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  1. So far it fired right up, nice and easy. I’ll see how it does over time and update.
  2. I wasn’t looking at any lead-in-acid style batteries. I realize there’s a couple styles of AGM (either the factory adds the acid or you do) but with AGM I don’t believe there’s any way for acid to drip because it’s absorbed into the glass mat and not susceptible to leaking. Well that’s my understanding anyway. I’ll keep an eye on it. The battery I got is made by SigmasTek.
  3. I picked up a battery from batteryshark.com for $35 shipped. It’s on my 1A charger so I’ll give it a go tomorrow most likely. Big price difference between that and Yuasa. All my bikes are always on a charger so hopefully this will last a few years.
  4. Good responses, thank you. I always plug the battery on a maintainer (I use the Yuasa 1A units) as I have x4 bikes, so they don’t all get ridden weekly. I purchased my VFR new in December 2016 but it’s a 2014 so I have no idea if battery sat. They assured me it was a new battery but I also rode it back to the Bay Area from LA right after purchase, no slow charge. For any new battery I purchase I absolutely do the slow charge before riding. I’m really tempted to try the Mighty Max. My main concerns are wasting the $35 on a battery that will die quickly and potential issues with
  5. Looks like my OEM battery bit the dust. Strange, my tender says it’s ok (I can’t find my meter to verify) but I hit the crank button and everything just shuts off after a loud click and no more electricity. I did try to jump start the bike and it worked but it ran horribly and I think was misfiring so I turned it off after a few min. Anyway, the OEM battery is $140 but I see batteries like Mighty Max brand with similar CCA for about $35, much less. Has anyone tried those? If I need to go with Yuasa or OEM fine, but if these cheaper batteries work decent then I prefer to save a
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