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  1. Hi Jmmymc750, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. Hey man, sorry about the accident. Never say never, but for now, it may be the right move. Where are you in New Orleans? I used to work for Semolina's over on Clearview, up until Katrina. That's when I went back to school. I just finished school last year, and the year before, got back on a bike after a few years off to concentrate on grades, etc. My VFR was electrically challenged while I lived over in Belle Chasse, but I rode my Yamaha XT600 over to work all the time. Yes, people are crazy drivers, especially in New Orleans. Vets boulevard? Holy...crap. I had a hip replacement a few years ago, while in school, forcing the sale of my KLR650. Man, I love 2 wheels. Deal with your injuries now, see a good osteopathic doctor, and when the time comes, maybe you can ride again. It never goes away, I don't think. The injury pain, or the need to ride. If you are selling the stuff...maybe I can come get some. I would love to by your 92...but I am having a VFRD guy *refurbish* my 1990 model. It has been...expensive and expansive. But, it nears fruition - frame and swingarm are at the powdercoater, he is machining a custom triple setup for a GSXR600 front end, he should be painting my Italian fiberglass fairings from MotoXRicambi (paint R147, Italian Red) in the next week or so. Then I will have my beloved 100k+ original owner VFR750 back. Chin up. Truly sorry about the accident. But see what you can make of it! I may be the only person that came out of katrina in 05 better off. It wasn't easy, and I took my FEMA check and paid tuition to start back to school. All my dreams (when I say all, I mean the only ones I had!) have come true. School worked way better than managing Semolina's! Good luck!
  3. Dude, you don't have to leave the site. You may want to get another VFR. Maybe a a little older one. Super sorry to hear about it, though. My 1990 got stolen in 91. Savages did it by candlelight (I'm guessing, as there was candle wax all over the gas tank and triples). They put 121 miles on her and dumped her out by a lake outside of Raleigh NC. It was found by the Sherriff department two days later, but they didn't contact me for the two longest weeks of my life (at that time...). Insurance paid to fix her up. They wouldn't do that anymore these days - 10k worth of damage on a $7200 bike. She lived with her original motor until October of 2000, and that motor broke the day we rolled over the speedometer back to 00000. A donor motor from a 91 was placed in March 01, and got to 03 before the electrical Gremlins came back. She is with a VFRD member now, up near you - in the Catskills, being rejuvenated and refreshed. I hear her front legs have grown to 51mm, and flipped topsy turvey so they look upside down! She has 6 pot brakes now too. Soon the planets will align, and we will bring her back to life! New legs, magic legs! shiny bits, and a nice new red dress from Italy. Moral of the story: keep dreaming. (as the song says "keep on dreaming even if it breaks your heart..."). Mine will be ready soon from Sebspeed Customs. So keep on dreaming. Keep moving, but don't try and forget these good people. If the VFR got you, it's not easy to forget, as she does so much well, she is addicting. Not the fastest, but plenty fast. Not the prettiest, but dang the girls like them. And Wheelies... Chin up, mate!
  4. Dude, measurements in inches? Nice. True machinist. All of our designs are done in metric, then converted to English measurements for machining in the lab I work(ed) in.
  5. Hey, I looked, but I have a 5th gen, and no PC. Want one, but no have. My birthday is coming soon, but so is a move to Florida...probly no PCIII in my near future! Sadness. Cheers!
  6. Quick ride report: they are fine. I don't think I will move either the brake or shift lever. They seem good. Don't use the rear often (as a pedal - the linked system uses it regularly I am told), and the shifter is good for up shifts, and due to some ugly basketball/motorcycle accidents, I move my feet on the pegs to activate those two anyway. These are nice pegs, i think. Well worth the few minutes with the grinder. Cheers!!
  7. The Ulysses pegs are on ebay for 37.95 + shipping. They take a few minutes with the grinder, and pop them on!
  8. Sir Helweg, I know I speak for the rest of us when I say, we would like some more detail on your case please!
  9. I have seen them online, but was wondering too...I am beginning a new phase of life, the motorcycle commuter phase (part III) and have been thinking about some new pegs. Just got a new helmet that fits really well, and would like to hear what anybody has to say. The billet ones for the Buell Ulysses from Knight Design were previously sold by wiremybike.com, but he's not selling them anymore. They used to be about 79 bucks...now 139! They must be footing the design bill for the new K.I.T.T. 2020 for the next Knight Rider series.
  10. Try out the grip puppies! I put some on, just to try, and really like them! You ordered them, put them on right away!
  11. I didn't mind the stock grips at all. I was looking for something with more grip to ease strain on my wrist, which in turn helps to relieve my carpal tunnel pain. Seb, I got a pair of the "grip puppies" to slip over the OEM grips which were starting to feel loose. The change in size has indeed given a little more control, and they are very comfortable. Great for 10 bucks!
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