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  1. Inquiring the same for a delivery to Poland. Couldn't we just say that value is closer to $0 than $800? 😉
  2. Ha, my previous wolf had an aluminum plate 'shield' vs box. Wonder what other corners the previous owner cut. Thanks for the input!
  3. VFRs have a certain timeless look to them. Can keep it old school or go with the current day ducati thing 😉 Not to further hijack this more but can you just arbitrarily go from single to dual can? Would it need a definite custom tune if made by the 'local guy'?
  4. haha, 31 but always being mistaken for 24. If those pictures are sebspeed's work, he has lovely pipe (placement) management. ((That's a title of a porno if I've ever heard one.)) My wolf exhaust had a slight indent in the pipe in order to give more wheel clearance. Last picture looks great. Btw, asked the ebay person and their only response was, "I don't do fabrication, so really have no idea about that. Sorry."
  5. Do you think a dual can, under seat set up could be possible or the dimensions make it out of the question? Will email them either way. Thanks for posting mate!
  6. I had a Corbin smuggler seat on my last bike. Rode 6 hours at a time and still had a non sore ass. Don't know how the smuggler seat compares to their regular offering though. I have also been looking into replacing the stock seat for next years riding season. Have you ever thought of doing your own custom thing? Watch this video: Yes, the guy in the video does this for a living but you could get away with doing something a bit simpler to improve the cush to your tush. I my not shave the seat down to the plastic but there are others who cut out square/rectangular sections and add a low/high density memory foam combo inside the cutout. You can buy really good seat covers for cheap to finish it off. Here is a video for that 'simpler' process. youtube.com/watch?v=og0raStEtF4
  7. Great work on this mate. Had an old wolf exhaust on a previous bike and would love to go down the same route as you did. Here in Poland, we don't have great affordable options (zl vs. euro/pounds) and a dual aliexpress akrapovic can setup is being researched... so thanks for the dimensions! Have to ask, did you do any tuning after the setup? Do you, or anyone, know if going from one can to two, without "special" VFR cans, could be detrimental to performance? My mechanic friend was saying that with my current aftermarket + a new pipercross air filter, I should have some custom tune done for long term reliability. Guessing two cans would change the dynamic that much more? Perhaps a stupid question, just not familiar with the relationship between it all. Thanks!
  8. Black isn't the worst choice ;D Hides the dirt! I've been powdercoating my wheels gold for every red VFR I get. Looks AMAZING, but it definitely let's everyone know when they're dirty or not haha. (Clear coats on top should be a given) Then again, you should clean them every week anyways. Here's a picture for any reference.
  9. Rant aside, I outran a helicopter and got away. They faked finding the rider by storming a apartment complex. I parked the bike under a tree between two f 150s and ditching my gear. Helicopter followed me while walking back home but got called off. My fault, my bad decision but I was not the only one to want to and do it. Being older, I will happily take the ticket. Don't want to tarnish the community here. Cops stopped giving Socal riders the benefit of the doubt a long time ago. They would indiscriminately round up anyone in many of the rides that made sure to follow the laws. No worries, I grew up so thanks for the input fellas.
  10. To be fair, there might be a higher number of people with self preservation in Euro. The Socal (bad population sample) were more predisposed to running from the police.
  11. Let's say my 32 old back can only give it 30 minutes 😉 If you have any pictures available then please share if you don't mind! Didn't even think of cutting up the oem seat too much but that sounds like the logical conclusion to to an actual upgrade. Does Tiger Pad make tires? Thanks for the response btw. Found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=162&v=lfRk3YETUkI His materials: High density foam -> medium density foam -> high density memory foam -> lower density memory foam -> anti slip material -> seat cover. Seems like he totally rebuilt the seat by cutting off almost all of the original material and then uses enough foam to get back to make a slighter higher sitting position after all the layers are added.
  12. Hey there you guys. Starting to notice that the oem seat isn't comfortable after a couple hours 😉 Situation is that I bought a seat cover (refer to image) without any additional padding in it. They told me the other padded version wouldn't allow the rear cowl to properly mount. Have any of you bought a 'seat pad' and anchored it under a seat cover? If so, was it comfortable and did it still allow the cowel to be mounted? Every used VFR I bought had corbin seats so the oem is a new sensation. Any of you think that cover + pad could be a reasonable alternative? Any inputs are appreciated. Cheers.
  13. Thank you for all the input you guys. Going to sit him down and show all the bikes mentioned here. Hopefully he isn't too cool for school and actually listens a bit before just buying the first shiny new thing.
  14. We're both over 30 and he's "mature". Going to let him experience 1st gear and neutral 😉 on my VFR before trying to suggest such a bike. But...... clean clean clean VFRs go for less or same price as a new 250cc. Thanks for your input
  15. Hello there fellas and felladies? I know this is a type of question that pops up often but will ask it anyways for my pal. We both live in poland and he wants to finally take the plunge and get some cruiser/sportster. Eventually he wants to take his girl with him. He's around 75 kg and she would be in the 50 ish kg range. There's a cool Polish motorcycle company but their biggest bikes are 250cc. Starting prices, for new, are around 8000zl. Relatively CHEAP. He doesn't exactly like the idea of buying a beginner bike and then outgrowing it. My (maybe bad) advice is if you want to have both of you on the bike and do freeway speeds, 250 cc might not be the best idea. That starting with a 350-500cc wouldn't be the worst idea; since I started on the 5th gen VFR. What does the collective mind think about it? If you agree, what type of cheap bike y'all recommend?
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