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  1. You guys are sapping my will to live with this talk of leaks. Oh well. I'm planning to do a major service in a few thousand miles. I'll take a serious look around then.
  2. Low coolant, sure as shit. The fan worked fine. The reservoir was empty and the coolant was pretty low in the radiators. I filled it up, topped off the reservoir and went for a ride. Worked like a champ. Thanks for the help, fellas. I'm kinda wondering where all my coolant went though. I haven't checked it in awhile. I'm wondering if the stain in the reservoir tricked me into thinking I had coolant when I didn't. I'll keep a closer eye on it from now on.
  3. Thanks guys. it's cocktail hour here, so I'll be looking at it in the morning.
  4. Hi Guys, The temperature got into the mid-230s today and the fan didn't come on. I just got home so I haven't been able to look at it, but I've been able to ascertain the fan blades spin freely, so hopefully it's not the fan itself. I figure it's wither the switch or the fan. Any tricks to troubleshooting this thing? Thanks,
  5. Nice looking bike. Love the Valkyrie too. That thing will just about snatch you bald-headed.
  6. I might start at $3000 and lower it $100 a week until it sells. I like the extras, but I think that paint job is going to hurt you.
  7. -1/+1 is a FANTASTIC mod for the 5th gen. I can't recommend it highly enough. It totally transforms the bike from "Meh, this thing is kinda pokey" to "Holy crap, this thing is pretty fast!"
  8. Cool. Thanks. Why are the gears split like that? Any idea?
  9. That's interesting. I may have to give it a try. That job is so hard on my CBR600 that I've just about convinced myself that shops never do it. They just take the money and tell you it's good-to-go.
  10. Windscreens are funny. They don't always work like you think they will. A bigger windscreen = more protection, right? Maybe, but maybe it will direct a blast of turbulent air at your forehead. Or maybe it works for a 5'8" guy, but not for a 6'2" guy. I've come to prefer a smaller windscreen thet keeps air off my chest but leaves my head in non-turbulent free air.
  11. That's not how it works. The wind will move you the same amount to the side. You'll just be further downrange at the end.
  12. Squeeze the tank with your knees and relax your upper body. Try to ride with your fingertips. Most people hold on too tight. The wind moves their upper body, which causes steering inputs.
  13. I'm not sure about that, but I do know that hard starting is an indication of tight valves. I'll also second the other poster. Mine starts at first touch of the start button.
  14. If you can't get a clean start on the choke you need to start contemplating a valve adjustment. I haven't done one on this bike, but I'll be it's a HUGE PITA.
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