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  1. Sorry for the late reply, only just saw your post. Have had mine fitted for a couple of years now, (dark tint) very happy with the looks and quality of it. Still looks good, doesn’t seem to scratch easily. Not a massive difference from stock though.
  2. Pressure causes any air bubbles to reduce in size, making it easier for them to rise up through the brake lines. Have never done this myself but am told it does work.
  3. Sorry to hear that you are in hospital Grum, hope you are out and riding again soon.
  4. I purchased one from powerbronze very happy with it. Easy to install as long as you don’t have humungas hands. Still available from what I can see. It’s a UK company but available from Australia also.
  5. Only just realised I hadn’t donated this year, at least I got in before 2023. Thanks for all the work you do. Have a great Xmas.
  6. Hi Philois1984, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  7. I don’t find it any harder to see than the speedometer, you do need a special case to mount it but most newer iPhones are waterproof now anyway.
  8. Finally installed a quad lock stem mount on the VFR, including vibration damper and USB charger. Haven’t ridden with it yet, but the visibility looks good.
  9. Despite the price I highly recommend the quad lock. Just did a trip to the tip of Cape York in Queensland Australia on a KLR 650 lots of dirt, sand and corrugations. Had no problems at all. Also just returned from a trip to Brisbane on my Triumph America (4,600km of riding all up) and again was very happy with it. Very secure. I hardwired the usb charger to the battery. The only issue I had was on the first day of the return trip it rained heavily for about 4hours. About 2 hours in it stopped charging (and yes I did install the usb charger pointing down) phone came up with the message water detected in lightning connector. Worked fine when it dried out. Apparently you can solve this problem by putting a little blue tack aroun the connector after you have plugged it in. Ordered a stem mount and another usb charger for my VFR last night.
  10. Well my wife’s Miata can beat you on the mileage but unfortunately loses dismally on the time it took to accrue them. 2001 NB with 110,000 KM on the clock. No major issues yet. Although from the rotten egg smell we occasionally get when we park it in the garage I think it needs a new catalytic converter.
  11. Thanks for that Grum, I won’t be doing it myself but I use an ex Honda mechanic who will be happy for me to supply the chain and sprockets, and the best part is he charges very reasonable rates AND is happy for me to watch and learn. Great bloke whose (nick) name is Grub.
  12. Cleaned, lubed and adjusted the chain which now has 40,500km on it (original chain) I think it is finally giving in, I noticed a couple of O rings that are starting to fail. Still I’m pretty happy with its mileage. Just starting to wear on the rear sprocket, front will of course be worse so will replace both.
  13. Finally clocked up 40,000km 🐌 didn’t think it would take this long, hopefully the next 40,000km won’t take as long.
  14. After 200km this morning I agree, I couldn’t feel any difference at all (wasn’t expecting to though) while the intake/engine noise is louder it isn’t annoying, just sounds a bit deeper. I will leave the snorkel off for now and see how I feel about it in a few weeks time. It was considerably cooler on the ride this morning (the weather not the bike) a very welcome change after the last few weeks. Good news is that the job share I applied for 16 months ago has finally been approved and implemented. I will now be doing two weeks on two weeks off so I should get a lot more riding in. First two weeks off starts at the end of the month 🥳
  15. Finally after 7 years 😳 I did the flapper and snorkel mod. Can’t even tell you why, just something to try. Can always change it back. Heading out for a ride in the morning to see how it sounds/feels. I believe it only sounds different, no real change to performance.
  16. Here in Oz we rate jobs by how many six packs (beer) you need to complete the task, looks like in the Netherlands they use the sausage roll rating 😂
  17. Which model tech grip did you get? can’t see a VFR on there website. Is it the same as the CBR1000RR-R (RRRRRR) Love the Werks exhaust.
  18. I also have these sliders fitted to my 8th gen, the fact that I didn’t have to cut the fairing was the main attraction (and if I’m honest the VFR logo looks pretty good, although I believe they are no longer available with the logo) I have heard reports of them bending in accidents, however all sliders are only intended for low speed crashes or dropping while stationary. I dropped my VFR in a servo and unfortunately the tank hit one fuel bowser and the headlight the other, there was a raised area of concrete that the bowsers were fixed to so the sliders barely touched the ground so it wasn’t really a good test. I also have a GoPro mount affixed to the top of the right hand side slider, gives a great angle in videos. They do make access to one of the plastic Honda fixing pins on the lower fairing panel a bit difficult. I generally remove the upper mounting bolt, loosen the lower one and rotate it out of the way. I also have the rear and front axle nut protectors fitted. Overall I am very happy with them.
  19. I did a similar thing to my panniers, love the gold coloured Honda Wing decal.
  20. As I was nearly out of Carnuba wax ( Mother’s pure Brazilian) I went out and bought a bottle of this. Appearance of the product isn’t as rich looking as the mothers but you never said how good it smelled Grum. I could get addicted to this stuff. Used a little on the roof of my car, and it came up great. Will do the bike next week. It certainly is easy to apply and remove.
  21. Hi Grum, first time Hi Grum, first time I have noticed the small HRC decal, is a Repsol one to follow? 🤔
  22. Replaced my air filter. Still had the original one fitted, didn’t look too bad to me ? But I changed it anyway. Tank only had around 1 to 2 litres of fuel which made it much easier. Made sure the breather hose wasn’t kinked when I lowered the tank.
  23. Philois1984

    Modern Art

    Took these recently of my other ride, will have to take some of the VFR in the same location.
  24. Philois1984

    Modern Art

    Took these recently of my other ride, will have to take some of the VFR in the same location.
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