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  1. I have been wearing the LS2 strobe helmet for a month now. Great value but the clearance at the chin bar is on the tight side. My chin touches it slightly when it is in riding position. Could use another quarter inch clearance. The drop down visor works very well. I blocked off the lower 1/3 of the visor area for a sunblock. It has a stop for that position and has come in handy for the blinding winter, low in the sky sun. It is also smaller and lighter than my old nolan helmet. And, I am a huge fan of the ratcheted chin strap connectors. Way better
  2. My friends press was a harbor freight at around $140. It however, came with a ram that was not perpendicular to the platform. He easily fixed the issue but you could take it back. Could probably find used ones cheaper.
  3. When I purchased my 5th gen a few years back, it had a random FI light coming on issue. The seller had taken to a local local reputable shop to determine the issue, but to no avail. I bought it anyway since it didn't cause any real issues with starting or running. After riding it for some time after purchase, I would know when it came on by a very short blurp in power. I would look at the light and it would be on. Turn it off and restart, the light would be off. Experts couldn't figure it out until one day, browsing through the forum here, I came across a possible remedy. It
  4. I feel that inspection of the rear axle and related bearings is an important but commonly overlooked practice. I wanted to do this earlier, but getting into this kind complicated assembly was a little daunting for me, so I put it off. I was in need of a new rear brake rotor install that would require the rear axle to be removed from the bearing block. While everything was out in the open, this was the time to closely inspect the axle/bearings for wear. Bearing removal from block for cleaning and repack also was on the agenda. Examining the cleaned axle, I see that t
  5. how long does it take to do a valve adjustment with that set of tools? 🙂
  6. And the other problem with a bicycle pump small enough to fit under the seat would need 300+? strokes to get rear up to pressure. Very tedious.
  7. I had been packing a CO2 setup in the event a flat tire during my travels. The main problem with that is @ 6 cartridges your rear tire is only at around 25psi, probably enough to make it to a gas station. It works. but not the optimum solution. Yesterday I came across a 12V dynaplug micro air compressor while browsing around. Looked at a few reviews and for $30 at CW it looked like a pretty good solution for dealing with a flat tire. This thing is really small and ends up taking about the same space as the co2 setup. The pump, hose, and cord easily fit under the s
  8. Are there any hard bags with it?
  9. After looking at the new helmet offerings and decided to give the LS2 Strobe helmet a try. It has the following features I desire Modular construction. I appreciate the ability to get the front of the helmet out of the way when needed. Ratchet strap connector. After getting spoiled by the Nolan ratchet strap connector, I will never go back to the D ring connectors. Tinted drop down visor. Always wanted this feature. Plan on setting the upper portion of the visor to be a 100% sun block. Light weight at 1630 grams. And the final clincher.... CHEAP! Unbel
  10. A new helmet it is. Thanks for all the input.
  11. I've had my Nolan 102 helmet for ten years and has worked well except now it is loose on my head. Thinking that a new liner might be the cheapest way to go. Has anybody relined their nolan helmets?
  12. Here is a link to a "10 best alarm/gps tracker review". Amazingly cheap security options. https://antitheftboss.com/best-motorcycle-alarm-systems-with-gps/
  13. I am sure that there are security systems with discreet GPS trackers you could install. It would make it a little easier to find if it does go missing again.
  14. It would definitely ruin my week if my machine got stolen. Especially if I was on a road trip. What a nightmare that would be, stuck somewhere potentially thousands of miles from home. Since my bike lives in a garage when home, my biggest dread is on the road. For that, I started packing a good quality rain cover and install it before lights out. Covered up, it becomes less visible/desirable and it is nice to not have morning dew/rain on it when ready to ride. In the last couple years I started using a alarmed rotor lock in addition to the cover. It is pretty loud when it g
  15. That and the smell of castrol.... Those were the days🙂
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