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  1. Hi vtwindr, hard to say without hearing it. Maybe you could test ride another one at a different dealer and compare. I don’t hear anything on my 8th gen with 31,000km on it that I would call a whine, but some mechanical noise is of course normal.
  2. Old, Antiquated, Repackaged, Reskinned? (sounds like me) I don’t really care I still have a smile on my face every time I go for a ride. What generation of VFR you ride, what colour it is, or what brand of motorcycle you ride doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy riding. Hopefully Honda will surprise us all with another V4 when we least expect it.
  3. Welcome to the asylum, and no I don’t think VFR’s are too slow.
  4. I know the spot well, wish there were more people who pulled over and let people go by, everyone wants to be a member of the fun police these days. Hope you enjoyed your holiday.
  5. Well Auspanglish now I am depressed 😞 The Gillies and Atherton Tablelands are about 3 1/2hrs north of me and as you said about the only decent roads in North Queensland. That said the Gillies has to rate right up there with the best motorcycling roads. The police certainly love it, and it now has a 60kmh speed limit If I am not mistaken, as well as no overtaking except in the three or four overtaking lanes. Rules were meant to be broken though. You seem to have a lot of choices for track days, seems like the perfect place. I have been to Spain but unfortunately not on a motorcycle. I am heading to Japan on Friday for some skiing so that will put a smile back on my face, bad timing with the Coronavirus though. Japan is having a funny winter this year great snow for a few days then warm weather and rain but we will take what we get. Enjoyed the video too by the way. Ride safe.
  6. I don’t recall if we went right in to Dum Dum but we rode along Kyogle Road through Uki to Murwillumbah and back several times. Also rode to the Hinze dam, had lunch there. Rode up to Beechmont and down in to Canungra. Have done several trips down to this area two on the VFR, and have also flown to Brisbane and rented bikes (BMW S1000R, photo attached, and a Yamaha MT09, they don’t have a VFR ☹️)from “Rent this Bike” in Slacks Creek not far from Moss St in Springwood where most of the bike shops are located. Great guys to deal with if you want to rent a bike around Brisbane. Have also ridden through Ipswich up to Mt Glorious. Have you ridden in this area? It’s a long way from Spain. Have recently being watching some videos of riding in Spain, around Picos De Europa it looks fantastic.
  7. Glad to see it didn’t put you off riding. As an immortal 20 year old (41 years ago😳) I did a superman impersonation (for about 1 second) over the roof of a car. I still ride past the spot regularly and can still remember the accident very clearly. Luckily I was not severely injured just a fractured wrist and some skin off my knees. Nothing makes you pay more attention than your first accident.
  8. I think you need a bigger security chain🤔
  9. Loved watching the video ca135, looked like great fun. The bike sounded great. A track day at Philip Island is on my bucket list. Thanks for posting the video.
  10. Will have to watch episode eight and see how much they sell it for.
  11. Happy New Year to all 🎉🥂🏍 Thought I would start the New Year off with a quick ride around my hometown. Had the usual hot conditions, but not as bad as the southern states of Australia are copping it, the bushfires are nothing short of catastrophic at the moment, best wishes to anyone affected, stay safe. Also decided to try out my Xmas present, a Canon 90D. Decided to stay with a DSLR as I have used them all my adult life (SLR’s anyway) and have a few lenses and accessories I will be able to continue using. Very happy so far, 32 megapixels on a crop sensor means you have to be steady handed or jump your shutter speed up a bit. Lots to learn as it has many new features over my old Canon 400D. Will hopefully post some good photos in the future. The attached photos were taken on the Strand in Townsville, there were two dolphins celebrating the New Year about a hundred metres off the beach, all very tropical. The VFR now has 30,000km on her and I have owned it for 3 1/2 years, still looking pretty good I think. Once again Happy New Year and ride safe.
  12. Honda released a tricolour in Japan not sure who else got it, looks great though.
  13. Hi Phantom, unfortunately I took very few photos, I left Townsville around six in the morning and stayed the first night in Gin Gin (996km) I was tempted to ride another 2 kilometres past the motel and back again just to make it a 1000km day. The next day I rode to Team Moto at Springwood got two new tyres and a radiator guard fitted then continued on to Kyogle. Wasted some time the next day replacing brake pads that were supposed to have been replaced as part of the service I had done just prior to leaving Townsville, and having my radiator checked as I thought I had a leak (long boring story) radiator was fine. We did ride as far north as Mt Glorious, where we had lunch, a great road apart from the cows. Returning home was a similar story. My brother in laws bike turned 40 yesterday he spent the day out riding!!!
  14. I am sure this same question was asked many months ago with very similar photos. Maybe others have had this issue as well?
  15. Welcome back! Great looking RWB enjoy.
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