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  1. Beautiful winter's day today. Rode the old pacific highway, with no cops which was nice.
  2. I manged to get my old polisport hanguards on, and commuted on it today. The angle of the clipons makes it really comfortable for such an aggressive setup- high seat, high pegs and low bars. And big thankyou to mohawk and candy red. The big airbox mod and rapidbike (and quick action throttle) make my trackfighter vfr pretty quick.
  3. I connected my OEM brake light switch with a simple L bracket. And i love your choice of wheel.
  4. You know what every town needs though? A front mount radiator.
  5. Ive also got a front mount rad, so air that has been through the oil cooler or rad wont really make a difference. Its the volume inside the airbox that makes the difference.
  6. The big airbox takes the filter and puts it into the airbox lid instead of inbetween the base and lid. The lid is what you can see. No dual stacks because i havent got round to it yet. I have the extra stacks, just haven't done it yet. I am running with 2 x short 6th gen stacks, and 2 x super short aluminium stacks.
  7. So, still chipping away on upgrades. Finished my mohawk big airbox to go with the supershort velocity stacks. Added some m4 rivnuts to the airbox lower since the OEM threads were pulling out of the plastic Changed to all singing, all dancing apex manufacturing clip ons, so changed my extended throttle cables to ones from a cb500r. And to make 110hp feel like 150, new grips with a 1/4 turn throttle. I may even put my barkbusters back on the clipons. Definately more a trackfighter than a streetfighter, now.
  8. keef

    Old Truck Stop Putty Rd

    Ive never ridden the putty. We should go for a ride sometime.
  9. For even more performance, you could remove the centre stand? Yes, a little jelous i dont have a set.
  10. I think the nose cone needs to angle down a bit more so it follows the line of the tank, but i love everything else. Can you take a close up pic of the rad shrouds? And seb, those exhaust pipe tips on the performace headers. With a supercharger. Make it happen.
  11. sebs is a lot prettier, but well, he is really, really talented. Link to my incredibly long running thread over the years. I still love it. The TLR rad works brilliantly, but is probably harder work than the vfr750 rad to mount. However, it works so well i may ditch the oil cooler.(or change to a water/oil cooler). I also know of someone who is running a vfr400 set of front mount rads on his fighter.
  12. Why are there no lairy colours? Only me?
  13. Nothing that fits without some custom work, either to make the cbr stand fit the vfr bracket, or to make the cbr stand and bracket for the vfr stand. I've got a custom bracket to fit the cbr stand and bracket. Thinking about getting the bracket remade to pull it in even tighter as i drag the stand around left handers at the track.
  14. Real easy to fit a 6th gen tank to a 5th if your 5th gen is fightered. I made a half arsed spacer, then paid seb for a properly made one.
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