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  1. It’s part number 5. If you search adjusting chain on a Honda vfr800 on YouTube there are several videos showing how the tool is used. It is very easy.
  2. Thanks for these 2015 VFR, have copied a few I am interested in.
  3. I was wondering the same thing? My GUESS is a mark or fly ect on the lens? Great photo.
  4. I don’t feel robbed at all. And good luck finding any tradesman in Australia who only charges $35 an hour for labour. Some people can always get things cheaper, better and faster.
  5. Had my local locksmith install mine, he said it was fairly easy 😏. It cost me about $70. I am sure it saved me a lot of hassle. While on the subject of panniers, someone mentioned something about rubber covers for the bottom mounting point ? Has any one received these with there panniers as I didn’t. Have been concerned that the panniers would move around too much possibly causing damage. Have looked on the Honda parts list but can’t find any mention of these.
  6. That DAM Exhaust really suits this bike! looks great.
  7. Congrats and welcome RedBoll, post a few pictures they speak a 1000 words😁
  8. Sometimes copyright law is ridiculous!! I am glad I have already have these fitted. You should be able to find a small tin of paint to match Victory Red much more closely if it annoys you too much.
  9. Any other questions you would like answered Lazyeye🤣
  10. Amazing condition for the miles you have put on her. Enjoy the eighth gen.
  11. Never heard that advice before!!! VFR’s are renowned for there longevity so it sounds total BS to me. I am in the same situation with my Eighth gen, only done 24,000km ( I am sure the first valve service is recommended at 24,000km) I will almost certainly wait another 12,000km though. Have been quoted AUD$1000 for the full service including valves.
  12. A brand new bike sat unused in your garage for 9 days😳 thats some willpower. Agree with the above though, as long as the battery is covered under warranty they should replace it.
  13. Only thing missing is the “Storm Trooper”
  14. I ran mine to beneath the rear passenger seat, easy to remove the seat and connect it, it is also completely out of sight. The seat can be replaced with the trickle charger in place without pinching the cable. I have my trickle charger suspended from the motor housing for the garage door (just happens to be directly above the rear of my bike when parked) there is a power point on the ceiling for the door so I find this a convenient and tidy solution. I also had a buttonhole placed in the appropriate place on my bike cover so if I want to cover the bike I can still use the charger. I can place my phone on charge while riding and have no problem with the Bluetooth connection while the phone is under the seat. I find this works extremely well for me.
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