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  1. Seems to be confusion between owners manual and service manual.
  2. Philois1984

    2019 Model colour scheme

    Your’e guess is as good as mine, the action shot looks genuine to my untrained eye?
  3. Philois1984

    2019 Model colour scheme

    Saw these last night, looks awesome in MHO👍🏼
  4. Just a very rough and ready video of a ride in New Zealand I thought some of you might like to see. Nothing fancy but one of those rides you don't want to end. 1E_Day_1._Highway_73._Arthurs_Pass_Summit_to.mp4
  5. Philois1984


    You can also buy low odour kerosene, same cleaning power but won’t stink your garage out.
  6. Philois1984

    Hypothetical Question

    All is well that ends well. I somehow think there was more to hide, hence no test ride. Good VFR’s aren’t ridiculously hard to find. Happy hunting.
  7. Philois1984

    Any News of a 2019 new model???

    Still available in Oz, not sure how many though.
  8. Philois1984

    Gen 6 Rothmans build

    Looking good, I think Mr Gardner would approve!
  9. Philois1984

    Battery options

    The instructions that came with the OptiMATE 4 say not suitable for lithium batteries. Sounds like you got a great deal on your battery, unfortunately I needed mine ASAP. I was expressing my shock at the price 🤬😭😤
  10. Philois1984

    Battery options

    My battery finally gave up on Sun morning after a 250 km ride. Had it on a battery tender for around a week before hand. As I mentioned earlier in this thread I went ahead and replaced it with a YTZ14S ($259AUD Or US$186 !! Ouch) I was thinking of replacing it with a Lithium battery but as I just bought a OptiMATE 4 battery tender that isn’t suitable for Lithium batteries I stayed with the stock type. The guy at the battery world shop said the only problem with lithium batteries is they don’t like the cold weather. Not a problem in sunny North Queensland but maybe in your neck of the woods. Also FYI the battery was around three years old, I have had the bike 26 months but it was a year old (still brand new) when I got it, sitting for a year may not have helped it. Hopefully now I am using a battery tender and the bike won’t be sitting idle this one will last a little longer.
  11. Philois1984


  12. Philois1984

    wind screen

    Any chance of a pic please harebrain? As I was considering a tint as close to the wheel colour as I could get myself. Thanks Phil.
  13. Philois1984


    Welcome ennsync, enjoy the ride, take some time to adjust the suspension to suit you, amazing what a difference it makes to the handling. If you are pro frame sliders I recommend the ones from T Rex. Also bar risers are great if you find you have too much weight on your wrists. I have kept the stock exhaust to this point?
  14. Philois1984

    Honda Panniers AU $2008 Poorer

    Also at current exchange rates that is around $1470 US.
  15. Philois1984

    Honda Panniers AU $2008 Poorer

    That price included the two locks and $88 for postage. Thanks for the tips.

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