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  1. Philois1984

    Center Stand vs Pitbull Stand

    Only advantage I can think of for the OEM centre stand is it goes where the bike goes. If your on a trip and need it, it’s there with you. I honestly don’t even notice mine is there. I am sure the pit bull stand would be cheaper and have no installation costs but personally I would still go with the OEM. Phil.
  2. What is the difference between a RC 79 and an RC 93? Is it just where it is sold or just the newer model. I am familiar with RC 79 but never heard of a RC 93?
  3. Philois1984

    Throttle lock?

    Thanks for that VifferJ I will look in to it. Surprised that Throttlemeister didn’t tell me that when I spoke to them. Regardless that makes me very 😃
  4. Philois1984

    Throttle lock?

    I wish throttlemeister would pull there finger out and release a 8th gen compatible model, I think they are the best looking and also act as bar end weights. Have contacted them several months ago but they have no plans for an 8th gen model in the near future. Will probably go with the Kaoko myself
  5. Sounds awesome and looks great, wish it was in my garage!! thanks for the clip.
  6. Philois1984

    Great track day video

    This video popped up while I was holidaying in Japan. The sound of the V4 is fantastic.
  7. Philois1984

    Got something new...NC21!

    Looks great, I am jealous. Look forward to a video.
  8. Philois1984

    Kriega US 30

    Tourmaster bag is probably easier to access and is certainly less $$, the Kriega is fully waterproof so doesn't require a rain cover and is expandable if you decide you need more room. Other than that they are both excellent bags.
  9. Philois1984

    Different color fairings

    I think the previous owner must have had very poor eye sight, its either a replacement or has been resprayed, not a big issue if the rest of the bike checks out OK. That said welcome to the club 🙂
  10. Philois1984

    Kriega US 30

    If any one is thinking about purchasing a Kriega US 30 for an eighth gen and was wondering about the size and appearance heres a couple of pics. Hope they help.
  11. Is there any chance someone actually hit the bike with a car? Not knowing where it was parked I am just guessing. Interested though as I have a set of these fitted myself and am hoping that they will perform better than this in a simple falling over situation. Hope T-Rex come through for you though.
  12. That makes me smile, I have had 2 of the top 10, (3 if you count an eighth gen VFR, I know..... it doesn’t have gear driven cams)
  13. What was number one on the list? I owned a CBX and agree it was an amazing sounding motorcycle, it was also the smoothest bike I have ever ridden. It was probably better suited to colder climates, on a 38deg day the heat on your legs from the engine was painful. All the same I wish I still had it🤬
  14. Philois1984

    Pipewerx cans

    Great looking exhaust👍🏼Sounds great at idle, how about a video with VTEC cutting in?
  15. Philois1984

    Chain Cleaning using Kerosene?

    Kerosene is all I use. No problems so far on a 8th gen stock chain (22,000km) time will tell.

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