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  1. Happy New Year to all 🎉🥂🏍 Thought I would start the New Year off with a quick ride around my hometown. Had the usual hot conditions, but not as bad as the southern states of Australia are copping it, the bushfires are nothing short of catastrophic at the moment, best wishes to anyone affected, stay safe. Also decided to try out my Xmas present, a Canon 90D. Decided to stay with a DSLR as I have used them all my adult life (SLR’s anyway) and have a few lenses and accessories I will be able to continue using. Very happy so far, 32 megapixels on a crop sensor means you have to be steady handed or jump your shutter speed up a bit. Lots to learn as it has many new features over my old Canon 400D. Will hopefully post some good photos in the future. The attached photos were taken on the Strand in Townsville, there were two dolphins celebrating the New Year about a hundred metres off the beach, all very tropical. The VFR now has 30,000km on her and I have owned it for 3 1/2 years, still looking pretty good I think. Once again Happy New Year and ride safe.
  2. Honda released a tricolour in Japan not sure who else got it, looks great though.
  3. Hi Phantom, unfortunately I took very few photos, I left Townsville around six in the morning and stayed the first night in Gin Gin (996km) I was tempted to ride another 2 kilometres past the motel and back again just to make it a 1000km day. The next day I rode to Team Moto at Springwood got two new tyres and a radiator guard fitted then continued on to Kyogle. Wasted some time the next day replacing brake pads that were supposed to have been replaced as part of the service I had done just prior to leaving Townsville, and having my radiator checked as I thought I had a leak (long boring story) radiator was fine. We did ride as far north as Mt Glorious, where we had lunch, a great road apart from the cows. Returning home was a similar story. My brother in laws bike turned 40 yesterday he spent the day out riding!!!
  4. I am sure this same question was asked many months ago with very similar photos. Maybe others have had this issue as well?
  5. Welcome back! Great looking RWB enjoy.
  6. Very well done, looks very classy. I think it makes the bike look much more sporty. Great job.
  7. Regardless of colour we all bleed red, or in the case of the VFR’s regardless of colour they all have a V4 growl😁
  8. Philois1984


    I agree Grum, I am going to guess somewhere in the Dolomites, Italy ?
  9. Great explanation Tman , very clear and concise. Thanks.
  10. Just a couple of photos from a quick trip over to Magnetic island for the day. Caught the car ferry over had lunch and sat on the beach for a couple of hours. The weather was perfect. Car ferry cost $60 for the bike, rider and pillion which is only a little more than two tickets on the passenger ferry.
  11. Hi Philois1984, Thank you for your donation of 15.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  12. In an effort to escape from the endless miles of straight roads in North Queensland I headed 1500km south to Kyogle New South Wales for a few days of riding the twisties around Northern NSW and Southern QLD with my brother in law. Had the bike serviced prior to departure including a small hole in the bottom radiator fixed ( I now have an R&G radiator guard fitted) On my way through Brisbane I had a new set of pilot 5s fitted and some new rear brake pads. The weather was cool (actually freezing for a Nth Queenslander) 4 to 6 deg in the mornings, otherwise it was perfect. My brother in laws bike is a 1979 Triumph Bonneville Special that he has owned since new, only his second bike and probably the last bike he will ever own. Having lived in Kyogle for around 20 years he is a human GPS for a radius of about 300km. It was of course over all too soon. 1500km of straight roads later I was back in Townsville. All up I did just over 4500km the bike ran perfectly the whole trip. It may be useful to know that over the first two days I used all the coolant in the reservoir/overflow tank. I was panicking that I still had a leak in the radiator but since topping up the tank on the morning of day three it hasn’t moved. Was obviously a lot of air in the system after the radiator repair. The bike is now cleaned and polished and I am planning my next escape from straight roads.
  13. It’s part number 5. If you search adjusting chain on a Honda vfr800 on YouTube there are several videos showing how the tool is used. It is very easy.
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