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  1. Eh idk about wearing out tires fast, but if this type of TC is saving you in anything other than winter conditions, then at least we ride VERY differently haha. In my experience this type of TC is simply dangerous. On track if you are hard on the gas on corner exit and end up with the rear spinning up a little (its fine if you know what you are doing) this TC will apruptly cut ALL the power which can easily either: best case just throw you off your line and be very uncomfortable and obviously ruin your lap, or worst case make your rear slide out and send you sliding... I'v also been on
  2. Pretty sure Sabsteef talked about having a sort of backup, so he can reset it to factory spec if you dislike whatevs. Seems safer than having to take it out and sending it with the mail 🙂
  3. Cant say for the performance of the power commander, i'd suspect having someone reflash it would be the best option, especially since its a very easy job if you have Sabsteef send you the cable + unit for the flash. I can send you the "list" of things he did to mine. Fuel and timing map are changed. Throttle response is updated. 1 and 2 gear unrestricted. Max speed is set to 320. (not gonna get there) max rpm is set to 11.000. Fan is set to be less agressive. Probably wont be able to get all that done with at PC-V (as far as i know) TBH all i really care about is the 1/2 gear change an
  4. I testrode a 2011 VFR 1200F and a 2015 VFR 1200F, the 2015 model had around 15.000 kilometers on it, and the 2011 had around 7000 kilometers, they were both in very good shape. I personally found the experience VERY similar between the two, i did make the TC on the 2015 model work to feel it out and tbh i enjoy using the low end grunt to make my rear spin up now and then, so was not a big deciding factor for me. It acted the same as on my previous VFR 800F, which is to say NOT a smooth interruotion of power and very jerky, to me more of a hazard than an aid... If you like the added "sa
  5. Yeah i'v left the flapper valve in the exhaust open, somehow this has resulted in my RPM's being consistently higher and my throttle hand suddenly being more heavy than normal. I'll have to do more tests to see if this continues maybe a DAM end can will solve this problem.
  6. deffo would not stress about that, at least not here in Denmark No way any insurance company here would check if my ECU had a map the deviated from the default settings.
  7. Indeed great write up! And good looking bike for sure, congratz. Suspension might be "old" at this point, but i think distance matters more than time when it comes to suspension? At least mine still feels great, and my bike is from 2011 (only 4k miles however) Happy you are pleased with your ride, i am over the moon with mine haha.
  8. If ANYONE has any doubts regarding Stabsteef tuning then at least i can vouche that the change is VERY very noticeable, having now done around 300kms with the new "tune" Driveability has massivly improved, engine is happy to chug along at 22-2500 RPM, where as before mine at least did not seem thrilled about it. Also the pull in 1st/2nd gear is just laughable, its fucking nutz haha. Love the bike!
  9. Hahaa fandme ikke iorden 😧 Jeg har ikke forsikret den over vinteren, og i Århus salter de pt. 3 gange i døgnet nærmest... Suk Ser ellers lækkert ud 😉
  10. Noo it really fits it, a big shiny rocket launcher, I love the look with the double opening Just needs to sound the way it looks! 😛 I will not be put in a straitjacket, you cant stop me!
  11. Haha maybe, i'll try riding with the flapper valve opend first, as i really like the looks of the OEM can tbh. If i decide on getting a different exhaust it will 100% be the DAM tho. Sabsteef said his "tune" will be fine on any aftermarket can thats not just a straight open pipe, so should be all good.
  12. Hmm Thats probably a yes haha I will not be riding it again untill march 😞 It was a really really easy process tho, so if the results are good it is 100% recommended. Pic is back up, not sure what purpose it serves other than showing how messy my workshop is haha.
  13. Odd, tried to edit the post but then it just deleted it haha TLDR tuning was great, cant wait to try it out and see if it makes a difference 🙂
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