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  1. Fitted the new Atlas Throttle Lock this morning. Installation was easy, though I was doubting myself that it was on correctly. I thought it was sitting up too high, but it looks the same as the photos on the instructions. I ended up using the thinnest spacer, not a lot of room between the grip and the throttle housing. Comparing it to the Kaoko I find the Atlas much much easier to engage and disengage. I seemed to have to turn the Kaoko more than 360 deg to get it to engage. Also with gloves on I found I accidentally engaged it a couple of times in the twisties. Performance is the same,the speed wanders a little either way with both. The Kaoko is visually far better in my opinion.
  2. Glad you weren’t halfway through a sweeping left hand corner at speed 😬 Glad it was just an inconvenience for you.
  3. At Silverstone the F1 lap record is 1 m 27.39 sec while the MotoGP lap record is 1m 59.993 sec. You can’t beat downforce through corners.
  4. Hi Tim, my wife always wanted an MX5 and in 2001 I was extremely generous and bought her one with her very own money. That’s just the sort of guy I am. We still have it and she still loves it. What surprised me when we bought it was just how much I enjoyed driving it. The balance and steering are perfect. I would like about double the power but it is such a fun car to drive. She has 90,000km on the clock now and still looks and runs great. The soft top roof is still in great condition, no leaks. I just armour all it every month. I’m not very graceful getting in and out though.
  5. Thanks Grum, hadn’t paid any attention to the forks being a different colour, although I new the frame was black.
  6. As far as I am aware the only differences are the ones you listed. I wasn’t aware there was a difference in the front shock absorber colour will have to check that out. The USB socket will be very handy, but it is also very easy to install one yourself ( mounted under the seat and wired directly to the battery). It really comes down to which exhaust you prefer. Fuel economy, performance ect will be pretty much identical (the different exhaust may cause a very small difference) You will be very happy with either. Mine is a 2014.
  7. I removed my Kaoko throttle lock recently and in doing that I peeled back the rubber grips slightly, if my memory serves me correctly the wiring element for the heated grips seems to be on the metal part of the grip not attached to the rubber grip. Just had another look as I am reluctant to contradict Grum 🙂 there are very thin white wires wrapped around the metal part of the grip seperate to the rubber. A great deal of caution would be needed in replacing the grips. Not sure how the connection would work as I can see where it goes directly in to the grip as Grum says.
  8. Philois1984


    I would think not, a photo would enable a far more reliable diagnosis from the more mechanically minded members of VFRD.
  9. Selling a used Kaoko throttle stabiliser model HND 29. Suits 2014 onwards VFR800f. Asking $100 ($169 new). will post for free within Oz.
  10. Hi “ busy little shop” I will be giving Motul chain paste a try as soon as I have used my Motorex chain lube. I have even started to apply this with a paint brush, it makes less mess and goes further. Is Motul chain paste a different product to the Motul spray on lube or just the same applied a different way?
  11. I know this subject is like asking what oil is the best but here’s my two cents worth. I have been using kerosene applied liberally with a soft paint brush to regularly clean my OEM Chain since new. I now have 30,650km on it and haven’t noticed any problems. The chain is nearing the end of its adjustment range so I will be replacing it no later than the 36,000km service. I have noticed other knowledgeable members of this forum also getting mid 30ks out of there chains so I am presuming this is about normal. If you search the following video on YouTube “Will WD-40 destroy your motorcycle chain o-rings by MC Garage”, (WD40 is basically kerosene) he addresses this very issue. I also saw a video where someone grinds a link off an old chain he had cleaned with kerosene and the grease was still there. Also a lot of chains are now x-rings which seal even better. I have no doubt chain cleaners like Motul’s do a fantastic job if you can afford them, but kerosene is way cheaper.
  12. Found this rc15 for sale on Bonhams. Might help with the restore or full restoration decision.
  13. To be perfectly honest I didn’t know the answer to your question as I never mount my phone on the motorcycle. I just went and looked and the gloves do have a different material on the index finger. I just tried using them with the iPad and they didn’t work. Not a problem for me but I’m sure it would be for some. So far there seems to be no sign of any wearing. I had a pair of Kjus ski gloves that cost over $200 and didn’t last long. Just replaced them with Hestra’s so will see how they go. Good quality kit is always so bloody expensive. Photo attached of the Knox index finger.
  14. I have a pair of Knox Nexus gloves, great gloves. Don’t feel thick at all once worn in which doesn’t take long at all.
  15. Clear and concise as usual Grum, sounds like a bad idea with good intentions to me. Air filters aren’t that expensive are they.
  16. Ask and you shall receive 👍 thanks.
  17. Looks like a great job, before shot would have been interesting. A productive morning by the sounds of things.
  18. Less kilometres, $200 cheaper, with hard bags and heated grips, and your wife is saying do it ( cogswell just beat me to it as I write) seems like a no brainer to me. Bike looks fantastic.
  19. Last couple of rides I have done I collected a lot of Nth Qld bugs so decided today was a good day to give her a bath. All cleaned and dried. Polish and wax with synthetic Xwax tomorrow morning. Like you Grum I need to give the front chain sprocket a good clean, do you remove the lower fairing when you do this or do you find there is enough room without removing it? Also where did you get the older generation VFR badge/sticker from? All the places I have found that have them want a ridiculous amount of postage, one place wanted €21🤯. I wouldn’t mind putting one on the Powerbronze screen I have just ordered (dark tint doesn’t come with a logo)
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