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  1. Correct, Terrigal is in New South Wales Australia. A little north of Sydney.
  2. Thanks for that Grum, I won’t be doing it myself but I use an ex Honda mechanic who will be happy for me to supply the chain and sprockets, and the best part is he charges very reasonable rates AND is happy for me to watch and learn. Great bloke whose (nick) name is Grub.
  3. Cleaned, lubed and adjusted the chain which now has 40,500km on it (original chain) I think it is finally giving in, I noticed a couple of O rings that are starting to fail. Still I’m pretty happy with its mileage. Just starting to wear on the rear sprocket, front will of course be worse so will replace both.
  4. He’ll be fine it’s a Honda 😂
  5. Just a few photos from this mornings ride. Rode to the lookout atop Mt Stuart, always a nice view. We then rode around the Mt Elliot National Park (hills in the scenery shot). Unfortunately there was a bit of fog around (was once again reminded not to open your visor if you wear glasses 🥴) Such fantastic riding weather otherwise.
  6. Just had a look at a new BMW R1250 RS, I couldn’t take it for a demo as it was sold but just having a sit on it for a few minutes had me thinking. The seating position is slightly more upright than the VFR and the footpegs definitely felt lower. It was the sports model, full electronics and Akropovic exhaust. Also had full luggage kit on it. I have never ridden a boxer engine but have read some very good reports about the new shift cam engine, it’s smoothness and torque (145Nm I think, and 135hp) Of course there is still the Elephant (Blue Whale maybe) in the room $35,000😳🤯 However if money was no object I think I would find room in my garage for one of these. This is a very good video to demonstrate the sportiness of the RS. BMW R 1250 RS sound [RAW Onboard]
  7. Finally clocked up 40,000km 🐌 didn’t think it would take this long, hopefully the next 40,000km won’t take as long.
  8. While I think this mod looks great ( I would do it for the looks alone) I have never noticed a problem with bugs getting through this gap? Is the main issue getting hit by the bugs or having to clean bugs from a hard to reach area.
  9. Dutch Colonies in the 1800’s and 1900’s. And before you feel insulted Dutchy I was born in England, need I say more. The world is still a screwed up place mate, and unfortunately I sadly suspect it always will be.
  10. I can only dream😍 If you go to the auction site there are some very high quality photos of this bike. Only a couple of days left guys and girls. Did you get the ten you ordered from those long lost RC30’s found in that warehouse Grum? 😂 If not here’s another chance mate.
  11. No black cats, broken mirrors or ladders around your house mate? They say bad luck comes in three’s so you should be OK now🤞. Any way much better than having an accident, especially when you have your partner on the back. Best of luck getting her on the road again (the bike I mean)
  12. Didn’t quite get that far on the North Coast of Spain, made it as far as San Sebastián and Bilbao. The mountains in your photo look very similar to a mountain range in the South of Spain called The Serrated Mountains (Montserrat) thought for a moment I’d picked the spot. Had about three weeks in The Netherlands (Holland😳)in 2000 and we loved it, especially the Poffertjes, ate too many.
  13. Recently purchased my first single cylinder bike a new 2022 KLR Adventure, only put about 2000km on it but loving it so far. But the rumours are true it feels heavy especially moving it around the garage with a full tank of fuel. To be fair I think it’s the added height that makes it more difficult.
  14. That first photo doesn’t look like the Netherlands I visited in 2000😂 Where was that taken Dutchy ? The second photo is the Netherlands I know…
  15. Many thanks bjauto great to have this. (I can now spend many hours trying to figure out what I’m looking at, and what the #@*$ there talking about😳)
  16. After 200km this morning I agree, I couldn’t feel any difference at all (wasn’t expecting to though) while the intake/engine noise is louder it isn’t annoying, just sounds a bit deeper. I will leave the snorkel off for now and see how I feel about it in a few weeks time. It was considerably cooler on the ride this morning (the weather not the bike) a very welcome change after the last few weeks. Good news is that the job share I applied for 16 months ago has finally been approved and implemented. I will now be doing two weeks on two weeks off so I should get a lot more riding in. First two weeks off starts at the end of the month 🥳
  17. Finally after 7 years 😳 I did the flapper and snorkel mod. Can’t even tell you why, just something to try. Can always change it back. Heading out for a ride in the morning to see how it sounds/feels. I believe it only sounds different, no real change to performance.
  18. Thanks Kbear, I am a frequent visitor to KLR Forum (PhilW) have already learnt a lot from many helpful members. Have you modified your suspension in any way?
  19. Just added some engine guards, bash plate, head light protector and a low profile magnetic sump plug. Just need to choose some new off road foot pegs and I am just about ready for the Cape York trip in Aug. (Or should I say the bike is just about ready 🤞)
  20. I was trying to find this video on YouTube so I could send it to my brother-in-law (can’t copy the URL above) and I came across this, not nearly as irresponsible but at least he has all the gear.
  21. I want to know if the kid would have done a runner if the police attempted to pull them over🤔
  22. Here in Oz we rate jobs by how many six packs (beer) you need to complete the task, looks like in the Netherlands they use the sausage roll rating 😂
  23. Motul chain lube, 39,000km on original chain, still going strong.
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