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  1. LP20160830-193211.jpg

    Is this still a vfr800? Custom front lights? Looks good.
  2. 17.5.15

    Ditto. She's a looker!
  3. The Road

    desktop wallpaper.
  4. All Things Photochopped (Submit Updates 2/10)

    So I was wondering how that lotus scheme would turn out. I don't have photoshop and I was super bored so here is a rough rough rough draft of the idea. But perhaps with more of this type of green
  5. All Things Photochopped (Submit Updates 2/10)

    Honestly might just go this route if ever a respray. Have the yellow follow the tank lines to the front lip of the front fairings and just follow it down.
  6. All Things Photochopped (Submit Updates 2/10)

    How about something like this lotus?
  7. All Things Photochopped (Submit Updates 2/10)

    Has anyone done BRG on 5th gens before? Love british racing green on bikes but it may look funky on a 5th gen.

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