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  1. That is a fantastic looking bike mate, very envious. I’m sure if you do decide to part with it you will have plenty of takers. Thanks for posting the photos.
  2. I only have 34,000km on my eighth gen so still a long way to go to hit 160,000km. I am more worried about me lasting the distance than any concern with the VFR. Enjoyed your write up TimC congratulations. Interested to see what your new machine is going to be ?
  3. Something to calm my nerves while I watch the Styrian GP tonight 😃
  4. Dave Moss (Two Clicks Out) also has a good video on this subject.
  5. Looking good dangeruss, love the black with the yellow decals. Hope you enjoy the ride. What is your reaction to the V4 engine?
  6. That’s certainly an epic trip and an epic ride report. Great effort. On my lunch break at the moment so haven’t the time to read it all, but will get back to it. Glad you are home safe.
  7. Watching WSBK live on Kayo, looking forward to race 1 should be a good race, plenty of riders in contention. Being a Honda fan boy I have my fingers crossed for Haslam and Bautista (maybe a podium finish 🤞)
  8. The Bowmore and Laphroaig are my favourites, haven’t tried the Black Oyster or the vintage Caol ILA.
  9. Welcome Bikus, always room for another helpful VFR owner, I need all the help I can get🙂 hope you are enjoying the RC 79.
  10. I agree, it looks great. Will check them out.
  11. I bought a Dowco Guardian cover 4years ago and am very happy with it. Not the cheapest cover available but very well made. Still going strong, the bottom elastic still feels as good as the day I received it. .
  12. If you take a OEM coloured piece in to a large reputable paint shop, they have a machine that scans the colour and matches it. Maybe easier than trying to track down the correct colour code. Another option as a last resort (and as you need such a small amount) is to go to a modelling hobby shop and check out there range of paint colours, they have a massive range. As you can see in the photo attached. This is only a small sample of what is available, at a quick glance number 12 and 26 look pretty close. Although 26 isn’t metallic.
  13. Totally agree, not worth the the risk. Also why personally I had no problem with the OEM tyres, I am in the minority as many members of this forum have not been impressed with them. I am currently running Michelin Road 5s and am very happy with them, they have received a lot of good reviews, excellent in the wet.
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