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  1. @Dangeruss Wow thank you for this. Now i finally have a solid picture of what it looks like. This was super helpful!
  2. @DangerussAlright great. Thats the answer i was looking for! Thanks a bunch for all the responses. Ill probably end up ordering the cbr bolts with the sleeve and spacer.
  3. @JZH Love those bolts. They look great and nice and corosion resistant! will definitely have a look at these!
  4. I read that. Wonderful read. And amazing work you put in to restore that baby. She looking real good! Fantastic work. As stated before the original frankenbolts i can definitely still get so thats not a worry. @Dangeruss Did you swap the subframe too or just the cowls? So for the original 5th gen cowl and subframe i need all 3 items you posted? bolt + spacer + sleeve?
  5. These are cool, But the require you to drill out the thread of the subframe. I have looked at them before when i still had the seat cowl on. That is something i really do not want to do. I like keeping most things OEM and all the mods reversible if possible. Thats why im not drilling holes in my fairing for a USB socket, but mounting the HISS plate holder. Yeah i've really searched my butt off. I cannot find anything. might just be my search terms but 🤷‍♂️ What do you mean with the sleeve? I do not have a sleeve on my bike currently. So definitely missing that as well 👀 Its not that i cannot afford the bolts btw. It just seems a bit excessive to pay 30 euros per bolt. And i would like to know if the CBR bolts are worth it. cuz they dont stick out as far and apparently the finish is better on them. Still hoping someone has bought em 😄
  6. Hey guys, New here and from across the pond. I own a 2000 VFR800Fi, i am addicted to. My question is regarding the funky bolts that honda decided to put on the VFR originally. I do not own them, my bike came with a flush screwset with a flatscrew driver head on the bolt. But last summer i had a bag strapped to the back for a road trip and the bag kept sliding around. conclusion: i need them frankenbolts. the question i have is i saw on this topic someone suggested using the slimmer 'chique' bolts from a cbr 900RR i believe 93-98. Does anyone have any experience with this? and if so what parts are needed? just #18 or #13 + #14 + #18 Or if you have any other alternatives id love to hear them. The only way i can order them results in them costing 30 euros a piece so 60 euros for a set. (VFR bolt) seems a bit over the top for a bolt
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