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  1. Hi there. Has anyone tried putting on (dual) computer fans onto the radiators? Results? What direction did you push the wind? Will check the dimensions of our radiators but saw something like this: https://www.newegg.com/global/pl-en/rosewill-rocf-11003-case-fan/p/N82E16835200067
  2. Thank you. Definitely not buying wheels or frames from China 😉 Figure I'll buy some and let you guys know.
  3. Thanks. Actually that listing does have 1" risers. Already have some for the 2000 but thank you 🙂 Anyone have any experience with the "high quality" chinese aluminum clip ons?
  4. Hello there. Planning on doing the f4i fork swap for my 5th gen. I'm hearing that the 6th gen bars are a direct swap but I'm having a hard time finding some that are available and affordable from the country I live in. Found some cheaper options on ebay (chinese brand) and wanted to ask you if anyone has input on 1" chinese clip ons for such a swap. Here is the link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/For-HONDA-CBR600-F4-99-00-VFR800-VTEC-02-09-43mm-Aluminum-Handle-Bars-Clip-On/132786286470?hash=item1eeaadef86:m:mKq6Rqyio-GKMkxtzM2-7bw This was from a quick search but most seem to be same. Asked the seller if the tips of the bars screw off to allow for bar weights. Waiting for answer.
  5. Want to get the f4i forks and etc. Do you guys have any experience with these risers and if there would be a problem?
  6. Ha, the pound was over 5 zl at one point but the current 4.5-4.8 zl/pound really doesn't help much haha. We make the same figures as you guys, all expenses are similar too, but just in zloty. A beer here is 10 zl... that would be 2 pounds for you guys lol. A kebab can be found for 14 zl and a 500 ml vodka for 25 zl. Brexit effect or not, you should still buy some investment property in Warszawa 😉 And thank god we're not Germany, in some ways at least. Wouldn't mind a lot of the other stuff.
  7. Holy shit. It was as simple as that. Not that I don't like knowing my bike, but that one flew way over the cuckoo's nest. Really thought I didn't touch anything. Obviously I did. I'd buy you a beer if you were on the eastern part of the continent 🙂
  8. Thanks you guys. Saw that ebay listing and was kind of wondering the same thing. Will try to piece things together on that venhill site. Unfortunately the pound is over 4.2 zloty so we'll see. Again, thank you.
  9. Question was too dumb to exist.
  10. Has anyone just sourced their own brake lines 'kit'? I live in poland and these pre made kits could go for 1000 - 1800 zl after shipping. That's still a lot in our country. Are there cheaper but semi equally effective solutions? Btw, will be doing the f4i shock conversion during the winter. Found this site just for a quick example: https://shop.revivalcycles.com/motorcycle-parts/brake/
  11. That would be interesting. Thanks for the reply.
  12. I know this thread isn't alive much anymore but the information here is super helpful. As to the quoted post, is there any follow up by anyone who's tried this yet? The OP did it on a 4th gen; are there enough significant differences, between 4th & 5th gen, to rule this out for a 2000?
  13. Can I ask what how durable you're expecting/experiencing the paint to be in regards to constantly making contact with your shoes/boots and the ground.
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