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  1. keef

    Indicators on the Blink !

    I agree with FJ12.
  2. keef

    Vfr8 Streetfighter

    Went for a ride with my brother the other day, me on the VFR, and him on his tuono. He took the VFR for a spin. Great feedback an how it felt, considering the tuono is a benchmark. His first comment was it sounds ANGRY. Not bad for a gentleman's sports tourer. Now, I'm 85kgs, and hang off the bike. He's 20kgs heavier, doesn't hang off, just leans the bike. A lot. He dragged the loop, so I had a new link pipe made up yesterday. Bye Bye, loop the loop, hello ground clearance. And since I have a rapid bike, it'll just remap itself if it needs to. I'm enjoying this bike more and more - good to 6Krpm, fun to 8K, and really quick from 8K.
  3. keef

    Gear Indicator

    Yeah i was. But my opinion stands. If it was due to a change, like sprockets, it would happen all the time. It seems like an intermittent electrical fault to me.
  4. keef

    Gear Indicator

    Unlikely for that to be the issue when accelerating in 6th.
  5. keef

    Gear Indicator

    It happened to me on my yamaha MT09. Different bike, Same symptoms. Only when the motor was hot, and for me was 5th gear. The connections/solder on the back of the sensor would intermitantly fail when the bike was hot. Some guys cleaned it and as a bandiad and it worked, i had mine replaced under warranty.
  6. It turns out that if you dont properly connect the crank position sensor, it cant properly sense the crank position, so cant sense the revs properly. Thanks to quicklap (aus distributor) and to gilles at rapidbike australia who helped me identify my stupidity. Looking forward to commuting to work on it tomorrow.
  7. Well that wasnt it. Ground block had been removed previously, I checked the solder, etc. 30A fuse is fine. Essentially, rapidbike is reading rpms at 10%of what they should be.
  8. The why was i think it would look better if the top of the red part of the fairing was at the top of the tank, thats all. I thought the lines from the tank would flow a bit better. I'll stick with my 5th gen fighter. Its got the headlight just where i want it. And stories of the australian snowy mountains arent quite the same as stories from the alps, are they?
  9. Guess what I'm doing tonight? Cheers Oz.
  10. I love fighters, and dont think its a fighter, either. Brilliant naked bike, though. Love the ride by wire conversion - the yamaha mt09 also has cables that go to electronics for their RBW system as well. Can you lower the headlight a few inches?
  11. No, where abouts do i find this earth block?
  12. Its getting a signal from the crank - it has a blue bar to indicate its getting the signal. Bad earth giving a partial signal?
  13. Front mount TL1000R rad, under 97*C in Sydney gridlocked/standstill traffic. 80* in free flowing traffic. ambient temps maybe 18*-22*c because its winter.

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