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  1. I know right? "I made a Rothmans repliracer out of my VFR...but you don't get to see it..." 🤪
  2. Yes - these are easy to replace with new tumblers and keys. Part number is Givi Z228: GIVI Z228 3 Lock set and 6 matching keys https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0046AYXQ2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_B6ZFFKZAZ2MXPG0VVJZC?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  3. This has my vote, followed by the panel itself fails. My instrument panel ground wires needed some clean-up when I took the bike apart last year.
  4. I had trouble getting my clutch to bleed correctly after rebuilding it, and I am reasonably experienced (have a lot of things that seem to like collecting humidity and air in lines). A speed bleeder nipple (a bleed nipple with a spring loaded check valve inside) helped a lot!
  5. I must have missed this, but do we need extension cables for the O2 sensors?
  6. I'll just throw in my that it's probably worthless and for sure not close enough to calculate a meaningful Cd. It's going to tell you a calculated power from what it thinks is happening and what it can see, not any kind of direct measurement like a stress and strain gauge type of sensor on a shaft somewhere (which is rarely reliable anyways). Even if you have a dyno run to map to RPM, it's going to be different than actual power at that moment. The problem you will have in the middle is you will have two variables, drag force and power output, so you can't balance one side of the
  7. Love those dimensionless numbers! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drag_coefficient Generally a small front area and greater length (in the direction of flow) is lower drag. But a motorcycle with a person is a bumpy object no matter what. Don't forget drag is proportional to the square of velocity in immersed flow...
  8. Hi ShipFixer, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  9. It's pretty much the same as a bag of wet garbage. 😄
  10. Discovered another VFR at work!
  11. Hard to say...I think it's more like how most "consumer grade" headphones that cost a decent amount are really terrible in specific ways that make them palatable to non-audiophiles, and they're doing the best they can for the business line's expected return on investment. The vast majority of owners probably also don't notice the flat spot in the middle of their fuel injection maps for example, but that's there for the same emissions reasons as the closed loop mode. A small handful of owners gathered here and VFRW, etc. get into this but I doubt even most people who plug in Power Commanders
  12. Yup, we've all chased all of those over the years. Some of them like the velocity stacks never really made good technical sense but we tried anyway. You can also add trying the starter valve sync pattern from a 5th gen instead of all-even, and a few others that are closely related. But on the fueling bit, think about any clogged media...it results in consistently lower flow, not something like the dial back at steady cruise. You would also have a lot of other symptoms that would show up other times. It could be that Australian models don't have the same ECU logic. Th
  13. This is actually the first time I've seen someone post a picture of a fuel filter and narrow it down as the root cause of their problem 😄 Words like surging and bogging and whatnot can cover a lot of things that are difficult to diagnose just from reading the words. And fuel is a potential problem across any engine. But power falling off slightly between 4K and 7K RPM, when at steady state on the highway, on a stock 6th gen, with the rider trapped in a do-loop...well, that's just how they are. There were a bunch of people here who bailed off their VFR's to go back to Blackbirds
  14. Should also add the forum has crashed a few times since then. But the original owners were obsessed with two common goals...how to smooth out VTEC (mine has never been bad, especially after starter valve syncs and such) and how to correct this closed loop behavior.
  15. I think some people either don't notice/care or have forgotten. In CA I was on long highway trips where it was obvious and not a transient thing. Everyone who came from a carbureted bike hated it. I completely forgot about it until I repurchased my bike and felt it again. I also bought my bike after a chief engineer tour on a little diesel ship with a...questionable control system...and in the middle of MechE grad school for a bunch of related stuff including linear controls so it drove me pretty bonkers right away that this was the best Honda could do. If you really, really
  16. Disagree, the annoying closed loop behavior has been present in my bike since I took it off the showroom floor in 2003. The early days of VFRD, Vfrw, Bay Area VFR, etc are full of stories of all of us trying to break this code and make it feel like a cable operated carburetor, comparing it to cat-less F4i's and 5th gens, etc.
  17. Kalikiano - see my previous response to you. Normal behavior...but defeatable. Try the key switch method before jumping to fuel pumps, etc.
  18. There's a thread on VFR World where someone says they installed a CBR 954 swing arm and it only took a couple hours, and he includes pictures?
  19. The software download comes with two manuals. The first one is titled "RB Master Free 1-2-3 guide ENG" and doesn't tell you much. The next PDF is the full manual, and it's "Software RB Master Free - ENG." That's the one you want. There are some differences between the latest software and what's in the manual, and the screen shots from others in this thread going back six years look really different. It's enough to get you started with the software I guess, but there are things like engine braking that aren't well explained enough for me to mess with it.
  20. Wish I could say I was the one who figured this out, but someone on the other VFR forum just randomly chanced across it when they short cycled the start sequence. But glad it's there! Some really interesting things occurred to me with it though, like even with the O2 sensors at steady signal, Honda obviously still has logic in there to dial back mixture when the bike is at steady cruise. Probably for overall emissions control, and maybe to protect the catalytic converter. I had completely forgotten I did the O2 eliminator thing until I hooked up the Rapid Bike unit...the closed
  21. Also...pretty sure someone in this thread did it, didn't like it, and went back to the auto tune map?
  22. Not having seen Dynojet's software interface, it seems like this would be easy to do? Like just make your own map in lieu of the one RB ships with. But...the self tuning is going to make it OBE real quick I think. Like mine can go +/-8 out of the box, and a lot of my self tune adjustment values are already at the max values. I think the ignition advance adds some complexity that doesn't fit with the PC map crossover either.
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