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  1. What bikes have the SH847 rectifier as an oem piece? ... that we could use on our vfrs.
  2. Czy jesteś Polakiem w Australii? Took a look at the wiring diagram after seeing your post. A bit overwhelming. Seems like your instructions will be clearer once more when the fairings come off. Don't have the most experience with auto/moto wiring beyond replacing and rewrapping burnt out wires from the last vfr. Can you describe a shorting link a bit more for this application? Dziękuję za pomoc!
  3. Hello. A couple of months ago I bought a fan switch that would turn on at 95c. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HONDA-VFR-800-1998-2013-THERMOSTAT-RADIATOR-FAN-SWITCH-BRASS-SCREW-TYPE/173898498956?epid=22027495926&hash=item287d28838c:g:OWkAAOSwLIBdvxTD It's been working great but now the fan is spotty at 95c and even after 100c. One day it'll make sure the the bike is cool, when on/off, and then the next day almost nothing. The thing is connected and everything looks okay and tightened. Are these symptoms of a faulty switch or do you guys have any experience with other gremlins that might cause similar problems? Anything is appreciated.
  4. Get them powder coated. They're still cheap and you'll never need to touch them up. Besides you need that durability for wheels. Also, if you have a red bike, get gold wheels ;)
  5. Was about to install ip67 fans. They are great for the electrical system but expensive for my country. Just cleaned the radiators and replaced with the proper coolant. She stays cool now unless stuck in 2nd gear, at low speeds, for long distances.
  6. Bowtex looks like a great option. Thank you!
  7. Do any of you have experience with these kevlar shirts that are available on ebay? shirt Another shirt Fully kevlar lined and comes with the body armor or slots for it. Would love to have a 'jacket' that doesn't have to always be taken off once getting off the bike. Supposedly they are breathable and useable. Using ebay because here in Poland, we don't have access to as many products as y'all in USA or Britain land.
  8. Bought a 'cheaper' pair from einparts here in Europe. 130zl = $42 for the pair. They're bright and don't get into other drivers' eyes since there is an appropriate cut off built in. Getting it right and bright is pretty easy to do these days.
  9. Do you have a build thread on this? It would be amazing to delete the dual radiator set up. Hopefully there's a third batch of these headers :)
  10. Awesome, yeah I have an extra one. Thanks brother!
  11. Thanks man. You're the inspiration of the project!
  12. Thanks you guys. Goldmine of information here. Curious, have you guys gone through the 'procedure'? Always felt it weird that bikes didn't have this option. I wonder, can a LED fast flasher relay be used for method 2? I have LEDs on all lights.
  13. Just did the f4i swap and revalve on my 5th gen. Got a nice rear shock to compliment it. Worth it. Have more confidence in turns and on uneven ground. Feels like a new bike. Also, the adjustability is a fantastic tool and the cbr front fairing looks great on a VFR. With proper parts, it's a drop in swap. The only problem I had was sketchy sellers and buying "straight" forks. While you're there, steel brake lines should be a must. You can knock off a lot of check marks in one job.
  14. beautiful. what kind of paint treatment was used?
  15. I'm glad you guys have a work around for that. Haven't seen that here though. Also, a hazard light function for side of the road functions would be handy.
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