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  1. Man that thing looks mean, but clean πŸ”₯ personally not a fan of the mirrors but thats me. Nice man!
  2. My 2 cents on screens: I currently use an MRA adjustable Touring screen in light smoke. Its a little creaky and old (hinges are a little weak, above a certain speed, idk like 160 kmph?, it slams to the lowest setting) but it really does the job, around 6 positions, lowest is used in summer, im a hot head and then the wind just about reaches my face, Position 3 (middle position) for standard use, gives me the best compromise of taking the pressure off my head and little to no turbulence (noise). Position 6 works most effectively under 80kmph if you want as little wind as possible, go above that the screen does tend to buffet, slam closed sooner, but also just generate more noise. (im 178cm tall if that helps?) Personally, I love the MRA, gives me the flexibility when i need it, and at the lowest point looks way less dorky than some other touring screens (yes lol thats important to me) Some information in general about screens: The aerodynamics of windscreens on bikes are complicated, so they often have complicated answers and/or compromises. What do you want the screen for? less pressure on your chest or helmet? less noise? Ask yourself that first as they yield different solutions E.g. Do you want quiet? the solution is not simply mounting a higher screen. The reason you 'hear' air is turbulence, air being disturbed is what causes the windnoise you hear. So your best solution would be 'smoothen the airflow around your helmet' If you want a really nerdy and in depth response on what screens are best, let me know, otherwise this post would be unnecessarily long XD
  3. This is where I am at now. I love the way the bike is now. And I do not wanna be drilling out threads, too destructive for me. I still have the flathead flushmount screws if I were ever to get my hands on a sargent, because the slots perfectly fit a 5 eurocent coin, and i always keep one in my wallet πŸ˜‰
  4. This was just following a polish from a wonderful Forum member from the VFR owners club in the Netherlands. Fantastic work. And i imagine this is what she looked like coming off the showroom floor. My god. @jroberts427 special tag just for you πŸ˜‰ PS added a cheeky Swiss alps pic as well.
  5. As for seats go. You all have given me so much info. Reading @bmart's description of the seats I am prety certain that my butt is more corbin suited when i think of my complaints about the standard seat. I mean its not a terrible seat, but wouldnt mind an improvement if its with a decent pricetag. Unfortunately those second hand prices are high man. (and also not nearby) Reupholstry might be an option for me, as i have a spare seat in the closet, and also theres an option for that in the Netherlands, and well praised
  6. My man, after 15 months of ownership, I still treat my VFR like a newborn puppy. My phone is filled with pictures and I would gladly share them. If theres a topic to shamelessy dump your beautiful pictures then I will gladly do so. I have many pictures of trips around the country, Germany and the swiss alps so.... πŸ˜‰ And god the colour is an addiction for me. definitely not saying the other ones are ugly, but man... it sparkles, even after 21 years of sunshine and wear.
  7. Yeah the sargent is where my preference would go... but second hand seem to be no options round here. And new well. man thats a heavy price (for a student :D) and i def dont want the red piping around the edges 😬
  8. So curious question for someone that has acces to both bikes and would be willing to test this for me. I am wondering if the seats are interchangeable between the 5th and 6th gen models. The reason for this is that there have been mutliple custom gel VTEC seats available near me. But not a single 5th gen seat. And I'd love to have one. Hope someone can help me with my inquiry πŸ˜„
  9. @Dangeruss Yeah thanks. I was meant to order them together with the bolts. But forgotten. Next time i order up i will purchase them. I already knew they were still available. Someone was trying to sell a set for 15 euros excluding shipping when they are still available for 4.50 a piece....
  10. Thanks for the info. Still been very busy with work so have not gotten to it yet! Its not too late!
  11. Negative. Standard seat. Its only been refurnishes with (carbon-look) vinyl and leather. Ill have a search for bungee cords thanks!
  12. @mello dude No, one of those clips for the rubber band is hidden under the rear cowl. i have tried before reaching it with the cowl on. but my hands are not that tinyπŸ˜„
  13. 17 bucks for a rubber band? XD alright i think ill try to find a bungee cord. @vfrcapn any chance you know the length i will be needing before i take the bike apart? πŸ˜„ Thanks for the suggestion
  14. Hey guys, Simple question really. I have my toolkit, insurance and incident forms under my seat stored away, but they dont like to stay put. (also the stubby tire iron doesnt fit in the toolkit so that one like sliding around too) How do you secure your toolkit? Any ideas?
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