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  1. Will 100% be looking at a new can, perhaps just opening the flapper valve will serve as a stopgap, do you guys know if this valve actually boosts "anything", or is it simply a clever way to get around noise regulations? My gut feeling is that it does nothing other than mute the engine, but i could be totally wrong. I'v gone with eazi grip this time around, as i really like the look of them (pic of my older 800F for reference) Was a great bike in many ways, VTEC felt a little "eh" to me as there was no real power behind it, and ended up swapping for a GSX-S1000, which turned out to
  2. Have had the bike for 5 days now, somehow i have been blessed with some warm/dry days just before winter kicks in! (Time to ride obviously) Having now covered around 500kms on my new VFR, my very subjective view on it is that it is simply awesome. I have owned some good bikes, (and have tried many others) but the VFR is simply the perfect mix of smoothness and power. The german that had it before me obviously washed the thing with some sort of heavy brush (heresy). So before i did anything i fully cleaned / decontaminated it and polished it up. Bike has all new fluids, and looks/runs li
  3. I'll let you know! 260 euro's is what he is asking which seems like a fair price. As i dont even have the bike yet it is pretty doubtfull i'll get to ride it with his tune before winter kicks in. Guess i'll have something to look forward to, come spring 🙂
  4. Picking the bike up next Friday Pretty hyped 🙂 The ECU is fitted underneath the tank i assume? Have already been in contact with Sabsteef ECU tuning (Stefan) and plan to do the remote tuning to get rid of the power restrictions etc.
  5. https://www.bikefarmmv.com/epages/79512538.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/79512538/Products/"HHLRHO VFR 1200 F SC63" Ever looked at something like this?
  6. Had a good go on the VFR today, what a nice ride! Smooth but fast and powerfull, did not feel like my GSX-S would have an easy time if it came to a dragrace haha. Really pleased with the feel of the bike in general, but omg the stock seat is awfull! Haha, i can only nitpick however. Looking into if the recalls have been carried out. If everything checks out i might end up joining you guys. 😉 Not the best quality photo, but you guys know how they look like i assume 😛
  7. Sounds fair, my GSX-S isn't exactly nice to its rubber either haha. Stoked to try the 2011, i'll get the chance to ride a 2014 one aswell, more miles on it and not really one i want to buy, but i need to see if the improvements are really worth much to me, i'll probably have the ECU reprogrammed anyway + getting myself one of these. https://www.bikefarmmv.com/epages/79512538.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/79512538/Products/"HHLRHO VFR 1200 F SC63"
  8. (Hopefully getting a chance to ride the 2011 VFR this saturday). Thinking about perhaps importing a 2014 black one from germany I am not sure if i need the improvements brought on by the later versions, of if i'll be totally happy with a 2011 model. Really difficult to know haha
  9. Exactly the kind of response i was hoping for, thank you so much. Any other info/tips is very welcome, i will 100% look into checking if the recalls have been carried out. The 2011 model is without T/C right? Probably okay with that, does that by chance mean that the "restricted power issue" in 1/2nd gear is less noticeable? Again thanks for a good response 😉
  10. Hi guys, i currently ride a GSX-S1000 (but have owned a VFR800F which was lovely) I adore the engine on my Suzuki and the way it handles, but i'v got to admit i miss having a bike that i can just ride, and that does not make me feel like i am wasting my time if i am not racing it everywhere. I'v been thinking about the 1200, but i have some reservations. How is the reliability of these units? I'd assume it was stunning, but everywhere i go i feel like i am hearing about problems. Maybe its just a case of those having issues are the ones posting, and the others are out clocking up the
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