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  1. This man is brilliant. Thanks again Graeme.
  2. Well, I’m hoping that finally the side stand issue is sorted. With so much help and advice from grum, who worked out through logic that the problem must be with the neutral switch ground wire into the ecu, I returned to my mechanic armed with printouts of grums suggestions, as well as a wiring diagram highlighting the culprit. My mechanic was very accommodating and willing to read thru grums suggestions, and sure enough found some corrosion on the wiring going into the ecu. After cleaning that up, the bike is at long last starting as it should....in neutral, with the side stand down. So thanks again to Grum for all his help and to the other members who contributed, and to the creator of this forum for setting it up for all vfr lovers to seek help or show of their bikes. Hopefully now the end of this thread.
  3. Nice photos of your bike grum. Where was the ride?

    1. Grum


      Taken in the Bright, Harrietville and Mt Beauty area for all the photos I've uploaded.


  4. Thanks Joel, sounds like my bike. I checked the owners manual online as I didn’t get one with the bike and it said it should start in neutral with side stand down.....like most bikes. Appreciate your comment.
  5. Yes, I did write plugs down so that will happen too. Hopefully it will be ready by Friday or next week so will let you know how it went.
  6. And of course side stand issue sorted
  7. Ok, will do. Picking it up in a coupe of hours and taking it to a bike mechanic tomorrow for a thorough check over. Hope he doesn’t find too much wrong or else my bargain bike will no longer be a bargain and I’ll be in trouble! Thinking should get oil and filter done, air filter, hoses checked, coolant changed, brake fluid changed, seals and bearings checked, electric cables checked. Suddenly that’s sounding very much like a grand!
  8. That would have been great. I rang the previous owner and he said it’s normal, it’s a safety mechanism. Wonder what else I’ll find if he’s willing to tell furphy s like that.
  9. No, useless with a multimeter, but getting the whole bike checked over before I start riding it hopefully in the next few days. Will take along all these ideas so that mechanic doesn't spend too much time thinking about it. Guess if he is a good mechanic he should sort it pretty quickly. Thanks for all your help. Im still having problems navigating this forum. clicking on things I shouldn't and not always finding full comments. A new learning curve for me.
  10. Weird. Why would anyone do that. It is dangerous
  11. I’m on the central coast nsw
  12. Unfortunately I bought it direct from the owner, not the dealer, even tho the dealer had it at his showroom. Think he was doing the seller a favour as the seller is buying a bike from them. Hope I haven’t forked out good money on a dud. Spur of the moment to buy it, paid $2700. Of course didn’t get a mechanic to look over it first, heart not head. Thanks terry for your input too. Grum, going by your logic it sounds like the clutch switch may have been bypassed. Why would anyone do this and why would it be dangerous. Sorry re my ignorance
  13. Neutral light works fine, and I don’t need to hold the clutch in to start the bike, just the stand needs to be up.
  14. Thanks so much grum. Not sure if I have to have clutch in tho, still up at dealers so will check
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