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  1. Oh it's not you or anyone else...I think we all just latched on to "What's going on with these tires?" in different ways :lol:
  2. I've had All Balls tapered roller steering bearings on my bike since 2005. Originals were in good condition, but I had a lot less headshake and wobbles with the rollers installed. Not sure about the comments about All Balls and quality, but I got mine a loooooong time ago and everyone was all about them back then. In general, first culprit in front tire cupping is the suspension to me. When I repurchased my bike it hadn't had the suspension serviced since I did it in 2008 or so, and it was full of sludge. When I full-serviced the front it started smoothing out the cupping, just like when I originally installed the valves and springs I have now If we're talking about cupping causes of course...hard to tell where this thread is going... 🤣
  3. That's the sleight of hand - it's even more artificially "cheaper" in the UK. Our fuel taxes here are extortionate, and in the UK and most of Europe they are simply criminal. Remove that thumb from the scale, and any subsidies from electric vehicles and the math is different. It's one thing to look at this as an individual making a capital investment decision. In that case (and mine) an EV sort of makes sense. As a matter of policy, it's crazy talk. Reductio ad absurdam tells us what happens...let's say EVs are now the majority. Several things happen when the subsidies become unaffordable and the OBTW... government is no longer reaping crazy money from oil sector taxes. That last part is even worse for the UK, an oil producing state.
  4. Sargent makes a 5th gen saddle. I have the 6th gen Sargent and it is definitely an upgrade. Have friends who had it for the 5th gen and really liked it.
  5. Nothing is more taxed and regulated than oil, and few things are getting the breaks EVs are getting. And the math behind "Why EVs are better" gets a little thin if you really deep dive on it in any direction. If the business case reeeeaaally made sense we wouldn't need such a heavy thumb on the scales. I contemplate getting a Tesla 3 as a second vehicle...but it only really makes sense because I'm in SoCal and gas vs electricity math is even more artificially distorted than anywhere else. California (via processes behind closed doors that voters do not control) made themselves a fuel island, and also subsidizes EVs heavily with tax credits, HOV lane access, and low cost charging between midnight and six am. People tend to overvalue fuel efficiency (hence the relative but not absolute lower elasticity of fuel prices) and its not "why" I would get a Tesla. But it makes more sense here than elsewhere especially with HOV access. None of this is really good policy anymore than the ethanol mandates have been. I don't think anyone but the most hardened of corn state voters pretends ethanol makes sense anymore. But policy tends to go one way and when challenged, governments only seem to double down rather than contemplate if they're right. So a Tesla sort of makes sense to me for the long term (and as a stockholder) for artificial reasons I don't believe will be upended in the next ten years at least.
  6. I poked around and found an NR ornament on Amazon, its waiting for me in my mailbox. I don't have a tree but figured I should grab it.
  7. Ha...I have dual 8" Delkevics, they sound really good. But I had to go with the "quieter" baffles. With the stock baffle and catless VFRD header it was waaaaay too loud. I was really looking at whether I could take two 13" Delkevics and have them cut down to 10" or something 😕
  8. Definitely ex-HORNET. ex-KITTY HAWK was in that berth the last few years. We pulled a few parts off of KHAWK before she was hauled to Brownsville. I lived there during my motorcycle hiatus, but sure wish I'd had a VFR on the peninsula!
  9. I lived in Bremerton, WA, across Puget Sound from Seattle for a couple years. Lived as close to the ferry terminal as I could so I could pretend like I lived in Seattle. Hated the "not really being in the city" part but yeah, the amenities onboard aren't bad: Here was my other ride through Puget Sound:
  10. Depends on how many miles were on that oil before it was last shut down. But yeah they probably do change the oil or at least check it.
  11. I have a family member who for a while thought oil changes were dealership scams... 👀
  12. Some context...long before viscosity break down, combustion blow by and other things will make the oil acidic. There are additives in the oil for this but they only last so long. This is why it's a good idea to change oil, the rule of thumb is a thousand miles per quarter in the sump. All things being equal though, we are talking about small amounts of wear and acid damage over time. If you change oil regularly it's fine. The average exposure or damage rate of a bike that sits for a long time with 1-2k miles on the oil vs. one that is ridden a lot, with both bikes getting changes at 3-4k is probably pretty close when you think about it.
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