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  1. Taken during one of the few days left in the season :)
  2. If you're looking at changing the internals I would also recommend getting adjustable forks. Then again I bought mine in Poland but... it has been such a huge plus when updating the suspension that any less will seem like a half measure. Finally got mine dialed in and it has helped so much with confidence in the corners. Perhaps that's necessary when you start putting in cbr forks in the first place.
  3. Do you have a build thread on this? It would be amazing to delete the dual radiator set up. Hopefully there's a third batch of these headers :)
  4. Just did the f4i swap and revalve on my 5th gen. Got a nice rear shock to compliment it. Worth it. Have more confidence in turns and on uneven ground. Feels like a new bike. Also, the adjustability is a fantastic tool and the cbr front fairing looks great on a VFR. With proper parts, it's a drop in swap. The only problem I had was sketchy sellers and buying "straight" forks. While you're there, steel brake lines should be a must. You can knock off a lot of check marks in one job.
  5. beautiful. what kind of paint treatment was used?
  6. Thank you guys! This was the last link 'we' needed! Gathering the parts, itself, has been a challenge being that so many of the used 'good' looking parts have had their own individual problems. The rear cylinder, that was already bought, doesn't seem to be an exception.
  7. Really quick question. A lot of the f4i fork swap threads mention buying something similar to a f4i rear cylinder along with a f4i front M/C. Could some one explain to me exactly why? I have a suspension shop doing this job for me and the mechanic didn't want to keep the rear f4i cylinder because I couldn't give him a good enough reason to why. Any help? Thank you.
  8. Inquiring the same for a delivery to Poland. Couldn't we just say that value is closer to $0 than $800? 😉
  9. Great work on this mate. Had an old wolf exhaust on a previous bike and would love to go down the same route as you did. Here in Poland, we don't have great affordable options (zl vs. euro/pounds) and a dual aliexpress akrapovic can setup is being researched... so thanks for the dimensions! Have to ask, did you do any tuning after the setup? Do you, or anyone, know if going from one can to two, without "special" VFR cans, could be detrimental to performance? My mechanic friend was saying that with my current aftermarket + a new pipercross air filter, I should have some custom tune done for long term reliability. Guessing two cans would change the dynamic that much more? Perhaps a stupid question, just not familiar with the relationship between it all. Thanks!
  10. Want to get the f4i forks and etc. Do you guys have any experience with these risers and if there would be a problem?
  11. That would be interesting. Thanks for the reply.
  12. I know this thread isn't alive much anymore but the information here is super helpful. As to the quoted post, is there any follow up by anyone who's tried this yet? The OP did it on a 4th gen; are there enough significant differences, between 4th & 5th gen, to rule this out for a 2000?
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