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  1. Installed the Givi Wingrack for an upcoming camping trip. Took a lot of muscle to get this to fit, bolts and washer combos, either the rear subframe is crooked or the rack is, because the gap between the rack and fairing on the left-hand side was non existent and rubbing on the paint. Got a new key cut so i can remove the rear seat with the rack installed. Finally went the bike with some plastic and metal restorer (do it once a year now and it makes a huge difference, oil-based but leaves absolutely no residue) Love this product and can highly recommend Owatrol Polytrol Before After
  2. @Ughandi Thats what creditcards (with purchase insurance) are for 😄 There are much more affordable 5th gen plastic options Nah but jokes aside, I have alot of experience on chinese sites like Aliexpress. Almost all Aliexpress sales are well protected, you can open disputes if the parts dont fit or are not as advertised and then get your money back. Some sellers are hesitant to give money back but then someone from the platform reviews the case and decides from there if you cant come to an agreement. The sketchier stuff i either use my creditcard's 'insurance' or Paypal.
  3. Very curious about this thread. What exactly is the benefit of swapping out the injectors. Say id swap em for the 929 injectors. what is the difference?
  4. Okay thats interesting, Last summer, riding through the alps i didnt notice much difference in idle speed and power delivery. We're talking elevation changes from 200 meters to +1500-2200m (650ft - 6500ft in freedom units ). granted i wasnt pushing hard (unknown roads and not wanting to spoil a fan.fucking.tastic vacation) But I can get the use-case for the lever. Good to know. I luckily havent had to touch the wax unit. Lets pray to the Viffer gods i dont have to 😉
  5. What are those advantages? Could you explain that to me? I own a 2000, with the wax idler and have only once had the engine die on me after starting (when still cold and it was around 0 degrees C outside). I think that my startervalve sync has helped with preventing this from happening more often. based on logic, not facts 😛
  6. Man that thing looks mean, but clean 🔥 personally not a fan of the mirrors but thats me. Nice man!
  7. Does anyone know the part number for the ferodo friction plates for a 00-01? I cannot find them anywhere. Or do i just order the 98-99 and leave a friction plate in the closet?
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