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  1. I forgot to post an update, but I did receive the replacement cap a couple weeks ago. If my old memory serves, I paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $15 USD for 4 caps (extras) shipped to my door. Obviously most of the cost was shipping, but not too bad considering what it takes to move these across the country, although I'm sure shipping a padded envelope doesn't really cost that much.... but we all need to make a living, and it was half the cost of shipping overseas. Thanks again to everyone for helping me source this part! I don't think I would have found it myself, as all my regular parts suppliers AND google weren't getting me as far as you all did . :)
  2. Great find, Thank you! Order has been placed. Shipping was $10 USD.
  3. Unfortunately it's the same issue with this supplier to ship to USA (28 GBP). Thanks for looking out though.
  4. Awesome, thanks for finding this! Hopefully they will ship to the US. I've noticed the part number isn't listed by any of the parts suppliers here. EDIT: They will send it to the US but unfortunately they want 30 GBP to ship (part is 1 GBP ea). This is almost 40 USD to ship a part that cost about a dollar.
  5. I use Simple Green & blue paper shop towels from Costco on my wheels.
  6. Thanks for your responses. That's pretty much what I thought, but the claimed +5hp made me wonder if you could feel it. 5hp would have been huge on my smaller cc bikes (this is my first bigger bike). I'm assuming the shape of the power curve would also be the same then too... The dip at 7k when just over idle throttle input is really annoying, especially while at lean. I'm trying to make a decision between a new seat and new exhaust, and neither have an easy or ideal solution for me on this bike.... Thinking I'll look closer at the seat first.
  7. Any noticeable gains or losses in practical every day riding?
  8. What is this witchcraft? What is the purpose of that mod? What was wrong with OEM? Am I correct in understanding that vacuum doesn't CONTROL our throttle, but is a byproduct of twisting the throttle as the butterfly valves open, sucking in more air, venturi effect, etc.???
  9. No I haven't done anything, other than removing all the other caps for the time being.
  10. I bought one of these a few years ago and it's still in a drawer, because I couldn't find a good way to mount it (also physically bigger than I expected). I never thought about doing it this way... sometimes simple is best!
  11. I would like to buy, if possible, a replacement for the missing bolt cover/cap on my top-case carrier bracket. The part number for the complete assembly is 08L74-MJM-D10, but I can't find any information on buying spare bolts, caps, etc. Ebay and Amazon only seem to have complete assemblies, as does every part retailers I have looked at. Any ideas?
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