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  1. Low mileage bikes are out there. Here's a zero mile (indicated) 2007 that, I suspect, sat as part of a collection: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2007-honda-vfr800-interceptor-25th-anniversary-special/
  2. Who knows. It does look very clean in the pics. I've read that it is possible to modify an odometer reading on modern vehicles. Not sure how that would be done on a VFR. I'm not the seller btw. My 2001 has 26k miles on it and is not for sale. Just thought folks would like to see what appears to be a low mile time capsule. Cheers, Justin
  3. Super clean, just saw it pop up for sale. :drool: https://www.cycletrader.com/listing/2001-Honda-INTERCEPTOR+VFR800-5025768453?cmp=email_cycle_search-alert
  4. Yes it works quite well in my experience. I like to saturate the bolt and mating surfaces a few times and let it sit for a while before trying to turn it.
  5. I would recommend a healthy dose of PB blaster or something similar on that banjo bolt as well.
  6. Mmmm...Tahitian Blue. We never got that color in the states. Saw one in Paris years ago and got a pic. Hope all goes well with the fuel tank.
  7. 5th Gen: Gear driven cams, better looking (IMO), no VTEC woes. 6th Gen: Won't feel so bad if it gets stolen.
  8. Looks great. Got a link for the LED headlamp bulbs? Thanks, Justin
  9. Maybe build a cafe racer out of it? There have been some really cool examples built from VFRs. Just a thought. Justin
  10. I had a double bubble screen but I went back to stock. Having the air hit lower than my helmet was better than hitting right at my helmet.
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