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  1. VFRJake

    20130830 150619[1]

    It seriously makes my day when one of my pictures gets featured. A lot of hours went into getting this bike looking proper after being abused by the previous owner, and I'm glad it gets noticed and appreciated. Thanks dudes!
  2. VFRJake


    Opposites! http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.php/gallery/image/55940-109/
  3. VFRJake


    Thanks everyone! It is a Two Bros exhaust, and there's a fair amount of time into paint and plastic repair, so I'm glad she looks good to discerning eyes.
  4. VFRJake

    New paint!

    Finally have this back on the road after lots of sanding and a little painting. Yes, it's the same bike that's in the rest of my pictures :)
  5. VFRJake

    VFR800 05

    White on white is really the only way to go.
  6. VFRJake


    I didn't see this until just now, but in case anyone is wondering, the touring screen extension thing is available for purchase (somewhere). It uses two of the windscreen screws and two patches of velco, I believe. I'll try to remember to grab the name next time I see my bike. Also, that was the last longer ride of the season...the forks will be sent to Daugherty this winter for a rag upgrade.
  7. VFRJake

    Northbound and down

    The only picture from a trip from Sheboygan Falls to Eagle River, WI.
  8. VFRJake


    Thanks Lee! Mismatched/missing panels and duct tape add character, right? Haha... Mailman: Thanks! This was really a meandering trip with no set destination other than home after 6 days. CO was a last-day, "I bet I can get a whiff of mountain air" kind of deal.
  9. VFRJake


    I picked up this '93 with around 35,000 miles on it at the beginning of summer. I patched up some bodywork, had it checked out, and started logging miles. In August, I rode from Sheboygan Falls, WI, out to and around the Black Hills area of SD. After a couple days there, I ended up heading down through WY to Fort Collins before heading home. ~3,300 miles over 6 days through 7 states.
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