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  1. Just curious...what stator upgrade? Do you mean you installed a 2003+ stator and flywheel? @Duc2V4 has done this one:
  2. Absolutely agree. But they did just surprise everyone with the CBR 1000RR-R, and the mid cycle update on the Africa Twin seems tilted against its competitors the right way. Fingers crossed for what I want, but I suspect it will be very vanilla.
  3. If it turned out to be similar to a KTM Adventure 890 R…
  4. Next mountain bike...about 40% complete. 2021 Specialized Enduro, stretched to 180mm travel at both ends. Big wheel downhill trail smasher. 😎
  5. So my headers almost wrecked someone else's bike last night... 😂 I was following two sport bikes from a left turn lane into an entrance ramp, from 50 yards or so. With the headers and Delkevics, when VTEC kicks in the bike goes from a V-8 rumble to a shrieking V-4 race bike sound. When it switched on one of the riders (clearly now a beginner) did a big, swerving-S panic stop with no idea what was going on... 🤦‍♂️
  6. You're not gonna want to hear this, but color rite if you want it to match closely. It's really high quality too, hence the cost. I went through many cans restoring my "no longer available" plastic parts and it is a very good match against new R157 plastic parts I pulled right out of boxes last year. One can of primer, base, and clear should do a side fairing. Two cans of color and clear to do plenty more. Compare that to the cost of Chinese fairings...
  7. Almost learned a hard lesson...reservoir and banjo bolt need to be rotated out of the way of the rear wheel's travel. But I sure do like the feel of this shock. Damping has tons of effective adjustment and it's great to have progressive springs at both ends again. Only took three or four runs to get it 90% dialed in 😁
  8. Installed the shock and set sag tonight, will start test riding and dialing in damping tomorrow! I was a little concerned when I saw the Hyperpro has a shorter reservoir hose than my WP shock, but it turns out it also comes with a nifty custom made bracket to tuck it in just behind the left passenger foot peg bracket. Frees up under saddle space I was using for the old reservoir among other things. Really happy with how it looks, can't wait to try it out!
  9. All true. At the same time, it takes a lot to get to the case where the auto oil = clutch slip. We used to have a diesel test engineer on the board who explained all of this very well. He would also add here that he goes for a low ratio between viscosities so it reduces the dependency on the VI modifiers...I.e. lower ratio will retain viscosity longer.
  10. ...is on its way to me from EPM Performance 😁 My WP three way is due for service and "could be" done, but is long out of production. Plus I've missed having a progressive spring on the rear shock to match my fork. I had a 5th gen Hyperpro spring on my OEM shock for years (about a quarter inch too long but worked out for my rider weight), and I've always wanted that spring plus a really good shock. So next week its gonna happen!
  11. Not usually, but even with earplugs the standard baffles were too loud. With the quieter baffles, I can ride without earplugs regularly no problem. They probably do give the 3-5 dB reduction advertised. My bike also has the straight pipe VFRD headers, and I pass hearing tests with flying colors. Those two things probably make a difference. No idea what other people hear on their bikes, but after the header/Delkevic install I was constantly checking for exhaust leaks at the flanges. I hear a whole lot of "inside the engine" noises now at idle. If I step off the bike and back up 3-4 feet, I just hear the V-8ish rumble so I assume that's what everyone around me hears.
  12. I wish I had Staintunes! That being said, the Delkevics *with* the "quieter baffles" you can buy separately are probably the best option available in 2021 and not really expensive. I couldn't hear myself think with the stock baffles after 20 minutes and can't imagine running them without any baffle at all. I have the open 8" versions...the DS 9" look like Staintune clones to me. Delkevic and the internet both say they sound about the same. I wouldn't trade Staintunes for Delkevics. But FWIW the Delkevics sound pretty good and at least look different. From six feet away the VFR sounds like a big V-8 now. Sitting on top of it, the bike sounds "wide open" so I hear a lot of valve noise and all the other things on top of the rumble at idle. It roars above 6K RPM in a good way. At speed the sound is way behind me and pretty quiet. I have noticed that when out in the woods like a national park, cars now stay away from me, both ahead and behind. So...there's that...
  13. I thought I might have a failing CCT. I got a louder exhaust and the noise went away 🙃
  14. Both what you and the OP say are abnormal for a 6th gen. When I had Helibars I would get a little bit of buzz at specific RPM but never with stock bars, and never ever with stock pegs. Unfortunately my bike has seen everything between neglect and a high state of tune between the times when I owned it and other people owned it too. Very low vibration is a key characteristic; I've never noticed any in other 6th gens or 5th gens I've ridden. If @Redbike is seeing the vibration rise linearly with RPM and not center around a frequency input and die down past it, that's even more of an indicator that it's something really not right. I would look at everything the other posters have mentioned, as well as other sources of imbalance like starter valve sync, fuel injectors, spark plugs, cush drive, etc. Chain tension or bad sprockets would be the easiest source here, without being able to hear the noise ourselves, etc.
  15. I think it's a love it or hate it thing. Sure did not like removing my fairings for an oil change last night, or any other trivial reason. Sure do like riding a full fairing VFR more than I liked riding my half fairing Bandit. Prefer the looks of fairings so...if I wanted something past the VFR we are back to things like the Kawasaki Z whatever.
  16. I guess it depends on the definition of "ruling;" from a population standpoint, looks like they are set to dominate sport bikes, pseudo-sport bikes, entry level cruisers, and a whole lot of the adventure bike market. The 600 inline category is on the ropes already. I think cruiser people will always desire V-twins and sport or sport touring types will always aspire to inline fours, V-4s, V-twins, etc. But the numbers seem to have shifted already. The biggest dealership near me has one RR-R, a couple 600RR's, and then a floor full of parallel twin this or that. Kind of sucks on one level, but on the other hand...makes a whole lot of sense.
  17. If it looked a little different and I didn't already have a VFR...maybe. Aside from cost, motors are just so much better now, they can do more with parallel twins than they used to. So the R7 and Aprilia 660 are real world fast enough, etc. I would have to ride one to know but I don't have any fond memories of any parallel twin I've ridden in the past. But that rendering is fugly. I am still very interested in an Africa Twin or KTM Adventure 890 R but not so much this thing. I guess I understand adventure bikes with sport tires the same way I understand a Jeep Wrangler running Michelin Latitudes...it works for some people to have an off road vehicle that's tweaked for the street and really not good at either thing, just not for me.
  18. Wow...this makes me want to get hot on my fuel tank/filter/injector replacement project! 🙃
  19. What were you riding before? I was happy with the stock seat for multi hundred miles rides...when I was 30 🙂 If this is not a flexibility or other issue and it's strictly soreness, I sure do like my Seargeant saddle now.
  20. I see what you're thinking but it doesn't play out that way. Viscosity measurement and specification hasn't really changed, and the stuff inside your engine is designed with the viscosity of the lubricant at the same time. The viscosity range we have today was generally available then, and if anything the changes in API, JASO, etc. formulations have some negatives in there with the positives...if you Google history of API changes across other forums there are some opinions from more chemically oriented people out there. The newer oils are generally more stable but they all deliver the same viscosity, which is all that matters. The other stuff preserves the oil and the engine. What's mathematically interesting is things like density do not show up in the Sommerfeld number like they do in the Reynolds number or other similar things. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sommerfeld_number Anyway, we know exactly what happens when you raise or lower viscosity. For bearings we've known for about 100 years, for modern plateau-honed cylinders since the early 1980's and maybe earlier. It's pretty obvious what many manufacturers have been up to for the last two decades. It's like shaved tread efficiency tires and cheap wipers. Stuff that helps them, but maybe not the consumer.
  21. That's exactly the point, you are a layman, I know exactly what your qualifications are not, but you spend a lot of time trying to debate people with far more real credentials on topics where you have gross conceptual errors. Why do you keep bringing out the same hot garbage? For example, you watched the first half of a Youtube video from a professor who talks about "flow" around an airfoil, and didn't watch the second half when he went into why the working fluid is pushed down...viscosity. Rather than spend a lot of time fishing on Google, why don't you crack a book or three and learn what these words actually mean before coming up with your own laws of physics? Here's a good one, answer the simplest of exercises. If viscosity doesn't matter and isn't the determinant for the distance between lubricated surfaces, why don't you go put SAE 0 in your RC45 this afternoon and ride it around? In BLS World, more "flow" is better, right? One of two things is possible. Either your understanding is correct and you can push down past SAE 30, and it actually gets better because it's "more flow," or there is a fundamental misunderstanding of how lubrication works on both your part, and some of your Google sources.
  22. This made me think of something from way back when, when Ford re-specced pickup engines that had been in production for 10+ years with no changes to use lower viscosity oil. Many, many mechanical engineers noticed the obvious, that Ford had made a decision about longevity vs. Corporate Average Fuel Economy without informing the customer. They brought their fleet numbers up a tiny notch and the owners, well... A couple friends of mine were engine designers at Ford around then and they were like WTF but also not something they could have fought inside the company. Anyway...I suspect BusyLittleShop woulld say "Why the sad face Ford owner, don't think of it as getting pwned by the manufacturer, they just gave you 0.5% more HP!" :lol:
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