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  1. Thrilled with the way these turned out. Facelift is going well.
  2. I'm looking online and I'm seeing Delkevic but very little else as far as options. I had a Yoshi on my 2000 but I've not seen any of them online. Are there any newer cans that will fit? Ideas?
  3. There’s an event down in Suches at the end of the month for classic 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s bikes. Day trip?
  4. Anyone in Knoxville, Chattanooga area looking to ride on Sunday? It'll be my first ride on my new to me 5th Gen. Got my tag and insurance done this week along with a sporty new Sedici Honda Jacket. It's like the first day of school. I'm in Tellico Plains at Hwy 360 and Ballplay School Road.
  5. Hey Kev let’s ride.  Picking up my new 99 on Saturday 

  6. Picking up a gorgeous 1 owner red 99 this Saturday. She’ll be my 2nd 5th Generation, and 4th VFR in all. Totally stock. All maintenance receipts too. Its been a year since I sold the yellow 2000, and 6 months since we’ve moved toTellico Plains. Can’t wait to hit the Skyway!
  7. No letter yet. Too bad they didn't recall the rear shock.....
  8. I had nightmares after seeing those pictures of that bike gutted like a fish...... Glad things turned out well.
  9. The gear indicator issue is a NON ISSUE. Don't look at it and ride the bike by feel like we used to do when they had kick starters. Hands down the best money I have ever spent on the bike
  10. Ordered mine over the phone 5 minutes ago!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to plug it in. They are having problems with their website ordering right now so you have to order over the phone.
  11. Getting mine done soon is smoke gray. I can't wait.
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