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  1. Just do it... life is really tooo short not to, son
  2. Nice silver machine, and welcome too
  3. We'll have you know, it reached over 31 degrees! so it's nae a fake picture....
  4. You won't regret it Justin :)
  5. Thnx so much G! Who switches their engine on with high beam on? (It's great tech info tho. thnx) Who switches engine off with a kill switch? I do neither, and never have done. I cant help not starting or using these bikes regularly, as too busy, so will invest in an intelli charger as you say. Often thought of it with 1 bike, but never bothered. Over the years, ive plugged in the old std charger (as & when required) to ensure it got rolling, like the First of Each Month, do a plug-in/top up. The blackbird is happy with that. But buying one now is a better, practical fix. Shall lnvestigate the brands....? Easy enuf i'm sure FYI: The bike came with a black plug connector block dangling/hanging out the battery side (with green corrosion) which i thort was untidy fit for a honda. Thort it was factory fit rubber socket and used by Honda mech to log-in something. Turns out it was for a certain type of round pin charger?? (I took it off but only found out what it was). At least nothing dangling here!! You suggesting i move to an 8th gen next then? Only just got a 6th. ha. thnx
  6. Bluehawk


    NOPE! Funnily enuf, it doesn't! Ooops.. i think that's in the next reprint?!
  7. I'm sure they read it. it's a time problem, i think. we never have enough time to fully report back, but everyone means well by it, i'm sure. I like to think [believe] that 'mostly' bikers DO have a positive vibe on forums. There's always a couple of grumpy sods who never reply, never say thnx, and complain about everyone/thing. Sad buggers and good luck to them all.. I'm enjoying logging on and responding... but i dont have time either! lol.
  8. Bluehawk

    February Ride

    great pics. well done. they all look such fab fun! thnx.
  9. Bluehawk

    April Ride

    Is Eureka a real place?! Ha. wow. it is said so often i just didn't appreciate that [uk based].
  10. Bluehawk


    Cant say it says anything in it about removal panels!!! hahaha!
  11. Bluehawk


    I have a space shuttle operators manual, if anyone is interested... not for sale btw! Lol.
  12. Thanks Sparkie, I tend to agree, but i didnt want it to strain the battery when starting [i'm old school], but i have learnt today that it DOES disengage from the battery momentarily then once engine starts, lights come back on. My garage is deep so there was no way of noticing this 'dip' in the lights at startup. [nothing to reflect off, if you get what it mean?]. Thnx for your comment tho.
  13. Not European i'm afraid. Turned out, even tho the previous owner once worked for honda UK, she bough a US Interceptor? Got it from a UK dealer? Dunno Danno! (sorry, couldn't resist that). It doesn't even have a PASS switch. The UK VFR does. I have to put main beam ON then OFF to flash - a slight pain, but in reality it's easy enough!
  14. Hey Grum! Thanks so much for your comments on wiring, and the offer of drawing. 😉 Cheers! But i'm not that tech enough to do that.. Also, i'm an idiot because, ....you said "Your bike already does this!! Pressing your starter switch, the first thing it does it to disable your headlights." ... I didn't know this! Never had a modern bike that did this! My Blackbird doesn't.. So this afternoon (b4 i read any of these replies) I flew by my Honda dealer and they checked it was working properly and it DOES 'shut off' momentarily until engine starts. Great! As i don't start VFR for a week or 2, it is reluctant to start (when left for a long time), suggesting battery is not 100% healthy (as you said). So i will deal with that. Sorted. Thanks ever so much.
  15. Thanks man. It all takes work and effort, but well worth it in the end. I made it properly, but then decided to get an extension for my office instead of using man-cave, which means....The Bird wins, big time! As she has her own little house! ha. Crazy, but i'll put the lawnmower in there so she doesn't get lonely. Hard to say where it was destined, but it clearly is an Interceptor, not a UK VFR (the clues were: orange indicators, reflectors on the side, no VFR badging, etc), all of which i didn't know BEFORE i bought it. Doesnt change things. it works, was made in Japan by Honda, and that's what matters. That's brave of you (daring or silly?). I couldnt do that. But hope it all works and you got it sorted. :)
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