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  1. Any speculation on if the Summer Summit for 2021 will happen? I missed the 2018 Sum Sum and was really looking forward to the 2021 event. Then that thing happened that put a major crimp on just about everything. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and my schedule open just in case. PLEASE enlighten me on what the future might be for the 2021 event!
  2. Looking forward to this!!! Either location would be a phenomenal ride...
  3. Reservations made, I'm planning on being there mid-day on Thursday and leaving for home on Tuesday morning... It will be great to see everyone again!
  4. John, When are you planning on arriving in Arkansas? Will be making my reservations shortly...
  5. OUTSTANDING!!! Congratulations on build and the attention is well deserved!
  6. That certainly is expressive, some one really needs to rescue that VFR700 and give it back its dignity...
  7. 00Yeller


    Lots of Fun Toys!
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