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  1. Hard bags for my beloved 5 gen would be a great addition. The soft bags I use work but some factory cases would very nice. I have a line on the cases but not the mounting frame. Anybody out there have the frames that are not in use?
  2. Here is a link to "performance upgrade to charging system". A full description with photos will be in that old posting.Charging system performance upgrade - Fifth Generation VFR's - VFRDiscussion.url Also, if you read through the thread, there were many other very good ideas to cleaning up the connection problems. One of those ideas may be more appealing.
  3. The last couple riding seasons I have made it a point to carry puncture repair plugs and insertion tools along with co2 tire inflator with cartridges. It takes about 6-16 gram cartridges to get the back tire up to 25-psi. This is enough to get you to a place to top off the tire pressure. 20 and 25 gram cartridges are available which would reduce the number of bottles to carry around, but they are much more expensive per psi. I keep all this stuff in the rear cowling area where the taillights hang out. Haven't had to use them yet, but on lonely roads I feel much better knowing a flat tire
  4. Attached is a link to the post submitted to rectify my stator/rr/battery connection issues. It has been two riding seasons without any further charging issues. In addition to the improving connection issues, I would also recommend installing a voltmeter. I mounted one to a piece of polycarbonite then 3m butyl double sided taped it to the triple clamp. I also installed a 3 way switch to be able to view the system voltage without turning the key on. Found appropriate switched/unswitched wires in circuits above the headlights behind the front cowling. Charging system performance up
  5. I had the same thing happen to me a couple years back. It turned out to be an inadequate charging system due to poor connections at rr to stator connector block. You are on the right track with stator and RR checks. Follow the steps outlined in The Drill - Electrical - VFRDiscussion.url . Poor connection between the stator to RR can cause the stator to overload and burn out. Luckily my stator had not overloaded to failure point. If yours is still good, Pull the connector blocks apart and check connectivity. If they are useable, clean the connections up, reconne
  6. Very entertaining thread😀
  7. Thanks! I'll start a bookmark folder now.
  8. Many times I come across topic discussions for repairs/projects that are of interest but not quite ready to implement. Is there a way to save that discussion thread so I do not have to look it up in the future when ready to do the work?
  9. Over bright headlights can blind oncoming traffic. Be careful not to go too far with the extra lighting.
  10. I can't remember the exact procedure on my front pad replacement effort a while back. I do recall that I ended up using some small wood shop ratchet clamps to get the pistons compressed. It worked and I should have taken some pictures for future reference. Any body have a technique that works?
  11. Does anybody have a easy and efficient way to compress the calipers to fit an new set of pads? I got it done the last time but it was kind of a struggle.
  12. I replaced with stock spec bulbs. They work fine for me.
  13. I went through my switch assembly two years ago and lubed it all up with silicone grease. Has worked flawlessly since.
  14. Regarding the steering stem bearings, when I replaced mine at 50k miles, I discovered they were ball bearings instead of tapered. I couldn't believe how smashed out the bearing races were. I guess I never thought much about how much pressure the bearings took from front end forces. Tapered bearings make a lot more sense since they can spread out the force more contact area. What product did you use in lieu of the stock bearings?
  15. What was the mileage on the pump?
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