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  1. I had the same issue on a different bike. I tore up the cap pretty good getting it off. I used a set of vice grips to tighten it back up. It looked like crap, but it held up.
  2. Yep, that was it! Thanks. I kinda thought it was something like that, but that piston REALLY didn't want to go back in. that's why I thought there was something else going on. I ended up using the giant C-clamp.
  3. Hi guys, I took my slave cylinder off today to change the chain and front sprocket. Now I can't get the slave cylinder back on. It bottoms out (hard) about a quarter inch before it should, well prior to the dowels touching? What am I doing wrong? I'm pretty sure I didn't squeeze in the clutch so I think everything is still in the same place. Thanks,
  4. Thanks. I'll search around. Expand on the "wiring is EZ" comment if you don't mind. Pretend you're talking to a third-grader. A dumb one.
  5. Hi. hey, I just bought that voltmeter you recommended. Can you show / tell me how you mounted it? Electricity ain't my forte. Thanks,
  6. Plug it with a sticky snake. It will last the life of the tire.
  7. I'm seeing mid-to-high 180s in clean air at speed. It is strange how much difference it makes to be in clean air. I noticed that right away. Thanks for the info, guys. It sounds like I'm in the ballpark.
  8. Thanks guys. How are those Superlite sprockets holding up? I read that as "not lasting very long." I was hoping to find a steel sprocket in 45T.
  9. Hi Guys, Coming from a few pure sportbikes my new-to-me 98 VFR800 feels a little over-geared. FOREX it's geared to go almost 150 in 4th gear. And it will get there, but man it takes forever. Has anyone experimented with different sprockets? I think the stock setup is 17/43. The standard sportbike trick is to go -1/+2, but I can't find a 45T rear, so I'm thinking about doing a -1/+1. has anyone tried that? Did you like it? Thanks, Jim Moore
  10. Hi Guys, FNG here. I've had a 98 VFR800 for about a month. It seems to run a little hot, but I have nothing to compare it to. It's been warm here (North Florida) and the temperature is always over 200, and frequently in the 220s. Today, after some shenanigans I was surprised to see the temp at 233. Those numbers seem kinda high to me. Yes? No? As a note, the fan was on and the reservoir is full. Thanks in advance, Jim Moore
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