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  1. Hi, 8200rpm, Thats a great write-up you've produced, very informative, it must have taken ages to do! (I would still be at it!) For curiosity, I checked on the availability and price at David Silver Spares here in the UK. The price was £233.89, (£280.69 including tax) They were also quoting $276.50 (+ tax and postage?) So your price seems good! Ive been into the garage and checked my own bike, rear wheel spins ok with chain drag. So maybe I'm OK for the moment. Good to know what caused your problem. Now sorted!!
  2. I’ve not done mine yet. I bought my VFR in 1999 and it’s still fine - as far as I know! i should say I’ve still got it - 18000 miles on her.
  3. I’ve got one! Still in its box. Bought secondhand. Mint. But - it needs an obscure Windows OS. - XP? Is it now u/s or could I use it on later Windows OS? Personally I think not. Any comments?
  4. Bonjour, Frenchman, from here in Staffordshire in the UK. I have to say that your English is far better than my French! I have visited Northern France several times on my ‘99 VFR. A great country to ride in. I love it. Can’t wait to return. With regard to your thermostat you will find lots of information here. Plus lots of help. Enjoy! Chris B.
  5. Here is my VFR, complete with a full set of Kappa luggage, we're on our way to Normandy in France, way back in 2003!!
  6. Hi ChrisBezz, Thank you for your donation of 10.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  7. Ha! maxSwell beat me to it! I thought of suggesting a piece of metal rod with a thread cut into it. Same end result. i hope you get it sorted? Chris B.
  8. Hi, 8200 - just wondering, how did it happen? Chris B.
  9. This subject of ancient cooling hoses worries me.... My ‘99 VFR has covered 18000 miles and has languished in a heated garage for the past 4 years... I've never looked in the under-filter innards yet. So how are my hoses down there? Your photos make me defo uneasy... Hopefully they are OK. Replacement prices are not good. I will let you know what I find.... Chris B.
  10. I’ve got a full set of Kappa luggage. My regret was buying the max size side panniers. They restricted filtering immensely. the narrower side panniers would have been far better. I still have the max size ones. The securing frames however were excellent. They came as two systems - top box only or all three boxes. Top-box system is still used.
  11. Hi, I’m finding this discussion very interesting. I purchased my yellow VFR new in 1999 in the UK and still have her..... I also bought a PC2 around 2001 on eBay but didn’t fit it due to my Insurance company’s restrictions on perceived and undeclared “Performance improvements” and grossly increased premiums.... It has sat on a garage shelf ever since! Chris B.
  12. Another update.... As the weather turned for the worse, cold, plus the dreaded salt on the roads here in the UK, I cancelled the booking. Salt and VFR aluminium don’t mix well! so, my VFR is still with it’s seized wheel nuts as of now. She is happy in her heated garage and I’m off for a holiday in Mexico shortly! I haven’t tried again to undo them so I’ll re-book at my workshop and get the problem sorted when I return from My holiday. thanks for all the advice and suggestions, what a brilliant website this is! Chris B. Staffordshire, UK
  13. Can someone explain me why I’ve got two threads on the forum relating to my original starter enquiry?🤔 Did I press the wrong key?
  14. Dutchy, don't tempt me.... I have a weakness for tools! (ask my Wife!) "Also handy too loosen 65 year old clutch baskets..." Also, I didn't make it to Foleys Motorcycles yesterday. Cold weather and more important- icy roads in Staffordshire told me not to risk the journey, so I telephoned and cancelled, maybe next week if I spot a "window in the weather"!!
  15. An update - I’ve booked my VFR into Foleys motorcycles of Stoke on Trent, tomorrow, Friday. I've used Foleys over the lifetime of the bike, which was 20 years old in September. I trust them, always good service, honest people. So hopefully they will coax these nuts off, job done!
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