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  1. I'm looking for a luggage rack for my 1998, and am not super happy with the Givi offerings. I would do side cases, but I have a high-mount exhaust that I like. I'd really like a rack I can strap a bag to. I really only see Givi racks for sale these days. Anybody know some other options? Has anybody here made a rack for themselves? Thanks in advance. This forum has helped me out a lot - you guys are great.
  2. Decided to replace it since I'll be waiting on other parts anyway.
  3. See attached picture - the rubber set got torn when I pulled it out of the tank. I want to replace it just because it's so old, but is it necessary? Does it actually seal anything? I'm installing a new gasket for the base of the fuel pump assembly.
  4. I'll have to do this with a mechanic I know. That was extremely helpful - thanks, Greg.
  5. I'd like to do braided lines on my '98, but I can't find any complete guides on doing this. Anybody have any experience here, successfully or no? I'm getting an idea from the service manual of how to bleed the lines correctly, but I know replacing the lines is a pretty involved process... Thanks in advance - new here, trying not to get in over my head haha. Reading this forum had helped me with a lot of maintenance already!
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