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  1. Thanks for the information. Reading between the lines, I believe what I have now should be sufficient without the VFRness and I'll just keep an eye on the voltage. FYI, the RMStator product isn't offshore and I don't think the company has anything to do with "Rick's". Also, the R/R that came with my bike is not a legacy shunt device. Here's a link to the actual product on the Canadian company website. https://www.rmstator.com/en_ww/products/mosfet-voltage-regulator-rectifier-for-ducati-1998-2012-honda-1986-2015-suzuki-1997-2012-atv-honda-2011-2014-rm30504h Other posts/forums have spoken
  2. Just to reiterate... my thinking is to qualify for “collector” status, so originality, or similar/replica to OEM, is my objective (not what is necessarily best for my riding). That said, I may have found a low mileage stock one in very nice condition though a VFR community member. Thanks for the input though.
  3. Thanks rayZerman... I may have a lead on a nearly new OEM one, which would be my preference (if only to qualify for collector plates in a few years). If that doesn't, pan out, I’ll check out the D200.
  4. I recently acquired a ‘99 VFR w/ just shy of 20,000 km and a previous owner installed a voltage indicator and RM Stator MOSFET Regulator-Recrifier. Per the previous owner, voltage has been stable ever since the R/R was put in. Perhaps I’ve missed it on one of the many R/R posts, but I’m curious if a VFRness is a still a good idea IF a MOSFET R/R has already been installed and there are no other apparent issues? I believe they are related, but I’m not completely certain. Maybe the VFRness still a good idea to extend service life of other electrical components? As I plan to keep the bike
  5. Hello All. I've been lurking on this site for several months... leading up to my recent decision to buy a very low mileage red '99 (Canada) that I intend to put collector plates on in a few years. As many of you know, the VFR is a great bike. And while I've had many motorcycles over the years, I've always had an interest in the VFR... specifically the 5th Gen. The bike I found has most of the original bits on it, with exception of the windscreen (appears to have the tinted Zero Gravity Double Bubble on it). Unfortunately, I'm not able to find any NOS (new old stock) at the d
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