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  1. Angled Valve Stems

    I put them on all my bikes with the first tyre change. Like Dutchy said, air for tyres at servos (service stations) is much easier. Especially with big 320mm front rotors. Generally, Japanese and Italian wheels have different size valves. I can’t remember which is bigger and which is smaller though.
  2. VFR 800 F weight reduction

    Rear is Ducati 1098s, and the front is Ducati 848. Painted in ford citric acid.
  3. Rearsets for 5th gen.?

    Since Seb made them, just message him.
  4. I’ve done a few track days on it and some high speed touring (not racing) through the mountains, etc. All good at WOT in 6th. Or doing crap wheelies. Or spinning the back wheel through turn 6. Just do it.
  5. the internet says... a stock 1098S rear wheel like mine (forged alloy) is 7.85lbs. I think the 5th gen rear wheel is about 13lbs? Stock 848 (cast) front wheel is 9.15lbs no idea what a front vfr wheel weighs.
  6. Front end conversion - was yours worth it ??

    I knew ben made some, was wondering if there was another lead. He does a set for an MT09 which I’d love to get- it would make it feel like a motard.
  7. Wheel swap!!!

    if the hubs are the same size, does that mean a 1098 wheel would fit a 6th gen as easily as a 5th gen?
  8. Wheel swap!!!

    whats the differences between the 5th and 6th gen swingarms? Extreme Creations are selling a 5th gen 1098 wheel conversion kit (shim/spacer/brake torque arm) based on my bike. Are the hubs the same on 5th and 6th? http://www.extremecreations.com.au/newproducts
  9. All I know is the 848 has the smaller axle, the 1098 has the larger one, 1098 works, 848 is much harder. The 848 (I think) is the smaller axle from the older 916/996 series, so may work with a triumph hub. I didn't choose 1098 from research, I just wanted 6 inches of forged alloy goodness and got lucky. And I have seen complete 1098 swingarm/hub/caliper/sprocket, for $300 aus. As in, everything except the wheel. Don't forget, the 1098S is forged, so even lighter what are the differences in the 5th/6th/8th gen swingarms? I've notice a few lightweight wheel discussions going on..
  10. Front end conversion - was yours worth it ??

    Hey Shaynus, where'd you get the fork extensions from?
  11. He makes them in a CNC, actually. I dropped off my 1098 wheel years ago because he had a spare 5th gen arm to see how to make it work. This was much cleaner than the carozzeria style adapter I thought he'd have to make. I reckon $235 is pretty cheap since he'd done all the measuring for you. all prices in AUS$.
  12. I’m using a driven quick change sprocket carrier for a 1098 with a custom made 530 rear sprocket from extreme since chain and sprockets were new when I did the wheel. When the chain dies (only 15000Ks on the vfr in 5 years) I’ll go to a 520. 530 is overkill for a bike that only makes 110or so hp.
  13. Nice. Mine has been working for the last 5years or so.
  14. Scorpion was off a gladius 650. I think.
  15. Never had a staintune, but I used to have a Scorpion pipe that was pretty deep. I like my MT09 carbon Akra on my 5G, it’s lighter than the Scorpion was.

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