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  1. After riding it with just the cowl for a few hundred miles, I am in agreement. It doesn't move. Thanks
  2. I've owned three different 5th gens, one 4th gen, and countless other bikes over the years. As far as "regular" maintenance goes, it's no more complex than anything else. Some things are easier, some aren't. Just the way it goes. Like those push pins. PITA at first, but do yourself a favor and have a bunch on hand. New ones work much easier. Also, those well nuts.. just replace them. Hell, my local hardware store carries em. After time, they get all mushroomed from overtightening and the threads get all cockeyed. Now you're digging around with the screw trying to get it started. Change out the three on the side too. You'll be surprised how much faster the fairing goes back on. Don't overtighten and they'll last years. Now... Everything "beyond" regular maintenance is definitely harder. Brake bleeding, valve inspection, and just working on the motor in general. Good thing these things are indestructible. Not sure how many miles I've put on 4 different VFR's. Prob close to 75k and counting. The ONLY major malfunction I've ever had was the voltage regulator taking a dump and taking out the battery, stator, and some lights. And even that could have been avoided if I had been more observant. Two dead batteries, and flickering dash lights, should have tipped me off immediately. I was too busy riding
  3. The front is bolted down in the rear? Unless I missed something, it looks like the rear just has tabs that fit under the crossbar. I gotta look again
  4. This is my 4th VFR, but my first Sargent for one. It looks great, but am I missing something? What keeps the front seat in place when not using the rear? It fits perfectly, but seems it can slide back fairly easily. I never installed the cowl. Does that hold it somehow? Thanks..
  5. Yes, the clamp is not part of the canister, and gives you some wiggle room. Fitting that IXIL might be dicey, but who knows.
  6. So yeah, I finally got around to test fitting the Two Bros exhaust on my bike. Just to recap..I purchased a Two Bros high mount exhaust for a 8th gen VFR. I wanted to see if it would fit my 5th gen. Opinions were all over the place. Some say it would work, some say it wouldn't. Well guess what.. Fits perfectly! No modifications at all. The only thing I can see is the center stand rubber stop is slightly off. But it's totally fine. It still sits almost level. I have to say that I like the old version a little better. The one where the mid pipe bolts to the canister. This one has springs holding them together. No real issue, but the whole thing wiggles ever so slightly. My old one was solid. Anyway, here are a few pics. I suspect that any slip on for an 8th gen should work, but can't say for sure. Made a quick video as well.. https://youtu.be/SXXdGnlWarg
  7. You are right. It is AUD. (I confirmed with the sales guy). So just under $700 at the current exchange rate. That's not bad, but here's the story.. So i was gonna wait till later, but I'll give a quick update. I had a Two Bros carbon fiber can on my 2001. Loved the way it sounded, and looked, I opened it up after 10 years to repack it, and it still looked new. Quality stuff. So i decided the other day to be the guinea pig. I ordered one for a 8th gen to see if it would work. Like most, i can't get a definitive answer on whether it will fit or not. So, F it. It came in last night, so I'll post up later today, with pics. Good, or bad.. at least we will all know.
  8. Just got a reply from Staintune. They still make high and low mount exhausts "to order". They want $800 plus $150 shipping from AU. Definitely a lot of steam for it, but they are 100% available.
  9. I've heard all the rumors about that. Read multiple posts as well. Doesn't seem like there is a clear answer as to whether it fits or not. Sucks man. Never thought it would be this difficult to pick out an exhaust.
  10. Some of you may have read how I finally found an almost showroom 2000, with no miles on it. My intention was to leave it all stock... The way Honda intended it. After having run it a few times now, I've realized that I just can't have that stock exhaust on there. I don't care about the weight or size, but I just have to let this thing sing. It's one of the very few bikes that sounds really good with an aftermarket can. I've always had quality exhausts on all my bikes. Two Bros, Akrapovic, Yoshimura and the like. Unfortunately, finding any of these for a 5th gen is impossible. The only ones that seem to pop up are ones with questionable quality. (GPR, Delkevik, Black Widow) Money really isn't an object here, just want to find something really nice for this bike. All suggestions welcome. Thanks
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