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  1. Oh, by the way, yep, cos of covid and lockdown, i decided to treat myself to some new gear and bought wax jacket and leather jeans and gloves to compliment the new vfr? Well, i "pushed the boat out" and yes, I did buy a new lid too! Well, being forced by the government to stay indoors HAS to have one positive response... welcome Shoei Neotec II black and hi-vis. Ordered mail-order (arrived next day) saved over one third off the full price... I have several helmets, but i truly have a Shoei head; and, straight out the box, fitted like a second skin - abs perfect! Far more quiet than my silly HJ
  2. If anyone is interested....yep! I collected her on the first. A glorious, dry, clean, sunny, calm, no breeze or wind day. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day! Of course had to travel some 180 miles from where i live - it was Cumbria, in the 'Lake District', England. Nice and countryfied, undulating, twisty roads, up and over them there hills, to get the feel of her. Fab! 😎 Mind you, this was my first ever Vfr ride. So tbh, it was that v4 thump-thump that i hadn't quite expected to be so pronounced - being used to super smooth inline 4's with balancing shafts - which you could fall asl
  3. Fabulous tales, fabulous arrangement, fab pics 😄 👌 You thinking of opening a shop? lol. Without hesitation, my eyes were immediately drawn to the H-750-4(k?) Pure classic. Very nice chum. Big grinn! :) I agree MBD - love it....I feel depressed with my meager 2! Ha.
  4. A hello from across the pond! Sounds and looks like you have a great one there. Enjoy 😉
  5. Great photos WSR! I bet they bring back fab memories of that special time. Wales ids great for twisty roads. Thanks so much for sharing. Lovely rare machine too :) Sell daughter and keep bike or sell bike and keep daughter?? funny options...hmmmm hard one that! lol. Only kidding! Buuut Waaait! what's your mini profile pic?? If those are yours, get them out the snow for goodness sakes! lol. there's a garage right in front, dump them in there. You said it snows a lot in Maine. haha. I'm from Hampshire, England (down the south) now living here in scotland, and its only snowed for 2 weeks or so
  6. Cheers! They let me out of one, so I could come play in another! No jacket required! 😱
  7. Thnx. Nice lights! Maybe one day I’ll progress to your newer model. It looks great. But is it progress really?? Or am I stirring a hornets nest with that question? Haha 🤣
  8. Thnx. They had better be!! Bought it now! Haha
  9. Hmmm, how do I reply to an individual post without having to quote their whole post, like now?? Also doing this on a tiny iPhone instead of a decent sized laptop... no space for knuckles! Haha 😂 Anyway thnx! You have a 550f from the 70’s? Great. I had, and miss my, 1978 cb 550 four k. Wish I had her today, boo hoo. Funny you say about Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 I’m here at the moment! I have come here on my Blackbird many times, from Scotland and it is always a faaab ride. The roads here in Wales are nice and twisty with a dual carriage way mix. Perfect for touring with dec
  10. Okdokes, will do. 😎 I saw someone post 2 candy reds, which was pretty cool, so a great idea.
  11. Thnx so much. At the time it was only a phone call deposit, so hadn’t seen it in the flesh. Only pictures. Now I have!! Minor cosmetics where it fell over on gravel, but happy enuf. Paid in full. Officially mine, yeeaahhh!! Too much snow to collect it, so have to wait a couple more weeks tho. Damn it. Patience, patience...
  12. Hi, everyone! Just joined vfrd, so am getting used to content and finding my around here. Am about to buy a 2009 reg, 6th gen, vfr800 vtec in candy red, with only 11,500 miles on it. Will see when i can collect it and then when i can ride it, as am still on 'total lockdown' due to covid, here in sunny scotland! Hope your all doing fine. ☺️
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