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  1. Damn A 2011 bike with this shit now Not pleased haha
  2. What a fucking mess Was one of my worst fears picking up this bike, the stories of the engine just dying of death with little warning. Mind if i ask what generation your bike was? I am yet to hear of a 2011+ gen having this issue.
  3. Sunde


    Ceramic coating on, radiator guard fitted, ready to go to the Nürburgring soon!
  4. Reliablity wise i think the honda tracked down the engines that had the lubrication issues and driveshaft issues at this point. You can check https://powersports.honda.com/recalls put in your vin and theoretically you'd be told if it needed any recalls done. In regards to different mods etc i'd say the by far biggest changes for my ride was getting the Sabsteef ECU tune (remote tune) done, super easy process so i can highly recommend it. Also installed this https://www.bikefarmmv.com/epages/79512538.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/79512538/Products/"HHLRHO VFR 1200 F SC63" 25mm riser, again very easy install and 100% a noticeable difference, seems just as stable but slightly quicker when i gotta change direction, just made the bike feel that bit shaper.
  5. Congratz and enjoy your VFR! Its good to have a place where we can rave over how awesome our rides are, the VFR deserves all the praise tho, simply a great ride.
  6. Welp if your guys are trying to scare me into buying one, it worked! a rad guard is ordered d: the beowulf one looks dope, even tho i'll have to pay import taxes etc. now that you guys have decided to brexit us (i forgive you however) I am going on a rather long trip next friday, my brain will no doubt in vivid detail remember those picture you'v shared That front wheel/caliper covered in fluid sure is lovely... 😱
  7. Hi gents, my rad is doing pretty good so far, 10.000 kilometers isn't much tho, and i'd like to keep it looking good. have any of you fittede radiator guards? Is it a waste dollars or a must do you think? If you have one fittede i'd really like to see pics :)) Thanks in advance!
  8. Got a new set of tires, ended up getting Bridgestone T32's GT spec on the front and standard on the rear. Had my dad help me replace all the hydraulics in my brakes, nasty yellow stuff came out, was assured this was done by the dealer i bought it from, i somewhat doubt that now... Also installed new brake pads in the front and just generally cleaned my brakes/calipers out nicely, looks like new now, the quality of these components seem really really stellar honestly. Also applied a new fancy coating to the bike, cause why not 😛 Falling more and more in love with this bike every day.
  9. Eh idk about wearing out tires fast, but if this type of TC is saving you in anything other than winter conditions, then at least we ride VERY differently haha. In my experience this type of TC is simply dangerous. On track if you are hard on the gas on corner exit and end up with the rear spinning up a little (its fine if you know what you are doing) this TC will apruptly cut ALL the power which can easily either: best case just throw you off your line and be very uncomfortable and obviously ruin your lap, or worst case make your rear slide out and send you sliding... I'v also been on public roads and have hit something uneven whilst being hard on the gas, which caused a small spin, which the TC fixed by again cutting power and just being generally sucky 😄. (This is all from my 800F, but it was pretty clear the 2015 1200F i rode had the exact same TC system). This type of TC is only suitable for slow road riding where it might be slippery, i.e winter basically, rain does not warrent this type of murderous TC haha. IF i could have it, i would. And i would just turn it off unless i was out riding in very cold conditions.
  10. Pretty sure Sabsteef talked about having a sort of backup, so he can reset it to factory spec if you dislike whatevs. Seems safer than having to take it out and sending it with the mail 🙂
  11. Cant say for the performance of the power commander, i'd suspect having someone reflash it would be the best option, especially since its a very easy job if you have Sabsteef send you the cable + unit for the flash. I can send you the "list" of things he did to mine. Fuel and timing map are changed. Throttle response is updated. 1 and 2 gear unrestricted. Max speed is set to 320. (not gonna get there) max rpm is set to 11.000. Fan is set to be less agressive. Probably wont be able to get all that done with at PC-V (as far as i know) TBH all i really care about is the 1/2 gear change and the general "smoothness" that his reflash has brought on. I dont really have the need to beat the living hell out of a bike like this, so a slight bump in the revlimit or speedlimit was not my focus.
  12. I testrode a 2011 VFR 1200F and a 2015 VFR 1200F, the 2015 model had around 15.000 kilometers on it, and the 2011 had around 7000 kilometers, they were both in very good shape. I personally found the experience VERY similar between the two, i did make the TC on the 2015 model work to feel it out and tbh i enjoy using the low end grunt to make my rear spin up now and then, so was not a big deciding factor for me. It acted the same as on my previous VFR 800F, which is to say NOT a smooth interruotion of power and very jerky, to me more of a hazard than an aid... If you like the added "safety" then ofc it might be a big deal, in my opinion this is a very smooth and predictable engine, as long as you respect it when its damp/cold you are not going to need TC. As in regards to the engine "upgrades" i did notice that the 2015 had more grunt in the lower gears, it also felt less stressed below 3000RPM if you gave it the beans, if this was the actual case, or just me expecting it to be like this, as i knew the engine was "revised" i honestly cannot say, the difference was not large. I ended up buying the 2011 bike and have had it remote tuned by Sabsteef (very very easy process) and it now no doubt pulls harder at the bottom and runs smoother than the 2015 bike i rode, so i am pleased with my choice! Make sure the model you choose has had the relevant recalls carried out btw, other than that i really think you should take the one with least miles / best condition, and then have it tuned by Sabsteef. This would make a 2010 engine run better than even a pristine 2017 model.
  13. Yeah i'v left the flapper valve in the exhaust open, somehow this has resulted in my RPM's being consistently higher and my throttle hand suddenly being more heavy than normal. I'll have to do more tests to see if this continues maybe a DAM end can will solve this problem.
  14. deffo would not stress about that, at least not here in Denmark No way any insurance company here would check if my ECU had a map the deviated from the default settings.
  15. Indeed great write up! And good looking bike for sure, congratz. Suspension might be "old" at this point, but i think distance matters more than time when it comes to suspension? At least mine still feels great, and my bike is from 2011 (only 4k miles however) Happy you are pleased with your ride, i am over the moon with mine haha.
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