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  1. Looks great. Got a link for the LED headlamp bulbs? Thanks, Justin
  2. This is what I used to do my 5th Gen fork seals last year (supposed to be the same as 6th Gen). At about 33:20 he says spring side up.
  3. Looks amazing! Nice work!
  4. **SOLD** Used Double Bubble windscreen for 98-01 Honda VFR800. Tinted, in good shape. I went back to the stock windscreen. $30 plus shipping, I figure $50 shipped should cover it. Thanks, Justin
  5. Maybe build a cafe racer out of it? There have been some really cool examples built from VFRs. Just a thought. Justin
  6. I grew up in Sacramento and enjoyed many rides and trips to the coast. It is just over 300 steps to the lighthouse. Not ideal in riding boots! Great pics! Justin
  7. Ha ha sounds (and looks) familiar. Same story here, came back to a VFR after 15 years. Loving every minute of it.
  8. Ahh yes the ol' broken 2x4 seat mod. That used to be all the rage back in the oughts. 😉 Glad you got to row a few gears. Justin
  9. Went for a ride the other night and I'm happy with the LEDs. There are minor bright spots at the top and bottom of the LCD screen but the overall improvement is well worth it. 😎
  10. I actually didn't put LEDs in the dummy lights so I can't speak to the effect on the FI light. I just put 5 LEDs in the main board illumination slots. I figured the dummy lights get used so little they weren't as likely to burn out any time soon. Justin
  11. Went for a ride the other night and noticed one of the dash lights had burned out. Great time to upgrade to LEDs! I read some forum posts on the topic and found some suitable LEDs on Amazon. They were priced well and are slightly lower wattage than the stockers: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08229N2Y5?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details The package of 10 gives enough to do the main lights on the VFR and 5 for use on my 1992 Mustang which I'll install soon. Here's the LED compared to the stock bulb: Everything came off easily, just take your time and keep track of the fasteners. I learned as well that you don't have to remove the blinkers, nor do you have to disconnect the blinker plugs or the headlight plugs. I just placed a microfiber on the front fender and let the nose fairing rest on that. From there I removed the 3 10mm nuts securing the gauge cluster. It is then easily pushed forward to access the dash bulbs. The LEDs fit just fine and had no issue with polarity. Everything went without a hitch. With the LEDs installed I turned the key to verify all looked good before reassembly. Took a few minutes to clean things up a bit and put it all back together. I was pleased not to have any left over fasteners, bonus! And now for the before and after: For just a little time and even less money I am very pleased with the result. Still need to go for a night ride to see how they look in the wild. Cheers, Justin
  12. Here you go. It's a cold start with some revs after I let it warm up a bit.
  13. This reminds me of a coworker's favorite quote: "Ladies, if a man says he'll get it done he'll get it done. There's no need to remind him every 6 months about it."
  14. I'm 45 years old. Plan to ride as long as I can. First bike in 1999, a 91 CBR600F2. First VFR, a 2001 bought new in 2001: Current VFR, another 2001 set up like the first one: Cheers, Justin
  15. Great minds think alike! Looks clean! Justin
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