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  1. I changed my the tank in my 5th to a 6th gen tank, and decided to change the filter while i was at it for the same reason- mines a bit over 160,000ks/100,000 miles. Not doing injectors, but did clean 17.5 years out of the 18years of build up in the throttle bodies. Looking forward to hearing it again and seeing if i notice the difference.
  2. I have anodised your adapters black, and will get them on soon. Probably. Your 5G is looking awesome, and i am glad it is on a different continent to mine so they will never be next to each other.
  3. Im running an acewell on my 5th gen, with a separate water temp guage. Newer koso and acewells will have everything except the rear view camera.
  4. keef

    My 399 lb VFR848

    I love seeing things that I had a hand in starting to snowball and spread around the world. With my 1098 rear wheel, I used a driven quick change sprocket carrier, and had extreme creations custom make me a 45T (I think it was 45). Next time I need chain and sprockets I'm gonna go down to a 520 to drop some more weight. My MT09 seems fine on a 520 and it is similar power/weight figures to my vfr fighter.
  5. keef


    USD isn't overkill. Ive got a USD gsxr front end (with springs and valves redone) in my 5th gen because they are stiffer than the stock forks, and have radial brake calipers. The 8th gen already has radial brakes. If it was me, I'd get the stock forks set up properly (springs/valves) and call it a day. Who am i kidding? I'd rip the fairings off and fighter it.
  6. keef

    Ignition sistem

    If its a bike from australia that is now in europe 2 years after it was sold at an insurance auction in Australia, im not sure how helpful his local honda dealer will be. I hope you bought it really cheap.
  7. keef

    Ignition sistem

    Guys, the pickles receipt he posted is real. They are a legit auction house, mainly for insurance companies, legally selling their property, stolen/recovered bikes or crashed bikes that the owners have had an insurance payout for. I never realised there was a market for aus bikes in europe, but there you go. I guess it was bought here and shipped and resold. He wouldnt be the first person to be caught out by buying a bike with an immobiliser but no keys. The aus bike wasnt stolen, it was bought and paid for.
  8. keef


    I think you may be the first
  9. keef


    I was young and stupid once, and survived no ABS or TC..
  10. keef


    Do you want the ABS to work, or dont really care?
  11. keef

    Ignition sistem

    Streetfighter guys and track day guys have done it before. US models dont generally get immobilsers. A cheap track bike becomes effing expensive with a new ECU and keys, but a US ecu doesnt register the immobiliser, so ebaying a US ecu os cheaper. For the non Aussies, we cant (mostly) re register written off vehicles, even if its only written off as its too expensive to fix. Scratch on frame? Write off, and now a track only bike. So companies like pickles sell them on behalf of the insurance companies.
  12. keef

    Ignition sistem

    Or buy an american ecu and harness and key.No HISS. Edit- does US get the HISS system?
  13. keef

    Ignition sistem

    Pickles invoice seems real.they couldn't tell me info, but were happy to say yes or no to the info i read out from the invoice you posted.
  14. keef

    Ignition sistem

    Im an aussie. Pickles is a real auction house. I'll call them for you.
  15. You may also need to convert the OEM H4 connection to what looks like separate H7 globes. I made and adapter harness when i installed my ER6N headlight that has 2 x h7 gobes. No idea on wire colours.

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