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  1. Looks great!!! Seems to be at the same angle as the stock can? Looking for a low mount so I can add some hard bags. Thinking this would work.
  2. Thanks for the info guys!!! Really appreciate it.
  3. Great advice. Thank you Sir!
  4. Thanks. I found the issue. Didn’t have the axle pounded in far enough.
  5. Gentleman Need some help with a wheel spacer. This is the front left spacer. Seems much too skinny and fits very shallow within the dust seal. I noticed two spacers are available for the front right on the usual sites(partszilla, bike bandit). Is this the wrong one? Of course I can’t find the old one to compare. Thanks.
  6. I thought there would have been more too. Only looked on eBay so far but have one set.
  7. Good Evening Does anyone know if there is another Honda (year/model) that shares the same fork cap (part # 51454-KV3-831) with the 5th generation? Ordered a cap from a 2002 VFR and apparently they are not the same. Thanks
  8. I know this topic has been talked about over and over again but rather than filtering through those many conversations I figured I would ask a quick direct question. 5th gen OEM stator is no longer available. What is the best aftermarket alternative?
  9. Great info as always Mello Dude. No inline fuse needed? Thanks
  10. Installing a Hella Supertone horn to replace the oem item. How imperative is it to run a relay?
  11. Thanks for all the info guys. Truly appreciate it.
  12. Looking to replace my fuel filter. Two questions. 1. At 26000 miles is this something that needs to be done?. 2. Filter doesn't seem to be available on the usual websites (Partszilla, Revzilla. Bike Bandit). Where is everybody getting them from? Thank you
  13. Does anyone know if a third gen Staintune will fit on a fifth gen. The micro fiche shows some type of collector before the muffler on the third gen and the mid pipe diameter seems to be larger than the fifth generation but I thought I would check. Thanks for your help ahead of time.
  14. Is the 5th generation header order still open?  Thanks.

    1. Duc2V4


      Manny, it’s not too late. I’ll send you a PM with the how-to place n order information. 

      For anyone else who might be interested, once Wade places the order and gets the pipes bent, then no mo orders can be taken.

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