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  1. Hey y'all. Been dreaming of fixing my 90 FL for years. Been doing the homework, keeping links. It seems I never have the time. So I hired the amazing Sebspeed. Since this is still a question, the fairings you seek are here: Piece by piece exact replica of each fairing piece. Not as expensive as the originals (I bought 2 sets early on). Linea Moto Italy Thurn in germany. Fiberglass single piece upper front, 2 piece lower (replaces 4 pieces). Tail is RC30 style. mono post or bipost to fit original seat. They are having a sale with special discount starting in January, according to the email I got. Moto XP Ricambi, also in Italy. They look like the same ones Poly 26 sells (but Poly 26 won't ship to US). These are the 3 piece complete front set. They have a factory style rear seat in one piece fiberglass, and a fender. I think I am ordering from Moto XP. Somebody order from Thurn, and somebody get the Linea moto pieces and we can all compare. Cheers! (or Ciao, as a tip of the hat to JZH).
  2. Dude, measurements in inches? Nice. True machinist. All of our designs are done in metric, then converted to English measurements for machining in the lab I work(ed) in.
  3. Hey, I looked, but I have a 5th gen, and no PC. Want one, but no have. My birthday is coming soon, but so is a move to Florida...probly no PCIII in my near future! Sadness. Cheers!
  4. Quick ride report: they are fine. I don't think I will move either the brake or shift lever. They seem good. Don't use the rear often (as a pedal - the linked system uses it regularly I am told), and the shifter is good for up shifts, and due to some ugly basketball/motorcycle accidents, I move my feet on the pegs to activate those two anyway. These are nice pegs, i think. Well worth the few minutes with the grinder. Cheers!!
  5. The Ulysses pegs are on ebay for 37.95 + shipping. They take a few minutes with the grinder, and pop them on!
  6. Sir Helweg, I know I speak for the rest of us when I say, we would like some more detail on your case please!
  7. I have seen them online, but was wondering too...I am beginning a new phase of life, the motorcycle commuter phase (part III) and have been thinking about some new pegs. Just got a new helmet that fits really well, and would like to hear what anybody has to say. The billet ones for the Buell Ulysses from Knight Design were previously sold by wiremybike.com, but he's not selling them anymore. They used to be about 79 bucks...now 139! They must be footing the design bill for the new K.I.T.T. 2020 for the next Knight Rider series.
  8. Try out the grip puppies! I put some on, just to try, and really like them! You ordered them, put them on right away!
  9. I didn't mind the stock grips at all. I was looking for something with more grip to ease strain on my wrist, which in turn helps to relieve my carpal tunnel pain. Seb, I got a pair of the "grip puppies" to slip over the OEM grips which were starting to feel loose. The change in size has indeed given a little more control, and they are very comfortable. Great for 10 bucks!
  10. Correction, they were $38 shipped. Nice.
  11. Got the same Chazzos (CHeap A@% paZZO) for my 98. 42 bucks shipped. 2 weeks turnaround. 10 minutes to fit to the bike. Short ride says they are better feeling than the stock parts. Woooot!
  12. Bike porn. Well done, sir! Cheers! Bravo!
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