered it. My cheapie Fodsports intercom is starting to cut out halfway through a ride so time for a upgrade.
  7. Hi Goldcrown 44, I just checked my seat cowl and looks exactly the same as yours, no extra rubber mounts ect. I can press down on mine and there is no hard contact. Maybe check the locking mechanism isn’t a little loose and that the mount for the locking mechanism on the underside of the seat is also tight. Good luck.
  8. There is a 6 th gen service manual download available on this forum in the downloads section. That should explain where the tube goes. I suspect the tube has come off as you lifted the tank. Sorry I can’t help more.
  9. Welcome Pete, I am sure you will enjoy your VFR and this forum. I am sure you will get lots of advice on how to lighten your bike. I need to lighten myself before I start worrying about my eighth gen 😁
  10. I make enough popping and gurgling sounds myself, I don’t like my exhaust to mimic me 👴🏼
  11. In 1978 I rode pillion from Townsville to Adelaide (around 3,200km) on a 78 model. It was really what got me in to motorcycling. I hadn’t even got a learners licence but my mate risked letting me ride on some of the deserted roads in outback NSW. Still here to tell the tale. Thanks Chris if you are still out there 😊
  12. Wasn’t able to see the pre assembly of mine, but this was almost as exciting (and no scratches I might add)
  13. Philois1984

    Tankbag magnets

    And by the way these days I tend to yell OOOHH AHHHH rather than yeeee haaaa
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