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  1. I'll replace seals, bushings and any other small wear items while I'm in there. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, Looks like my right fork is leaking slightly. Can someone recommend a kit that includes all the parts needed for the job? OEM or at least high quality from a trusted brand. Thanks, Justin
  3. What paint did you use on the forks? Thanks Justin
  4. Hello all and hope you are getting some great riding weather where you live! I have been making some progress as parts have been coming in. While I liked the functionality of the tank bag that came with the bike my eyes couldn't handle the plastic mounting ring that was bolted to the fuel filler cap. I ordered a stainless steel bolt kit and the fix was done in minutes. Interesting to note here that 4 of the bolts on the cap ring are simply cosmetic. They bolt into the ring but they don't actually attach anything. Just makes it look more uniform guess. I like the smoother lin
  5. Looks great. Love the blue. We only got red and yellow in the states for 5th gen. I did see a blue one while visiting France years ago. Keep up the good work! Justin
  6. I read some of the threads on the topic and did some initial checks last night: My R/R is the SH579C-12 which is the better version installed as factory in the 00-01 years according to what I read. While I can't prove it, there is a good chance it is the original unit as the bike has just 21k miles on it. Voltage at idle is 13.6. Voltage at 5000 rpm is a steady 14.2 This is the VFRness harness that is installed: https://www.wiremybike.com/product_info.php?cPath=1_4&products_id=271 Also I noticed some slight acid/corrosion on the positive
  7. For maintenance items I am adding the following: 1. Clutch and brake fluid flush 2. Coolant flush 3. Possibly new brake pads 4. Possibly new chain and 17/43 sprockets 5. At minimum I'll attach a multimeter just to see what the voltage is doing. 6. Inspect fork seals 7. Check valves Are there any other maintenance items I should add? Thanks.
  8. Yes Sir that was a good day when I brought the bike home! The coolant level was low so I topped that off while doing the oil change. I'll keep an eye on the temps to make sure the fan is coming on when it should. Thanks! The sticker on the right frame was a college parking pass for the previous owner. I took it off along with the factory stickers that were on the top of the fuel tank. Here's another question: Did all 5th gens come factory with a catalytic converter? My first one was a California bike so it had the cat plus the charcoal canister below the
  9. Hello fellow Vifferini! I recently picked up another 2001 VFR800 after a 15 year hiatus from riding. I posted a trip report in the ride reports section documenting the 1,000 mile journey to bring it home. With the bike now in my garage it's time to get it dialed in and "make her mine" so to speak. The goal is to loosely recreate the memory of my first 2001 that I bought new back in the day. Here is my first '01 the day I brought it home from the dealer. I was still living at home at the time so I told my mom it was her mother's day present. ; ) And after a f
  10. Me at Laguna Seca back in 2002. This is in turn 8a also known as "the cork screw".
  11. LOL! Glad someone got the reference! 😉 And I think I will frame that drawing. Great idea. Justin
  12. My fascination with V4 power started back in 1999. I was still new to riding back then. Having been influenced by an older co-worker as well as a good friend, I purchased my first bike, a 91 CBR600F2. I was having fun, gaining some experience and trying to stay out of trouble. Soon after, that same buddy of mine imported two bikes via the grey market: an NSR250 and an RVF400, the latter resembling a miniature RC45. He let me ride both before he sold them. The RVF with it’s tiny V4 had this unique sound and power band. I was immediately hooked. About a year later I sold the F2 and bought a 200
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