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  1. I'll be going through the fuse box this morning. Didn't have time to do it yesterday. Hopefully it's that simple. Thanks for the help!!
  2. Coming home the other night the bike started to shudder as my check engine and oil light came on. It smoothed out and then when I was almost home did it again. I started it up and got it the remaining mile to the house. My battery appeared to be not in good shape so I put a brand new one in and also put fresh oil in. Now it won't start. It just turns over and over with the check engine light on. WTF?
  3. It's a Two Brothers Black Edition. No silencer so it's a bit loud. Definitely ordering that piece.
  4. If anyone is interested, I have extra plastics for a 2010 VFR. All of them BUT the two large side pieces are in great condition. The large panels need to be painted. Also, I have a Corbin Gunfighter/Tail Storage Unit for sale. The unit needs to be painted. The seat is in perfect condition. Make me an offer. I don't need to keep any of this.
  5. After being forced to sell my beloved 1200 4 years ago due to some family medical issues and riding my 5th Gen for the last two years, I've come back........ Found this lovely thing with only 18K miles. She's got a few cosmetic dings but those will be taken care of shortly. I cannot overstate how much I have missed the power of this bike. I LOVE my 5th Generation VFR and all of her 105K miles but she's getting long in the tooth.
  6. The Stator was defective and was under warranty. New part on the way. 🙂
  7. Just when I thought the surprises were over with my 21 year old VFR, the exhaust pipe rusted and broke at the attachment point of the slip on....I rigged it back together temporarily with some metal mesh repair tape. Ugh...Now it looks like I've got to buy a full system. And to top it off, my charging system took a shit on me again (close to home thank God) after having the RR and Stator replaced last year. That mechanic has it back at his shop now and I'm hoping for the best. Well shit..... That being said, I see Black Widow sells a full system for this bike but I've not s
  8. Easy fix. Headlight connectors were corroded and needed replacing.
  9. I started my bike this weekend and it appears that both of my headlights are out as well as the left side front signal. And, the "High Beam" indicator is lit up blue as if the beams were on but it won't turn off. Surely my headlights didn't both fail at once and cause this? Anyone?
  10. Hey Kev let’s ride.  Picking up my new 99 on Saturday 

  11. No letter yet. Too bad they didn't recall the rear shock.....
  12. I had nightmares after seeing those pictures of that bike gutted like a fish...... Glad things turned out well.
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