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  1. Brakes are next weekends job. 9 pistons, 18 seals and 7 bleeder valves. 🤯 Hoping the master cylinder is in better condition. Didn’t order the parts. Might have to make a run to the dealership. 🤑
  2. The master cylinder was weeping a little fluid from the lever side. Every few rides I would see few droplets of dark brown/black liquid on the top of my side fairing or on the tank (blown from the wind while riding). The fluid looked medium brown and clear from the reservoir sight glass. Maybe the color of medium honey, but not too bad. Definitely not light amber as DOT 4 should be. Fluid level was not noticeably decreasing either. Ordered a new piston kit for the MC and seals, springs and gasket for the SC. After draining the fluid, the remnants in the reservoir looked NASTY. The rubber seal around the MC piston was worn down. The boot on the push rod was completely torn. The brass bushing in the lever had the hole for the push rod worn all the way through. Down at the slave cylinder, things were just as bad. The cup seal around the slave piston was intact but leaking. Old dried fluid that had turned to black sludge covered the inside of the sprocket cover recess where the slave piston meets the clutch push rod. Spent couple hours cleaning everything with a toothbrush and 2000 grit wet sandpaper. I wish I’d done a better job at photographing the condition of all the parts and my progress, but I was in the zone and just kept working to get everything cleaned up and back together. Lesson learned. Don’t ignore the clutch hydraulics just because the fluid looks “okay” through the sight glass. Considering the condition of the system, I’m shocked at how clutch function was not noticeably degraded. I suppose it’s robustness engineered into the system, but there’s no excuse for this level of neglect.
  3. The OE 30-37mm hose clamps (19516-GAG-003) are almost $10 each! I know there are generic worm drive hose clamps available through various sources but the bands seem much wider than the OE bands (~8mm). Anyone have experience trying to use generic auto store bands or finding a similar substitute for the narrow band OE parts?
  4. I thought Samco was the only player in town. The Samco Gen 5 silicons kit is $468!!! $135 for the AS3 kit is about the same as Honda OE (98-99) hoses a la carte (without the NLA upper middle radiator hose 19504-mbg-000). Thanks for sharing!
  5. The exhaust didn’t pose a clearance issue on my ‘98. Once I unhooked the springs, pedal slipped right off. 😮 Yep. The washer and circlip was missing! It’s amazing all the little parts I find missing on this bike.
  6. I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s good enough. Can’t let perfect be the enemy of good. My wallet can’t afford perfect. I have to constantly remind myself that achieving cosmetic and even mechanical perfection on a 20 year old motorcycle can become a hard lesson in the law of diminishing returns.
  7. Stuck them in a vise and bent them straight. Shifter was easy. Put the toe piece in the vise and applied leverage from the open clamp end that attaches to the gearshift spindle. Brake pedal was a bit more stubborn. Put the pivot side in the vise. Slipped a 26mm extended handle box wrench onto the step end and pulled it straight.
  8. I currently have a double bubble, tinted windscreen. It was there when I bought it. Not sure if the melt was caused by the OE windscreen or the aftermarket. Seem like the easiest solution would be to replace with the updated Honda case with the reinforcement patches. The fact that Honda actually updated the part leads me to surmise that the OE windscreen could have been the magnifying glass.
  9. Yes. Same melt marks but not as “channeled” on the left side. I think the channeling is an artifact and not intentional. Just the angle of the sun at the time I would guess. Maybe caused by the crease/bend in the double bubble windscreen and that part of the dash being the right distance to be hit by the focal point of the converging light rays. I’m halfway tempted to try to replicate it, but it would take the right time of day, right time of year and the proper orientation of the bike. Like trying to create a sundial. Suppose I can try it with a flashlight to approximate the angle. Or, I could spend my time doing meaningful maintenance/repair on the bike.
  10. My recently acquired 98 has melted plastic just to the outside of the turn signal indicator lights. I’ve seen photos from other 5th Gens with the same issue and some 5th Gens that have a reinforcement patch covering that part. My guess is that the windscreen is acting as a magnifying glass while the bike is parked in the sun. Anyone else have the same melting problem?
  11. Thank you for sharing! I’ll put it in my vise and get it straightened out.
  12. Thanks guys. Shame on me for buying a bike in the dark at night. I brought a bright work light but missed this one. I knew that the fairings had some tip over damage, but did’t think it would be enough to bend the controls. Bike has a murky history as the PO only had her for 6 months. I have no idea how many total PO’s it’s had. I do know the title is clean and clear, and there’s no history of insurance payouts. I dismissed the lack of clear history, missing service records, some cosmetic flaws and minor mechanical issues (old rubber seals/hoses and missing fasteners) because it was priced below average market price. Still a solid ride. I’m happy to finally own a V4 with gear driven cams.
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