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  1. Hi Grum, first time Hi Grum, first time I have noticed the small HRC decal, is a Repsol one to follow? 🤔
  2. This bike is currently for sale in Australia. Looks stunning and sounds like a very professional restoration. While not original I wouldn’t mind it sitting in my garage.
  3. Someone visiting a neighbour parked this in front of my place today, I remember when these came out, overshadowed by there bigger brother but very nice in there own right. In excellent condition despite its age.
  4. Received this today. Found it second hand on World of Books. Listed as very good condition, and received in very good condition. One other copy available if anyone is interested.
  5. Thanks Chitta, couldn’t find this info on the sc project website but suspected that would be the case.
  6. Can anyone with a SC Project exhaust confirm that it is compatible with the OEM panniers?
  7. Welcome Paul800, I am sure you will only become more impressed with the VFR the more you ride it. Five years on and I still have a grin on my face just looking at it in the garage. Have 36,000km on mine and have had no problems at all, many on this forum have two to three times that mileage without any issues. Will have to check to see if I have similar markings. Ride safe and enjoy.
  8. Are my eyes deceiving me 😳 2821 miles on a 5th gen !!! Love the two brothers can, looks and sounds great. Yellow looks stunning.👍🏼
  9. Replaced my air filter. Still had the original one fitted, didn’t look too bad to me ? But I changed it anyway. Tank only had around 1 to 2 litres of fuel which made it much easier. Made sure the breather hose wasn’t kinked when I lowered the tank.
  10. I am thinking of fitting the Honda badges from my old fuel tank to my panniers. Thought I would get some opinions on the placement of them. What do you guys and girls think? A,B, C or D. Sorry about the poor quality of the photos.
  11. I have a go pro mount fixed to the top of my T-Rex sliders. They are the perfect size for a mount. The angle looks very good on twisty roads as you can see the movement of the front suspension and get a sense of speed as the camera is reasonably close to the road. I control it with the remote but only while stopped. Here’s a link to a video from this position. https://youtu.be/O3pyKSR_XcI
  12. I might try and hold out just a little longer, taking her out for a spin in the morning. Had planned a trip to Brisbane next week but unfortunately have had to cancel due to family emergency. Hopefully will get to go in a few months.
  13. Sorry all I couldn’t resist. At least it’s the right color.
  14. I would see if you can’t get a replacement as the fault surely lies in the packing of the cowl.
  15. Philois1984

    Modern Art

    Took these recently of my other ride, will have to take some of the VFR in the same location.
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