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  1. valid point fink, hence different manuals globally, saying different things. I'll stick with my centre! cheers
  2. Seeing as this thread is called '2014 VFR 800 - My first impressions' here's my first impressions on my first proper ride on my new white 2015, since the rain eased off! I only did a quick ride but in comparison to the 6th, i must say first, it is more suited to my shape, it fits me [or i fit it] perfectly like a glove! On the 6th i'm always fidgeting, trying to get my trousers to settle. I notice the seat texture is different too along with different shape, obviously. Next, it is more smoother in vibration and power delivery. Akro exhaust was too noisy for me, but i'll pop the baffle back inside to quiet it down - but i read here recently someone said it wont make much difference! Handling very good, comparable to the 6th [hard to tell on the main roads i went on- a short ride]. Brakes were a surprise [they're the Toki ones, with ABS, not Nissin ABS, and they're not linked]. I don't think they were as good. Took far too long and too much ground was covered, before coming to a stop. Luckily had a spare aftermarket topbox in half grey/silver. Had never been used, and looks good, I will add summer, and take colour-photos soon... In short, had 2 quick rides and much prefer the 8gen, to my 6th gen. i can tell im going to like it a lot when i get out more!
  3. Are you with me it's not a new feature or are you referring to the pipe method not being a new feature? haha. See my reply to Grum on this, just posted...
  4. Well G, i'm glad you asked Will this be a first? Can i actually know something about a vfr that you don't??! Stop Press! I know that i come on here when i'm asleep and haven't the foggiest wot i'm twittering on about, but i surely can't have imagined this rather odd information piece?1 You know i'm browsing the Manual [uk version, of course], well on the Grey pages, p29, says "Display Settings, Backlight Brightness Adjustment pres and hold buttons A & B, then next screen press B button to scroll thru menu", then on p31 it reads" you CAN adjust the brightness of your backlight...to 5 different settings! All without using TheStumper's pipe method above. I have yet to go check out mine. Have i got you on this?
  5. Yes, working my way thru it... 'moi intresande', as they say in spain [i think means 'most interesting'], but don't quote me! Anyroads, I checked with side stand and main stand and found a 4mm difference on the 6g, tighter on the side, more loose on the main. Not enough to do anything about. Thnx for the idle info, duly noted in the manual now.
  6. Just out of interest, i happened to be reading the manual on my new gen 8...[yeah i know, actually reading a real manual!]... and it said these bolts are torqued to a set level (don't have it with me so cant recall the setting), so it's not just had tightened, hence your struggle to release. Sooo, don't feel bad about the tools or inability. And don't blame the overweights either. Seems they are 'meant to be' tough to release. Mine even has white paint [dots] in perfect symmetrical places to show if they've moved. Oooeee! 😉
  7. Did something today?? Yes. Checked chain slack on both 6th gen and 8th gen....neither needed adjusting, which i'm pleased with. The single ELF designed arm makes this look soooo simple to adjust. Not had the 'pleasure' of using it yet, but one day, something to look forward to soon! Buuuut, tell me please, why does the manual for the 6th gen say 'on the main/centre stand' and the manual for the 8th gen says 'on the side stand'?? For years i've always checked and adjusted chain on the main stand, never a side stand!? Any comments plse?
  8. cant see why you should be having bother? There is plenty of access with the seat gone. and as mentioned, a good allen key, or any allen will do it. I have just acquired one and for the first time tried the bolts. easy-peasy...(sorry). Maybe your previous owner was a grease gorilla, rather than a grease monkey. lol.
  9. AMAAAZING! What happened to simple alternator, battery, starter motor of years ago. So complex. I thought it was just a petrol lid for keeping the fuel in! Shows how little i know! haha. Thanks v much. I'm sure it helps others too. I have printed this out and put in my file... This is mainly one of the reasons i have ridden hondas for years, cos i don't have to fart about learning the hard tech stuff. I can just start it and just get on with the joys of riding. Not that i dont want/and never wanted to learn, just never had time to devote to 'beyond the norm' maintenance. Take my blackbird for example..(here he goes again ..) i wash it, put fuel in it, check oil, tyres (not tires) and ride the beast. Thats it! Such joy :) Hoping this 8th gen will be similar. PLUS, Love all the hidden extras it has "alter the tail light illumination" and "mileage countdown" and "average mpg" "heated grips with 5 settings", "quickshifter" blah blah blah... whhaaat?! Didn't know it had all these fab features. Great! no wonder you like it so much. Changing my avatar now.. Thnx G catch ya later..
  10. My friend visited the 'most westerly point' couple of years ago...always banging on about some walk or other. I can't remember what the place was called. He's mentioned Ard. Must be great to live there. True, you are more west. I'm only 4.251W [long] but you're way out there on 6.000W...more wet, more windy, and far more twisties!! Superb for the vfr. Thanks, i will certainly enjoy.
  11. interestingly it's in the high position not low as expected! i shall check and see why the (silver in case) bobbins/spacers are out?? Hmm..
  12. Yeah, what a great read...(i'm sad enough to save that to a file!). Here's a man with faaar too much time on his hands - and we're pleased you do! Great picture too :) The water is like many of the streets here with flash floods - drains unable to cope, some roads are totally flooded. It all = no biking! Questions in your list [to prove i did read it. lol]: - Stator is forced oil cooled. What's a stator? I've forgotten. - R/R what is this? and...Beware the Fuel Tank breather hose!! - Why? What about it? Location or getting kinked, or blocked, etc. Oh, well........an ad is now out for my Candy Red 6th Gen.. 😞 Cheers Bh
  13. The voice of experience!! Confirms i've made the right choice. It does feel smoother with less vibration and i like that, the 6th gen seems to be harsh and less refined. I'm not knowledgeable on the mechanics of the 2, but you've had 3, so can testify to the the 'better' gen. Thnx.
  14. Thnx. Yeah, i can tell i'm going to enjoy this beastie (not as much as my 'bird' but in a different useable way around the scottish twisties). Hmmm? Brilliant pic Grum. But these beauties are in the spares box! so maybe its not up in a High position like i thought. I will check over weekend....
  15. Great photos! Liked your comparison too. I also have a 6th gen and today have a 2015/8th, am looking forward to comparing the 2. The 6th gen is going tho...i think?? Cant see the need to keep a spare vfr, although i appreciate they are different. I read on here someone posted "The 6th Gen is the best of all of them" Is this true, or a personal opinion?
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