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  1. After nursing along my old r/r for a few years, it is finally time to replace. Barely getting 13.2v at cruise now. I thought I had seen recommendations for a SH775 but wanted to get opinions on choices before I purchase one. Also wanted to know of any preferred suppliers. Thanks
  2. The prince of darkness. I am fully aware of that devil, my first car was a 6 year old 1964 Triumph Spitfire.
  3. 1956 MGA moved in with my beloved 5th gen today. A little grumpy about it, but I think she'll get over it.
  4. I was out riding with my brother years back when the mother of all insects hit him right where he had his visor cracked open a bit for ventilation. Half went all over the outside and the other half splattered into his nose and face. It was quite a mess. I think he rides with his visor all the way down at speed these days 🙂
  5. That is why I installed fork boot covers when I replaced seals and bushings at 55K miles. They do a great job protecting against seal damage and help prevent dirt getting by the seals and contamination of the fork oil. You can easily see them in the photo, but in real life they disappear in the dark void.
  6. I have gone thru some amazing clouds of gnats that made a solid layer in just seconds! I pity the motels I stayed at 🙂
  7. Just a thought 🙂 Maybe a few pics of the accumulated protein layer available?
  8. Looking at my ’99 with the first coating of insects on the front cowling. I am thinking it might be kind of fun to give it some time to see how thick this insect layer can get, not including the headlight area. Kind of a badge of riding honor?
  9. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/mpo/d/gresham-honda-vfr-staintune-exhaust/7306229689.html
  10. A 5th gen with givi bags, 53k miles in good condition came on the market in craigslist Portland for $3,200 this morning and it is gone already. Just checked for it a few minutes ago and in its place is a 1986. https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/mcy/d/vancouver-1986-honda-interceptor-500/7288934882.html
  11. I was on that very same ride mid September 2019. Only made it halfway before the weather made it no fun and I headed back home. Planned on it this last summer but the Covid put a slammer on it. This summer maybe? Anyway, Cogswells path is a awesome ride experience.
  12. Why do people want to remove the pair valve? What advantage is there?
  13. Seems like a good price and maybe a little low. Good luck with getting it sold. What are you replacing it with?
  14. The collar you are dealing with spaces the splined damper drive #6 away from the bearing block. It fits in the dust seal #9 and contacts the radial bearing #28. Picture #s refer to the first page lower diagram. I just finished doing some maintenance on my rear axle a few weeks back, so this is still fresh in my mind.
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