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  1. As per title - VFR1200 OEM bars required for project bike. Thanks Bren
  2. I put mine on the right rear peg with a homemade stainless steel bracket , got it powder coated along with some other stuff - wheels, front/aft pegs etc.
  3. I agree. No one is making the exotic parts so many are looking for except for people like Seb. To be fair no one is or has ever made a lot of things for these bikes as they are not mainstream as so many know and comment on day after day. Things like this take huge budgets to bring to market, even if you're in a country with low overheads ie.Tyga in Thailand. If a manufacturer, or a sole trader for that matter, offer to refund then accept or live with it. On the other side of the coin, if something is a bit fiddly to fit or difficult for the average person this should also be commen
  4. came already done. looks good, I like. Also came with the preload adjusters and the R&G axle sliders. I wouldn´t have bought these myself so it was nice to get them included. bike looking really good these days, you´ve been busy.
  5. This is what I did last year, haven´t been here for a long time due to various reasons. Similar to what JHZ is thinking. Took a bit of fitting, removal and grinding multiplied by 10!! But better to take off small bits of material at a time and get it right the first time. Bolt has been changed to a Grade 12. Drilled right through the lower, didn´t trust just tapping a thread. Solid as a rock and relatively easy, just takes patience. and here it is all buttoned up Hope this helps or ask if not. oh I did have to trim ever so slightly the fairing inner towards the fron
  6. Installation is the opposite of removal......what the F$&/k!!

  7. Twanged is when it goes on with a rubber mallet, Pranged is when the sledgehammer is called into service :blush: Luckily all on fleabay is not complete crap. Been waiting for you to update your thread on the rear caliper bridge line. Fancy making 2 ????? PO´s should not be allowed to work on their bikes, they will only bugger it up. Only " WE " can do it right and not cock it up :idea3: Still waiting on pics Pete
  8. So not to start another thread... I noticed my forks were different lengths WTF? Measured while together and came to 6mm. I hadn´t intended taking the forks completely apart but as the fork seals needed changing I decided to take them to bits and find out where the difference came from. Well you gotta dont you? Difference in rod length 6mm + beer You can see the rod length difference in this pic. 6mm. I don´t know why but the PO had obviously been in there and had the lower locking nut in a different position to the nut on the other fork. He must have noticed when he took the wheel out a
  9. So I found the offending Bastage. The new, to me, upper fits perfectly as it should, exactly as everyone elses. Well I wouldn´t want to be different would I? :idea3: new upper Big thanks to all the replies, especially the extra effort from a certain few :wub: Bren
  10. Good points Pete. I´ll be sure to check the lower out also. When I came across this difference I couldnt believe it. I started to worry all the difficult to find, read expensive, pieces were scrap. The thought of having to put the whole LBS system back on again wasnt very appealing either. I´ll post some photos when I find the offending piece(s) :rolleyes: Looking for another 954/929 upper, there´s very few about right now on ebay. Unless someone knows if a cbr600RR or something else fits? Bren Ps appreciate the offer for the upper but I´m gonna look for a straight cbr piece.
  11. The SP1 upper and lower look to be in great condition. No obvious dings or bangs. I can see what you´re thinking, especially when one has already been stung, and its completely valid. If the set had a bump as a set then they would still fit together although tweaked. But this would also mean that it wouldn´t sit perfect in the headstock, which my set does. I´m not trying to convince myself that its only the cheap part thats tweaked, therefore saving a lot of swearing, and I mean a lot, but if I can tighten the locknuts etc down to torque spec etc and it still turns free and smooth then I call
  12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surface_plate Thick glass would be the poor man's surface plate. Aha. Well a kitchen granite worktop it will have to be. That will determine the plane of the upper but any ideas for the lower and stem? Bren
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