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  1. I started my bike this weekend and it appears that both of my headlights are out as well as the left side front signal. And, the "High Beam" indicator is lit up blue as if the beams were on but it won't turn off. Surely my headlights didn't both fail at once and cause this? Anyone?
  2. Beautiful Bike. I'm considering a Delkevic pipe for mine. They are super affordable.
  3. As I look at the prices of newer bikes, I'm tempted to say WTF and do this suspension. However, with the significant miles I have (102K) I'm wondering if it's worth it to spend the money.
  4. Just turned 101,500 yesterday. Don't be afraid of miles especially if you can get service records.
  5. Thrilled with the way these turned out. Facelift is going well.
  6. Hey Kev let’s ride.  Picking up my new 99 on Saturday 

  7. No letter yet. Too bad they didn't recall the rear shock.....
  8. I had nightmares after seeing those pictures of that bike gutted like a fish...... Glad things turned out well.
  9. The gear indicator issue is a NON ISSUE. Don't look at it and ride the bike by feel like we used to do when they had kick starters. Hands down the best money I have ever spent on the bike
  10. Ordered mine over the phone 5 minutes ago!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to plug it in. They are having problems with their website ordering right now so you have to order over the phone.
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