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  1. My 20a fuse was from a long ago rewire attempt to keep the original rectifier going before the fh020 came along. Should have changed it out long ago but life and everything else......I forgot. Fuse B should be a 30a and I too will be putting in new fuses everywhere as some are definitely original ie. 24 years old. What a great bike. I have to do a write up in winter of what I've done the last years. May entertain, may not. YMMV.
  2. Hi Grum, Thanks for your valued advice as ever! It's great so many knowledgeable people helping others on this board 👏 Off to amazon I go....
  3. @Grum what should be used here instead? I have little knowledge of electrics but can, kind of, solder and bodge metri packs together. Thanks for any tips you can share.
  4. As I've recently had a meltdown of main fuse B all things elektrikery seem to interest me again. Sorry i cant help but there are some great people on here who know their stuff for that kind of thing. Did you check yours yet?
  5. That's exactly the job I have to do, still waiting on my Metri Pack connector though.
  6. Bren

    Hot Battery

    Elektrikery!! If its getting very hot could be your reg/rec supplying too much load because it's kaput. About 18 years ago riding down 2 up from the UK to Switzerland on my beloved 94 Africa Twin my reg/rec went out on the French motorway. Got recovered and brought to a car garage who just swapped in a new battery. A few days later at a campsite in Switzerland there was liquid spitting out of the bottom of the bike, the battery was boiling and spewing out fluid! A visit to an (un)friendly Honda dealer had me a new battery, reg/rec and an empty wallet 😭 Switzerland is notoriously expensive!
  7. + 100000000000000000000 infinity
  8. This makes sense, the corrosion bit I have a voltmeter and a Mosfet and charging is good. Thanks for the tip of which one to order too 👍I'll have to go for a look.
  9. After a quick ebay search I can pick up a used starter relay with cables and the fuse B holder for relatively cheap. I'm going to order it and swap it in after going over it. I'll just have to check now and again to make sure the same problem doesn't reoccur. At least then I've got spares.
  10. Thanks for all the advice, much appreciated. I have same or similar as Grum pictured but the wire is thinner than the battery cable. I'd be worried its not heavy enough to carry the load from the battery if I splice it onto the cable or maybe as its such a short distance, a few centimetres, it wouldn't matter? Danno's solution looks robust but I'll have to see if I can get these in Europe. Don't know if I can get this on with the limited cable length down by the battery box though. For some reason I had a 20 amp fuse in there, it's probably from the time I rigged the original RR with 2 extra power leads and reduced the fuse size in all 3 fuse holders as a safeguard. This was a common fix some years ago before the FH020 came along which I did along with Metri Pack connectors and fuse holder.
  11. I found the pic below yesterday and obviously it needs attending to, very crispy and caused the bike to cut out after starting. Is there a recommended fix or connector for this? I did search but nothing mentions a replacement. I have these generic 30a fuse holders with a cover I can swap in but is there something more elegant, more OEM? Thanks for any hints.
  12. Bren

    Main fuse B

  13. And the higher bars don't forget, they look very comfy. Check out the Japanese police on you tube doing their competitions, shows what you can do on these things. One of the kmh speedos has a red frame around it so I assume its for a radar to tell the rider someone's speeding. Maybe blinks when the radar registers a speeder? But would then need to know what the speed limit for that particular road would be! Speculation on my part though. There is something missing from that bracket by the ABS ring, no idea but someone with more knowledge will know. Standard screen doesn't look like it'll fit, again speculation. Have the front fairings been repainted or replaced with standard? Pity the front crash bars and the panniers are missing, would have finished it off. I like it 👌 And the m-stop button on the dash, motor stop or am I being a simple idiot?
  14. Greetings! You're in the right place here and I think there'll be a lot of interest in your bike. I see an ABS ring on the front, I wonder.....🤔 Also that dash is very cool! Does it have Bluetooth to connect a phone? I see a "call" button. Why 2 speedos? One for a radar to catch speeders? Digital rev counter, gear indicator and speed 😋
  15. Loved the 1984 book and film even though it looks cheesy nowadays. I'll have to look up Boxhead Revolution 👍
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