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  1. That's the start of a nice collection. Love the Beemer from that year.
  2. I think you gotta keep the GS. it's a shame to see those other two go though. Love me a Valkyrie! Otoh, it's a seller's market, so you can probably get come pretty good coin for them.
  3. I come from the land of the BMW, where both the clutch switch and the neutral switch are notoriously unreliable. It's not at all unusual to see a bike that doesn't know the clutch is in, and also doesn't know it's in neutral. Then the bike can't start. LOL, nice work, BMW! A lot of guys simply bypass the clutch switch when it goes bad so they don't end up stranded.
  4. I haven't had to do it on this bike, but on other bikes I've cut the wires going to the switch and wired them together.
  5. I had a similar problem. Turned out to be a majorly-imbalanced from tire. Installed new tires. Gtg. If there are binding links in your chain you will also feel vibrations. If your chain is loose in some spots and tight in others that's probably causing the vibrations.
  6. You guys are sapping my will to live with this talk of leaks. Oh well. I'm planning to do a major service in a few thousand miles. I'll take a serious look around then.
  7. Low coolant, sure as shit. The fan worked fine. The reservoir was empty and the coolant was pretty low in the radiators. I filled it up, topped off the reservoir and went for a ride. Worked like a champ. Thanks for the help, fellas. I'm kinda wondering where all my coolant went though. I haven't checked it in awhile. I'm wondering if the stain in the reservoir tricked me into thinking I had coolant when I didn't. I'll keep a closer eye on it from now on.
  8. Thanks guys. it's cocktail hour here, so I'll be looking at it in the morning.
  9. Hi Guys, The temperature got into the mid-230s today and the fan didn't come on. I just got home so I haven't been able to look at it, but I've been able to ascertain the fan blades spin freely, so hopefully it's not the fan itself. I figure it's wither the switch or the fan. Any tricks to troubleshooting this thing? Thanks,
  10. Nice looking bike. Love the Valkyrie too. That thing will just about snatch you bald-headed.
  11. I might start at $3000 and lower it $100 a week until it sells. I like the extras, but I think that paint job is going to hurt you.
  12. The exhaust doesn't need to be removed, just loosened and turned up out of the way. Still not a brilliant piece of engineering, but that may save you a minute or two. I never really considered any tricks to remove the chain as a whole. I just cut it off with a dremel.
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