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  1. An update as promised. My 2nd hand instrument cluster arrived this morning. I plugged it in and everything works exactly as it should. If I hadn't been able to pick one up with similar mileage and not too expensive it might have been work trying to dig deeper to see about dismantling the board but this was a quick win. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Yes, the neutral light is working, I also checked the voltage at the battery with the bike running. A nice and healthy 14.5 volts. I had removed the back of the instrument cluster to see if I could get access to the board, it doesn't seems that I would be able to get access to both sides of the board without damaging the plastic pegs that hold it in place, it slides over some, but the others are moulded to retain it. As a new instrument panel is £1500 from Honda I had a look on Ebay for a 2nd hand one, I managed to find one with a similar mileage to mine for £250 so sho
  3. I made use of the ACC socket as per this post and wired mine into the switched option.
  4. Vfr 800 F-E (2015) This evening the speedometer and information displays went blank and don't illuminate, likewise the tacho is not registering the engine revs. The bike starts and runs with no issue but when turned on the display does not light up and the tacho does not do the sweep and I don't have any of the Engine light, Oil pressure light ABS or traction control lights. . When indicators, main beam etc are used the corresponding light illuminates on the panel. I have followed the steps in the Service manual and have:- 1. Checked th
  5. AGM every time, Lithium has too many real world compromises with only one advantage, reduced weight. But it is in a sports tourer and not a MotoGP bike so that benefit is redundant too.
  6. I read that you had dropped the bike and them quickly glanced at the pictures and thought "Oh no, expensive" fortunately I read on, it's all for access. Still not a good feeling, but at least you got away with it relatively well.
  7. Available here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Honda-VFR800F-2014-2019-VFR1200-2010-2016-Rear-Carrier-Top-Box-Rack-/283307250283 The seller is a genuine Honda dealer and the listing states that they ship to the US. You may of course be subject to import tax into the US.
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